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Lead Aix Systems Engineer Resume

Nashville, TN


  • A seasoned IBM AIX System Administrator with more than 13+ years of experience in Administration, Engineering and Development of Information Systems.
  • Extensive experience in installing, configuring, maintaining, designing, development, implementation, and support on IBM AIX 4.3.x / 5L v 5.1/5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 , 7.2, VIOS 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 (Dynamic LPARs, Micro - Partitions and Virtualization), SuSE 7.x/8.x and Red-Hat 6.0/7.0/8.0 Linux, Solaris 7/8/9/10 and Microsoft Windows 2000/NT operating environments.
  • Expertise with various IBM pSeries servers (p570, 590, 595, 710, 720, 740, 750, 770, 795, 822, 824, 850, 870, S922, S924), RS/6000 platforms and have extensive experience in configuration, installation and administration of AIX including installation, configuration, and maintenance of HACMP v6.1, v7.1 and TSM on AIX v5.x, v6.x, v7.x
  • Experience in working on Dual VIO servers in setting up the MPIO on the disk.
  • Experience in Tagging and Mapping on VIO servers and Client Logical partitions.
  • Extensive experience in working on Live Partition Mobility (LPM) to move the LPAR from one frame to another frame.
  • Worked on supporting the Citrix and sibel applications.
  • Worked with setting up the Windows 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 servers and administering the servers.
  • Worked on the servers that manages EHR applications on them like Cerner, Epic and Meditech.
  • Worked on managing the user administration on AIX, Linux, windows and HPUX machines.
  • Knowledge of Active Memory Expansion, Shared Processor partition.
  • Experience in working physically in the data center for moving the servers (DC-DC/ Country-Country), Re-racking, Cabling, labeling, cable swapping, satellite switching and other work involving physical movement.
  • Experience in writing scripts in shell and perl to carry out daily production tasks.
  • Experience in Installing the Operating system from Virtual optic drive, CD/DVD, NIM server and mksysb’s.
  • Experience in working with taking the backup of the servers on the tape drive/ disc drive, Commvault, Netbackup and also on Avamar to the data domain.
  • Experience in working with different applications (SAP, Oracle, Tomcat) and the databases (Oracle, DB2).
  • Migration of HACMP v6.1 to HACMP v7.1.
  • Experienced in implementing the various security features in the UNIX/AIX environment using LDAP like configuring user authentication and Keonizing the servers.
  • Worked on different applications in different environments supporting Cerner Millennium, EpicWeb, Epicor ERP, Manage 2000 EPIC Standard, Manu, Meditech magic, client server, Peoplesoft, SAP BI/BO/BW/GSX/GSR/WPS.
  • Worked with several medical applications like Cerner Millennium, Lawson & EPIC.
  • Experienced in working on NPIV in the environment by creating Virtual Fiber Channel adapters.
  • Experience in installation, configuration, tuning, optimization, security, backup recovery, and upgrades of IBM AIX, Red Hat Linux.
  • Proficient in archiving and backups. Using tar, pax, cpio, dd, restore and backup commands, mksysb for root volume group backup and savevg for user created volume groups backup.
  • Extensive Experience in AIX System Dump Generation and sending System Dump to AIX System Support Center.
  • Extensive use of Resolved Application Startup problems, PATH problems, Name conflicts, TCP/IP and Networking Problems in AIX.
  • Installation/administration of TCP/IP, NIS/NIS+, NFS, DNS, NTP, auto mounts, sendmail, and print servers as per the client’s requirement.
  • Experienced in Tivoli Storage Management, Managing LVM and File systems, SRC and Paging space management, restore and availability, Monitoring System / Network Performance and Send mail administration.
  • Provided production support in an on-call rotation in a 24x7 environment.


Operating Systems: IBM AIX (4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1, 7.1,7.2), Windows 2000/2003/2007/2008/ NT4.0, Linux (Redhat/SuSe), Sun Solaris 2.5/2.6/7.0/8.0 , HP-UX(11.11, 11.23).

Hardware: IBM RS/6000, IBM p-Series (p550, 570, 590, 650, 670, 680, 690, 750, 770, 795, 822, 824, 850, 870, S922, S924) IBM AS/400, IBM PCs, SCSI and IDE architectures, SUN E-3000, E-4000, HP 9000/750BM, Sun fire servers - V1280/V2800 and V3800, Sun Microsystems SPARC&ULTRA servers/workstations (U5, U10, U20, E450, E3500, E6000, E10K), backup DLT tape drives, Compaq servers.

Network: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and Cisco Routers/Switches, LAN

RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10G/11G, DB2, MS SQL SERVER 7.0/2000.

Applications: DCE/DFS, AFS, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tomcat, Oracle, SAP, IIS 5.0/4.0,FTP, MS Office 2000, MS Proxy Server, Norton Utilities.

Web Servers: IBM HTTP Server1.3/1.2, IPlanet Web Server 5.1/6.0, Netscape Enterprise Server, IIS 4.0/5.0, MQ Series, Apache.


Confidential, Nashville, TN

Lead AIX Systems Engineer


  • Worked as an L4 (Lead AIX Systems Engineer) in the Enterprise Systems environment supporting more than 1200 LPAR’s and VIO servers altogether.
  • Responsible for installing, administering, troubleshooting, maintaining p5, p6, p7 and p8 machines in the environment.
  • Recently installed 2 S922’s and 1 S924 in Brazil datacenter with 128 cores and 1 TB RAM per frame.
  • Responsible for installing the physical p8 (p822, p824 and p850) into the datacenter and installing the VIO servers and client lpar’s on them.
  • Worked on the datacenter move in an effort to consolidate 4 remote locations to one central location in Akron, OH.
  • Work with the different versions of the AIX like 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1.
  • Worked on migrating the servers from AIX 6.1 to 7.1.
  • Responsible for testing for possible bugs in AIX 7.2.
  • Responsible for rolling out AIX on all non-production testing/ QA servers in the environment.
  • Worked on upgrading the HMC to 8.8.0 enhanced version.
  • Responsible for doing the system patching, HMC upgrades, VIO upgrades, firmware upgrades and microcode updates on the adapters.
  • Installed the OS on the servers using different methods like CD/DVD, golden image, mksysb, alt disk and virtual optic drive and taught the same to the other team members.
  • Responsible for implementing any new methods or technology in the environment and teaching it to the other team members.
  • Responsible for making sure that the servers are absolutely hardened and optimized for the best performance from the OS side.
  • Responsible for implementing the reverse engineering concepts to get to the root cause of a problem.
  • Responsible for handling offshore team of 18 people working from India and Latin America.
  • Responsible for making sure that the systems are installed as per the Bridgestone standards.
  • Responsible for implementing NPIV in the environment.
  • Responsible for changing the servers from vscsi to NPIV for implementing LPM.
  • Responsible for LPM’ing the servers from the old p550 machines to p850’s.
  • Responsible for the SAN zoning to the physical fiber cards on the VIO servers.
  • Responsible for training team on various latest technology tools and work ethics.
  • Responsible for making sure that the AIX team is not lagging behind in responding to any customer’s requests and are handled in timely fashion.
  • Responsible for the Physical server moves from one datacenter to the other in a Server Consolidation project.
  • Responsible for assigning the technical troubleshooting tickets to the team members.
  • Work as a gateway to any tickets/change requests requested by the customers.
  • Responsible for migrating the servers from AIX 6.1 to 7.1
  • Responsible for handling the powerHA clusters in the environment running on 6.1 and 7.1
  • Responsible for moving the servers from old hardware to the new hardware for hardware refreshes.
  • Work with the different storages in the environment like Netapp, V7000, Pure, Compellent and IBM XIV.
  • Responsible for implementing Shared Storage Pool (SSP Cluster) concept in the environment to administer the root disks on the servers.
  • Worked as a primary administrator in setting up a new datacenter with two 822’s, four 850’s and two IBM pure flex (260 and 460) machines using FSM.
  • Responsible for racking, labeling, cabling and powering the systems from the scratch.
  • Work on any production changes over the weekend during the maintenance window.
  • Work directly with the customers with any of their new build requirements or server maintenance.
  • Worked on migrating 75 TB of storage from V7000 to Netapp.
  • Work with different backup tools like Netbackup and Commvault.
  • Work with different monitoring tools like Cybermation ESP, Nagios and Patrol.
  • Responsible for maintaining the share point in the environment.
  • Responsible for creating new technical documents for the system troubleshooting.
  • Responsible for updating the wiki pages.
  • Work directly with the IBM business partner for any new hardware purchase requests.
  • Attend the IBM held conferences for any new technology they come up in the market for better business performance.
  • Responsible for working with the vendors like IBM, HP and Oracle for any hardware replacements.
  • Work 24x7 to provide support to the enterprise environment.
  • Work on the weekends to implement any change requests in the production environment.

Confidential, Jackson, MS

Sr. AIX Systems Engineer


  • Responsible for maintaining their enterprise environment of servers including AIX and Linux servers (40 servers)
  • Responsible to install the IBM P series server (P824) in their environment to build a new environment to upgrade their EPIC application.
  • Worked on supporting the applications like Cerner Millennium, EpicWeb, Epicor ERP and Manage 2000, Meditech client server.
  • Work on various citrix applications, Linux machines and Wintel servers.
  • Responsible for TL upgrade on the servers.
  • Handed over the new servers to the existing team

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Sr. AIX Systems Engineer


  • This was a short term contract and required services until their physical machines were moved to a new location.
  • Responsible for maintaining their production environment to keep it running at the best optimized level.
  • Provided architectural level suggestions on the new server requirement for their new implemented environment supporting applications like Cerner Millennium, Manu, Peoplesoft, EPIC, Epicor Manage2000 and Epicor Express (Saas ERP).
  • Responsible for implementing the Virtualization concept on 130+ lpar’s in their environment.
  • Managed servers that hosts the EHR solutions on them to hold customer’s data like Meditech Client Server and Meditech Magic
  • Work on administering the Wintel servers supporting 2003 and 2007 OS versions.
  • Introduced the concept of NPIV in their environment to assign the storage to the machines in the most cost effective way.
  • Responsible for reverse engineering the root cause of the problems in their environment.
  • Installed a physical P795 and P810 server in their datacenter and built VIOS and LPAR’s on them.
  • Responsible for TL upgrade on the servers.
  • Handed over the new servers to the existing team


Sr. AIX Systems Engineer


  • Worked as an L-3 for the Network Systems Services Enterprise Servers environment.
  • Responsible for Administering, Installing, maintaining and working on IBM PSeries Servers Power 6 (570 and 595) and Power 7 (710, 740, 760, 770 and 795)
  • Worked as a primary administrator in setting up a new datacenter with two 740’s, four 760’s and two IBM pure flex (260 and 460) machines using FSM.
  • Worked on creating dual Virtual I/O servers per machine and creating Lpars on them.
  • Worked with creating zones for the SAN storage to connect to the VIO Servers.
  • Worked on creating SEA’s on the machine acting one as primary and other as a backup.
  • Worked on creating Virtual Fiber Channel adapters to perform NPIV on the LPAR’s.
  • Responsible for Installing the Operating system on the VIO servers from CD/DVD.
  • Responsible for Installing the operating system on the LPAR’s using CD/DVD, Virtual Optic Drive, mksysb and NIM.
  • Worked with various levels of Operating system on VIO servers like 1.5, 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3.
  • Worked with various levels of Operating System on AIX servers for AIX 6.1 and 7.1
  • Worked with various versions of HMC with latest version V7R7.9.0
  • Worked supporting HMC hardware’s like CR3 and CR7.
  • Responsible for installing latest software patches on HMC, Power Machines and adapter’s microcodes.
  • Worked on assigning storage disks to the VIO servers from SVC.
  • Worked with multiple storages like IBM XIV, DCS8300, and EMC Power path.
  • Extensively worked on both assigning disks to the LPAR using NPIV and VSCSI.
  • Worked on upgrading the old VIO server software to the latest level from 1.5 to 2.3.
  • Worked extensively on installing various software’s on VIO servers like SDDPCM and on the LPAR’s like Tivoli monitoring and BMC Control M agent, enterprise and server software.
  • Worked on supporting various applications in the environment like Micro Strategy, SAP ERP and others.
  • Worked on supporting various databases like db2, Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c.
  • Worked extensively on migrating the storage from DS8000 to IBM XIV and HP 3PAR.
  • Worked on Live partition mobility for migrating the servers from one frame to the other frame.
  • Worked extensively on hardware refreshes.
  • Worked physically in the datacenter from moving machines from one location to the other.
  • Worked closely with IBM on various issues related to server hardware and software.
  • Worked on various system monitoring tools like Tivoli monitoring, Nagios and HP Open view.
  • Worked on peregrine ticketing system.
  • Worked on the change management tools like ECM (Enterprise Change Management) and ServiceONE.
  • Responsible to work on daily production issues via peregrine ticketing system related to user administration, server connectivity etc.
  • Working closely with a third party company for moving the power machines from one datacenter to the other.
  • Worked long hours and weekends to provide the changes to the Production servers.
  • Worked in rotational shifts to provide 24x7 supports to the enterprise servers.

Confidential, Creve Coeur, MO

Lead UNIX Engineer


  • Performed AIX and Linux administration tasks supporting pSeries servers (750, 770 and 795) and Pureflex (460-1) machines.
  • Performed the installation, maintenance, upgrading and administration of the logical partitions with AIX Operating systems (5.3, 6.1, 7.1), VIO (2.2.1 - ) and Redhat (5 and 6) Enterprise Edition using CD/DVD, NIM, mksysb and Virtual Disc.
  • Performed the data migration from the IBM XIV & IBM DS8000 storage to the HP 3PAR Storage.
  • Responsible for building new Logical partitions and VIO servers in the environment.
  • Working on server performance management using BMC Performance assurance (BPA).
  • Performed DLPAR on client logical partition in adding/removing resources from the server.
  • Performed Live Partition Mobility (LPM) on the servers on migrating the servers from one frame to another especially IBM Pure flex systems.
  • Configured, Installed and also responsible for maintaining the Flex systems.
  • Performed the NPIV on the servers involving dual VIO servers connecting the client logical partitions.
  • Performed the User administration tasks on the servers like user creating, accounts expire, accounts migration from smurfitt to rocktenn domain.
  • Created the application user accounts on the servers and also linking the user’s profile to the application’s profile.
  • Work on various system performance monitoring like Nmon and Topas.
  • Responsible for upgrading the Servers in the environment from 5.3 to 6.1 and 7.1.
  • Responsible for upgrading the TL upgrade and service pack upgrades in the environment.
  • Responsible for fixing the TL Packages on the NIM server for the upgrades without the errors.
  • Responsible for keeping the NIM server up to date and also fixing any missing or broken filesets.
  • Work on hardware refreshes in the environment.
  • Responsible for upgrading the third party software’s like SUDO, Tivoli monitoring agents.
  • Working on physically connecting the adapters, power cables and storage to the machines in the datacenter.
  • Work with loading and archiving the HP3000 tapes.
  • Upgraded the servers using different media’s like NIM server, CD/DVD & Virtual optic drive.
  • Working on applications like Scrum board for managing the self-day to day activity records.
  • Responsible for creating the documentation for procedures on the upgrade, installation and updating the share point.
  • Working on Nagios, Tivoli Monitoring and HP Open view for monitoring the servers.
  • Intermediate in writing scripts using shell and perl.
  • Work on various batch scheduling tools like cron, Autosys.
  • Proficient in archiving and backups. Using tar, pax, cpio, dd, restore and backup commands, mksysb for root volume group backup and savevg for user created volume groups backup.
  • Worked extensively on change management for the changes on the production side of the environment.
  • Worked with IBM on multiple issues involving Hardware and software upgrades.
  • Worked with multiple applications in the environment like Oracle, SAP and multiple databases.
  • Work on call every other week supporting the servers in the environment.
  • Work in 24 x 7 rotational shifts.

Confidential, Natick, MA

L-3 Lead UNIX Engineer


  • Performed UNIX/AIX, Solaris and Linux administration tasks supporting pSeries servers (750, 770 and 795) and Sun Hardware.
  • Performed the Installation, Configuration and maintenance of Logical Partitions and the VIO servers on various machines in the environment.
  • Worked in the environment that supports almost 10K UNIX servers across all the environments.
  • Worked on different OS with different versions like AIX (6.1, 7.1), Solaris (9, 10), Linux (6 Enterprise Edition) and HP-UX.
  • Majorly worked on installing the OS versions 6.1 and 7.1 on the LPARS through the NIM, Virtual Disk drive, mksysb and CD/DVD.
  • Worked on the data center move to move the physical servers from one location to the other location.
  • Worked on moving the Virtual servers from one machine to the other machine in the environment.
  • Worked extensively on Dual VIO servers to make sure that the application has the redundancy to switch over if one server goes down.
  • Worked on MPIO to assign dual paths to the VIO servers for the storage connection to make sure that they have safe and available access to the data on the storage disks.
  • Worked on creating the Shared Ethernet adapters, Mapping and tagging from the VIO servers to the logical partitions.
  • Worked on the Live Partition Mobility to move the Logical Partitions from one server to the other server for the hardware refresh.
  • Worked with different application teams like oracle and SAP ERP and also with the database teams like oracle DB and DB2 UDB.
  • Extensively worked on NPIV to assign the storage to the logical partitions.
  • Worked extensively on creating the NIS environment where all the servers are bound with a Master Server and all the other servers as NIS Slaves.
  • Fixed the broken scripts for the NIM backups on the NIS server.
  • Worked on HP OpenView and Tivoli monitoring for the hardware and software monitoring.
  • Worked on different ticketing systems like BMC Remedy user and Peregrine.
  • Worked on Blade Logic to run the jobs on the servers to check if there are any errors on the servers that are making the server against the server compatibility requirements of the Confidential environment.
  • Worked with the server IQ process to ensure the servers are built to the specification.
  • Worked on the Accenture boxes for fixing the issues across the SAP environment.
  • Worked on the Bi-yearly user audits for the accounts that do not exist either in the company or need not to have the access on the machines.
  • Worked on VCS to manage the 2 to 4 node clusters.
  • Worked with the IBM and Oracle on different issues concerning hardware and software problems.
  • Worked on the Tier 1 on call support to resolve the daily production issues in the UNIX environment.
  • Worked on Change Management for the production server downtimes to make changes to the server hardware, Software and the kernel parameter changes.
  • Worked with the off shore team on various issues and give the server support 24x7
  • Worked on rotating shifts in the environment.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

UNIX Engineer


  • Performed UNIX/AIX, Solaris and Linux administration tasks supporting pSeries servers (595, 710 720, 740, 750, 770 and 795) and Sun Hardware
  • Majorly worked on the Data Center migrations from moving the servers from one location to the other location which also includes physical movement.
  • Major responsibility is to work on the Server/Cyclades split going between PINK and WHITE networks according to the Confidential policies.
  • Working extensively on physically cabling and labeling of the SAN, Network, Power and other cables to the switches and ports on the power machines in the Data Center.
  • Working on attaching/changing the dongle power cables from the Cyclades server to the Power Machines.
  • Responsible for splitting up the servers between COF and Confidential and assigning them new IP addresses and moving the server to the respective networks via DNS push/Re-hosting.
  • Responsible to build new NIM Server one for each AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 environments.
  • Working on the Dual VIO servers on Power 7 machine.
  • Work on the different OS levels of the VIO servers like 1.5, 2.1 and 2.2
  • Working on setting up MPIO on the SAN disk from the dual VIO servers.
  • Responsible for creating the Virtual adapters on VIO servers and client logical partitions.
  • Working on mapping multiple SEA’s, NPIV and also tagging the VIO’s with the Lpar’s using Virtual adapter ID’s.
  • Worked on Live partition Mobility by moving an LPAR from one frame to another frame.
  • Responsible for updating the micro-codes of the adapters on the existing servers.
  • Responsible for maintaining the servers to the highest stable OS level.
  • Responsible for upgrading the TL level, Maintenance levels and Service Pack level on the servers.
  • Working on upgrading the NIM server with the latest software, fixes, packages, libraries, RPM’s etc. from the IBM fix central.
  • Working on installing AIX Operating system using Virtual Optic Drive, NIM server, CD/DVD and mksysb image.
  • Responsible for creating cron jobs to put the mksysb of the server at the scheduled time on assigned NIM servers.
  • Worked on creating the nimbackup.sh standard shell script for the system backups.
  • Worked on setting up VERITAS 2 node cluster using VERITAS Cluster Manager.
  • Responsible for resolving the tickets in the daily GPCM production queue.
  • Working on the change control/aperture request for the maintenance of the servers or hardware replacements as a weekend activity.
  • Working with IBM, Oracle and HP on different issues relating hardware and software problems on the servers.
  • Responsible for creating a share point and creating/uploading the detailed documentation of the procedures followed to execute things as per company’s standards.
  • Work with the off shore team during the weekend to work on high priority issues.
  • Working on the on call shifts for every third week of the month.
  • Work in 24X7 rotating shifts to provide full support on the servers.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

UNIX/AIX Engineer


  • Performed AIX administration supporting pSeries servers (720, 740, and 770).
  • Responsible for Administration, Installation, Upgrading, Migration, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance monitoring and Fine-tuning of AIX systems on different OS Levels.
  • Responsible for building new Client VIO servers and Client Logical Partitions in the environment.
  • Performed VIOS installation, mapping the adapters, assigning the disks and management of shared resources.
  • Installed, implemented and troubleshoot the AIX operating systems like 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1.
  • Worked on different VIO servers like 1.5, 2.1, 2.2.8.
  • Installing AIX OS on the machines via media’s like CD/DVD, NIM, Golden Image and Virtual Optic Drive.
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM), SSA Disk and RAID Management
  • Responsible for the TL upgrade, Service pack upgrade, microcode update for adapters, firmware upgrade or any application related package upgrades.
  • Responsible to work with the WebSphere team and upgrade them from version 24 to version 39.
  • Worked with different storages in the environment like EMC Clariion, Symmetrix, Powerpath and IBM.
  • Worked on the Datacenter migration from one location to other location.
  • Responsible for un-mounting file systems, removing disks, exporting VG’s, shutting down all the production lpar’s and powering off the frames and vice versa in the Data center move event.
  • Worked on the Virtualized environment and creating Virtual Fiber Channel adapters for NPIV.
  • Worked on moving the client logical partitions from one frame to the other frame with Live Partition Mobility (LPM).
  • Responsible to update the entire new/existing server’s information in SID and TAMS.
  • Responsible to scan and update the new power machines in VISTA in the new data center.
  • Installation, implementation and configuration of Avamar on the servers instead of Netbackup.
  • Changing the users from LID to Portal and vice versa.
  • Worked on the Electronic health record systems applications like Meditech 6 and Meditech magic hosted on pureflex machines.
  • Work with DBAs on installation of Oracle, restoration and performance tuning.
  • Coordinated server maintenance through a well-defined change control process including after hours and weekend (Saturday/Sunday) work as necessary to support systems.
  • Worked with the offshore team in Middle East to support the Enterprise Systems Management servers.
  • Worked on Installation, Implementation and Configuration of Tivoli Monitoring on the servers as a system monitoring tool to manage the thresholds at the OS level and the Applications.
  • Responsible for determining hardware and compatibility requirements for installation of TSM client software.
  • Modification of Shell Scripts as per the Customer requirements.
  • Korn & C shell scripting, mainly for scheduling jobs (CRONTAB)
  • Worked on the peregrine ticketing queue for the daily production issues on the server.
  • Worked on the ON CALL shifts on a rotating basis and weekends.
  • Provided 24x7 support on shift rotation basis

Confidential, Columbus, OH

UNIX Engineer


  • Performed AIX administration supporting pSeries servers (570, 590, 620, 650, 670, 680, 690, 750, and 770).
  • Performed VIOS installation, mapping the adapters, assigning the disks and management of shared resources.
  • Embedded system, network and object oriented programming in C/C++, various compiler installations implemented and debugged C++ routines in runtime environments.
  • Performed user account management, data backups, and users logon support.
  • Monitored trouble ticket queue to attend user and system calls.
  • Updated data in inventory management package for software and hardware products.
  • AIX system optimization over Oracle10/11 applications and utilities.
  • Worked with DBAs on installation of RDBMS database, backups and restoration and log generation. Configured and maintained TSM Clients on TSM 5/4 servers running AIX 6.0/1 and IBM HTTP Server.
  • Giving the Level 2 support and assisting the team members in fixing the AIX software problems.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of AIX 5.3, 6.1 & 7.1.
  • Configuration and administration of HACMP 6.1/7.1 using 2/3 node cluster using Cascading, Rotating, and Concurrent resource group.
  • Implemented the various security features in the UNIX/AIX environment using LDAP like configuring user authentication, Keonizing.
  • Tivoli tape management, troubleshooting tape libraries and drive error, checking tape consistency.
  • Responsible for determining hardware and compatibility requirements for installation of TSM client software.
  • Provided 24x7 support on shift rotation basis

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