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Devops & Systems Engineer Resume

Durham, NC


  • IT Professional with overall 7 years of experience in Designing, Development, Integration of DevOps tools, Cloud Automation, Configuration Management, Provisioning, Build and Release, Continuous Integration/Deployment, Delivery management, system administration and Cloud Migration.
  • Expertise skills in Automating, configuring and deploying instances on Cloud environments and On - Premise Data centers. Experience in the areas of DevOps, CI/CD Pipeline, Build and release management, AWS/Azure and Linux/Windows Administration.
  • Worked in various environments like QA, DEV, TEST, PROD for various releases with designed strategies.
  • Experience of the full Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) with the principles and practices of Software
  • Configuration Management ( SCM ) in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, also experienced in Agile Testing Methodologies & Validations to ensure Quality Assurance Control.
  • Extensive experience in installing, trouble shooting, upgrading and configuring SUN Solaris on Sun/Oracle servers and RHEL, SUSE, Mail Server/ Proxy Server, and Windows Servers.
  • Experience in installation and configuration of vCenter , vSphere 4.0 (Infrastructure Virtualization suite) ESX 3.0/3.5, ESXi Server, Virtual Machines and vSphere Client.
  • Experience in migrating On-premise infrastructure to cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/Rackspace /Pivotal Cloud Foundry ( PCF ) and involved in virtualization using ( VMware, VMware ESXi, XEN), Open Stacks (Nova, Neutron, Swift, Cinder, Glance) and infrastructure orchestration using containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes .
  • Experience in all the prominent AWS services like Cloud Watch, Trail and Cloud Formation, Kinesis , Cloud Front and worked on AWS DevOps tools like AWS Code-Pipeline to build a continuous integration or continuous delivery workflow using AWS Code-Build , AWS Code-Deploy , and worked with many other AWS tools to Build and deploy a microservices architecture using ECS or AWS Lambda .
  • Experience in building Cl/CD on AWS environment using AWS CodeCommit , CodeBuild , CodeDeploy and CodePipeline.
  • Experience on various webservers like Apache HTTPD, Tomcat , Jetty , Nginx and application servers like IBM WebSphere, Glassfish , Wild2Fly , Oracle WebLogic .
  • Expertise in Azure Development, worked on Azure web application, App services, Azure storage, Azure SQL Database, Virtual Machines, Fabric controller, Azure AD, Azure search, and Notification hub.
  • Experience in installing, configuring, supporting and troubleshooting Unix/Linux Networking services and protocols like TCP, SMTP, HTTP, SNMP, NIS, NIS+, OSPF, LDAP, DNS, NFS, DHCP, NAS, FTP, SSH and SAMBA.
  • Dealt with Linux Utilities like PXE-Boot , Network Bonding , LVM , SSH , FTP, AUTOFS, Quota Management, wrappers, User Management, Process Management, Memory Management, and Text processing tools, Log Management , Package Management, Disk Management and Swap Partition/Files Management.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins as Continuous Integration tools to deploy the Spring Boot Microservices to Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) using build pack.
  • Experience in Setting up Kubernetes (k8s) Clusters for running microservices and Pushed microservices into production with Kubernetes backed Infrastructure. Development of automation of Kubernetes clusters via playbooks in Ansible.
  • Experience in using Terraform, CloudFormation and AWS lambda in automation and securing the infrastructure on AWS.
  • Proficient in writing automation scripts using Python, Ruby, Perl, shell, C-shell, Bourne, Bash thus automating build and deployment process in various enterprise environments.
  • Knowledge in designing and development of J2EE applications using Core Java , Java Collections, Custom Tag Libraries, JSTL , other open source frameworks and APIs .
  • Experience in developing and deploying Java applications using Maven and Spring . Monitoring, maintaining and upgrading Java application servers and MySQL databases along with configuring replication.
  • Experience with Application Life Cycle management tools like JIRA , mingle, Pivotal-Tracker.
  • Worked on version control tools like Subversion, TFS, GIT, Bit bucket, CVS, Perforce Version wherein experienced with tagging, branching on platforms like Linux/Windows and used Source code management client tools like, GIT Bash, GitHub, GIT-GUI and other CLI applications etc.
  • Extensively worked on Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo for Continuous Integration and strong experience with integration of Ant and Maven Build Frameworks.
  • Experience in implementing testing tools and frameworks like Junit, QUnit , and Selenium to write test cases for different modules and resolved the test findings.
  • Experienced in Configuring the updates, changes and Integrating the servers with different environment and creating new machines using configuration management/provisioning tools like Chef, Ansible and Puppet.
  • Experience in managing Ansible Playbooks with Ansible modules, implementing CD automation using Ansible, managing existing servers and automation of configuration of new servers.
  • Experience in using Chef attributes, Chef templates, Chef recipes, for managing the configurations across various nodes using RUBY.
  • Experience in code deployment, Orchestration and Scheduling using tools such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos, CoreOS Fleet, Cloud Foundry’s Diego, CloudFormation, and automation validation using Test Kitchen, Chef, Ansible and TerraForm.
  • Experience in Artifact repository and repository management tools like Nexus, JFrog, Docker Hub, Docker Registry and QUAY .
  • Experience in BI, Monitoring and Log Analytics tools such as Nagios, Splunk, ELK X-Pack stack , Grafana and Gray-Log.


Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, PCF, OpenStack.

Operating Systems: CentOS, RHEL (5.x, 6.x, 7x), Ubuntu, Mac-OS, Amazon Linux, Solaris, Windows.

Containerization Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, OpenShift.

Versioning Control:

Tools: Subversion (SVN), Git, Stash, Bitbucket.

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson.

Logging & Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, ELK, CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, Prometheus, New Relic.


Management Tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven.

Languages/ Scripting: C, C++, Java/J2EE, JavaScript, C#, Python, YAML, Ruby, Asp.Net.

IDE & Developing Tools: Eclipse, Notepad++, Sublime, JBoss, MAMPPutty, VirtualBox, Microsoft Visual Studio, JIRA.

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, JSP.

Application Server: Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat 8.0, JBoss.

Database: SQL, MySQL, NoSQL (DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra) Amazon RDS, Oracle, DB Design


Confidential, Durham, NC

DevOps & Systems Engineer


  • Managed design, installation, administration, and optimization of Hybrid cloud components to ensure business continuity (i.e. Azure AD, ADFS, SSO & VPN Gateways).
  • Configure continuous integration from source control, setting up build definition within Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and configure continuous delivery to automate the deployment of ASP.NET MVC applications to Azure web apps .
  • Designed a robust future state Ingestion Framework solution leveraging Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL database & Data warehouse.
  • Ensured successful architecture and deployment of enterprise grade PaaS solutions using Pivotal Cloud Foundry ( PCF) as well as proper operation during initial application migration and net new development.
  • Application Deployment on PCF using CF push and Urban code deploy . Also, PCF backup for all the environments and set-up Jenkins maven build automation with uploads to Pivotal Cloud Foundry(PCF).
  • Designed, configured and deployed Azure Automation Scripts for a multitude of applications utilizing the Azure stack (Including Compute, Web Mobile, Blobs , ADF , Resource Groups , HDInsight Clusters , Azure SQL , Cloud Services , and ARM ), Services and Utilities focusing on Automation.
  • Experience with VMware Virtualization using ESX 4.0, XEN and Virtual box hypervisor of vSphere.
  • Worked in migrating the existing v1 (Classic) Azure infrastructure into v2 (ARM), scripting and templating the whole end to end process as much as possible so that it is customizable for each area being migrated.
  • Developed custom OpenShift templates to deploy the applications and to create the OpenShift objects build, deployment configs, services, routes and persistent volumes.
  • Worked with Ansible playbooks for virtual and physical instance provisioning, configuration management, patching and software deployment on Azure environments through automated tools, Ansible / custom pipeline.
  • Worked on Docker container snapshots , attaching to a running container, removing images , managing Directory structures and managing containers.
  • Designed and hosted applications through infrastructure as a code with Terraform .
  • Worked on Kubernetes to provide platform as service on private and public cloud in VMware Cloud .
  • Integrated Kubernetes with network, storage, and security to provide comprehensive infrastructure and orchestrated container across multiple hosts.
  • Used Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, Git , for implementing Continuous Integration from scratch and optimize the Continuous Integration using Jenkins and troubleshoot the deployment build issues.
  • Maintained multiple cookbooks in Chef by converting production support scripts to Chef recipes to automate the configuration and management of servers.
  • Integrated OpenShift cloud platform with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment tools like Jenkins, GIT SCM, Udeploy.
  • Included Vulnerability Detection as part of the CI/CD workflow using Jenkins Pipelines, SonarQube Quality Gates. Installed Jenkins /Plugins for GIT Repository, Setup SCM Polling for Immediate Build with Maven and Maven Repository (Nexus Arti factory).
  • Written Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of Azure Nodes and Test Playbooks on Azure instances using Python SDK and Automated various infrastructure activities like continuous deployment, application server setup, stack monitoring using Ansible playbooks .
  • Created Clusters using Kubernetes and worked on creating many pods, replication controllers, services, deployments, labels, health checks and ingress by writing Yaml files.
  • Worked on Deployment Automation of all microservices to pull image from private Docker registry and deploy to Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Experienced in installation and configuration of Volume Management and file system through Veritas Volume Manager (VVM) and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in Linux.
  • Integrated Docker container-based test infrastructure to Jenkins CI test flow and set up build environment integrating with GIT and JIRA to trigger builds using WebHooks and Slave Machines.
  • Configured and deployed Bitnami ELK stack on Azure , worked on Installing plugins and troubleshooting HTTPS support with SSL certificates.
  • Monitored Application Servers metrics and logging using tools like ELK stack.

Environment : AZURE, Chef, Docker, OpenShift, Ansible, Jenkins, Terraform, Kubernetes, ANT, Maven, Ruby, Shell, Python, SonarQube, Load Balancers, Apache Tomcat 7.x, Red hat Linux, Virtualization, LVM, VVM, LDAP, JDK1.7, SVN, GIT, Nagios, ELK.

Confidential, Dania Beach, FL

Cloud Automation Engineer


  • Involved in Architecting, building and maintaining Highly Available secure multi-zone AWS cloud infrastructure utilizing Chef with AWS CloudFormation and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Migrated services from a managed hosting environment to AWS including service design, network layout, data migration, automation, monitoring, deployments and cutover, documentation, overall plan, cost analysis, and timeline.
  • Converted existing AWS infrastructure to server-less architecture (AWS Lambda) and deployed it via Terraform . Migrated data from Datacenters and on-premises to Cloud using AWS Import/Export Snowball service .
  • Used API's, chef, python and AWS CloudFormation Templates, migrated and automated cloud deployments.
  • Used Terraform in AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to automatically setup and modify settings by interfacing with control layer.
  • Automated deployment using configuration Management tool like Chef to provision AWS EC2 Instances to enable continuous Deployments.
  • Setup the Chef Infrastructure for the environment for software configurations management and Chef servers, chef workstations, chef nodes and involved in bootstrapping new infrastructure chef nodes.
  • Used Hybrid cloud environment for application deployments using OpenStack cloud and worked within the cloud for Integration process and used OpenStack to build cloud labs for application deployment for Testing Environments.
  • Worked in all areas of Jenkins setting up CI for new branches, build automation, plugin management and securing Jenkins and setting up master/slave configurations.
  • Worked on GitLab for continuous integration and for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments and providing high level documentation on the GitLab using Markdown Format.
  • Maintained and administered GIT source code repository and GitHub Enterprise. Used Jenkins , Build forge for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Virtualized the servers on AWS using the Docker , create the Docker files and version control to achieve Continuous Delivery goal on high scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load-balancing Nginx .
  • Worked with Docker for convenient environment setup for development and testing. Installed Docker Registry for local upload and download of Docker images and even from Docker hub .
  • Involved in setting up Kubernetes ( k8s ) clusters for running microservices and Implemented a Kubernetes Container Orchestration solution within OpenStack allowing for easy management, creation & recovery of OpenStack assets.
  • Implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant, auto scaling Kubernetes AWS infrastructure and Docker container orchestration.
  • Created repositories, branches, tags in Git and assist the developers to fix merging issues and to implement the parallel development process.
  • Experienced in creating custom Build & Deployment automation solutions in scripting languages including Python, Shell, UNIX shell, Ruby, Perl and PowerShell . I have worked and administered artifact tools including Nexus and Artifactory.
  • Configured JIRA workflows according to the needs to the CM team and integrated the project management features of with the build and release process and Splunk to monitor server and application logs.

Environment : AWS, Jenkins, Web logic, Nexus, JIRA, Oracle, Terraform, Python, Maven, Java, Linux, Apache TOMCAT, ELK, GIT, LDAP, NFS, NAS, MS Share point, XML, Fedora, Windows, Splunk, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, Chef, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

AWS Cloud Engineer


  • Worked on Amazon Web Services (AWS) like Elastic Load-balancers , Elastic Container Service (Docker Containers), Elastic Beanstalk , Cloud Front , Redshift .
  • Created Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), worked on building application and database servers using AWS EC2. Used Docker to reduce deployment risks by managing a PaaS for deployments and reduced deployment time by implementing Octopus Deploy .
  • Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with automation and configuration management tool such as Ansible. Designing cloud hosted solutions, specific AWS product suite experience.
  • Worked on AWS cloud to provision new instances, S3 Storage Services, AWS EC2 , Cloud watch services and CI/CD pipeline management through Jenkins and Created IAM policies for administration in AWS to assist type applications
  • Configuring and Networking of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Written Cloud formation templates and deployed AWS resources using it. Responsible for building and configuring a virtual Data Centre in AWS cloud to support Enterprise Data warehouse hosting.
  • Worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes and for branching purpose by Provisioning and Configuring the Docker containers and creating Docker files for different environments.
  • Implemented and designed AWS virtual servers by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications.
  • Providing continuous improvement to agile software development teams by working with Jenkins under the CI/CD pipeline. Integrated Ant, Nexus, Jenkins, SVN, Confluence and JIRA and Used Git with Jenkins to integrate to automate the code checkout process.
  • Automating various activities using scripting languages like Perl, Python, Yaml, PowerShell based on the requirements.
  • Ansible setup, managing hosts file, Using Yaml , writing various playbooks and custom modules with Ansible . Implemented practices such as centralized logging Nagios server monitoring Nagios and Ansible .
  • Developed Shell Scripts and Perl for automation of the build and release process. Developed custom solutions in C# and PowerShell to validate availability, consistency, and compliance with environments.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Built and managed a highly available monitoring infrastructure to monitor different application servers and its components using Nagios with Puppet automation. Involved in editing the existing ANT files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Built and engineered servers on Ubuntu and RHEL Linux . Provisioned virtual servers on VMware and ESX servers using Cloud.
  • Configured and integrated the servers for different environments to automatically provision and configuration management of Linux instances using CM/ Provisioning tool Puppet.
  • Worked on setting up Linux servers for Oracle Real Application Clusters and configuring SAN based mount points and Perform day to day Linux administration such as user accounts, logon scripts, directory services, file system shares, permissions.

Environment : AWS, VPC, Perl, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Maven, Nagios, Ansible, PHP, Ruby, JIRA, GIT, Docker, SVN, Ant, VMware, Bash, PowerShell, Linux.

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Build & Release Engineer


  • As member of Release Engineering group, redefined processes and implemented tools for software builds, patch creation, source control, and release tracking and reporting, on UNIX platform.
  • Worked in Agile Project management Process, JIRA for Issue Tracking and monitoring and with the Architects on SDLC process being the owner of post-development environments.
  • Administered RedHat Linux 4.x/5 servers for several functions including managing Apace Tomcat Server, Mail Server, MySQL database and Firewalls in both development and production environments.
  • Developing and maintaining the build environment, the source code control system and managing build packages using GIT and GIT Hub .
  • For check in process used Tortoise SVN as a migration tool. Involved in migration of Bamboo server, Art factory, Perforce & GIT server .
  • Worked on Branching, Tagging and Release Activities on Version Control Tools ( GIT ) and Setting up the GIT repos for Bamboo build jobs.
  • Integration of Puppet with Apache and developed load testing and monitoring suites in Python.
  • Maintained multiple Modules in Puppet by converting production support scripts to Puppet Manifests to automate the configurations in servers.
  • Created a custom puppet module skeleton to use same structure across all puppet modules.
  • Developed Puppet scripts for an automated server provisioning and reducing the time between provisioning and deployment from over 3 hours to less than 10 minutes.
  • Worked with ANT for building the application, has written Shell scripts to automate the build process.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in shell for ANT builds. Created and modified build configuration files including Build.xml .
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT as build tool in to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Resolved update, merge and password authentication issues in Bamboo and JIRA.
  • Working closely with Web Administrators to understand, participate, and experience the technical architect for web sites such as Apache, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic and deploying J2EE Applications to these environments.
  • Involved in writing Ant and shell scripts for compilation and deployment process.
  • Installing, upgrading and configuring Linux Servers using Kickstart as well as manual installations and the recovery of root password.

Environment : Linux, Perl, Puppet, Bamboo, Nagios, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, ANT, PHP, Ruby, JIRA, GIT, SVN, Phyton, PowerShell, NT Command Shell.


System Administrator


  • Maintained and administered GIT source code tool and created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in GIT. Plan, design, and deploy Windows clients as well as Windows servers 2008-R2 through Microsoft Deployment Management. Responsible for User account administration in Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007, Unified Computing System (UCS) Servers.
  • Responsible for installing and configuration of and implemented day-to-day tasks in RHEL including user access, setting up sudo rules.
  • Remote system administration using tools like SSH , Telnet , and Rlogin.
  • Managing File systems and Disk management using Solstice Disk suite.
  • Installed, maintained and administered Oracle and Db2 Server on Sun Servers.
  • Installation and updating the systems with the new package updates using YUM and RPM package managers.
  • Good knowledge on RAIDS (RAID0, RAID1, RAID2, RAID4, RAID5, RAID 6).
  • Monitoring CPU, memory, iSCSI disks, HW and SW RAID, multipath, file systems, network using the tools NAGIOS and Splunk Tools.
  • Skilled in troubleshooting, Installing and configuring various services like DNS, LDAP, DHCP, RPM, HTTP, NIS, SSH, Tomcat, Telnet, HTTPD, HACMP, GPFS, SSL, NMAP, IP tables and Firewall.
  • Rectifying server problems with rescue mode recover file system form console. Solaris, RHEL, VMware.
  • Managing systems routine backup, scheduling jobs like disabling and enabling Cron jobs, enabling system logging, network logging of servers for maintenance, performance tuning, testing.
  • Installing, upgrading and configuring Linux Servers using Kickstart as well as manual installations and the recovery of root password.

Environment : CISCO 3600/2600 routers, Kickstart, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, RIP, FTP, TFTP, Terminal Services, SNMP, SMTP, NFS, NIS, NIS+, Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003, Linux, VMware workstation, virtual box, XEN, RED HAT.


Asst. System Engineer - Intern


  • Held Multifaceted responsibilities to configure, install, and administer network infrastructure, and telecommunications systems that supported over 500+ employees.
  • Performed installation, configuration and administration of system network components (Windows Server, Active Directory, Cisco routers, VPN connectivity, DHCP, SMTP, LAN /WAN, NAT, IPsec VPN, FTP, POP, IMAP, NIC's, WIC's).
  • Responsible for providing 3backup support across 5 environments of approximately 500+ servers.
  • Disk and File system management through Solstice Disk Suite on Solaris and other logical volume manager for another flavor of UNIX .
  • Managed RingCentral® (SaaS and VoIP) IP based calling for business communication.
  • Assisted in IT Audit for including Security policies and Inventory management.
  • Developed various bash shell scripts to automate resource, job monitoring and alerting.
  • Created analytical matrices reports for release services based on Remedy tickets .
  • Responsible for configuring and managing Squid server in Linux .
  • Developing scripts to be executed as checks by Nagios for execution in both Windows and Linux environments.

Environment: Windows Server 2008/2008R2, RedHat Linux 5,6.1/6.2, Apache, VMware, OVM, kickstart, Apache, SolarWinds, IIS, Nagios, Shell, DHCP, shell, bash, AD.

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