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Sr. Middleware Consultant. Resume

Greensboro, NC


  • Experienced in Design, Planning, Administration, Engineering and building interfaces to Enhance Business Integrations Capabilities through Enterprise Digital Transformations DevOps, EAI, EDI, Cloud based Internet/ Intranet middleware applications.
  • Integrate, support and automate front/back end business services using CI/CD delivery tools such as Puppet, Python, J2EE, C++, C, JMS, SAP Idoc, IBM MQ, WebSphere Message Broker/IIB IBM Integration Bus, App Connect Enterprise, Cloud Business Services, APIs, Micro Services, BlockChain, Data Analytics and Machine Learning.
  • 10+ years of IT consulting experience in Retail, Heath Care, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Financial industry.
  • Designed, architect and implemented large SOA, EAI and EDI systems using WebSphere Message Broker/IBM Integration Bus (IIB), App Connect Enterprise, JMS, WMQ middleware messaging technologies.
  • Planned and engineered large Cloud APIs framework components, involving JMS, J2EE, WMQ, SOAP, REST, Kafka and JSON.
  • Established interfaces between various hosts, applications, middleware products and databases with Open Source DevOps and API management tools.
  • Designed and implementation of Cloud integration using SalesForce, AWS, API message flows, IBM MQ, message broker(IIB).
  • Familiar with, UML, CMM methodology for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and its implementation techniques.
  • Planned, build, administered and executed large enterprise system management solutions for services offering, delivering and remediation.
  • Established cloud computing strategy and roadmap for long term planning as well as benefits. (Certified Cloud advisor)
  • Good communication skills.


Operating Systems Tools & Languages: Linux, Unix AIX 6.0, HP UX C, C++, Shell Scripts, Windows 7.0/10/2010 Jenkin, NodeJs, Java, JMS, J2EE, Python XMS/Weblogic XML, UML, JSON, KAFKA, Puppet

Databases Middleware: JDBC/ODBC MQTT, IBM MQ v7.1, v7.5, v8.0, v9.0 Oracle, MS Access, DB2 v9.7 WebSphere Message Broker v6.0,v7.0, v8.0 MS SQL Server v6.5 IBM Integration Bus IIB v9.0, v10 SOAP, QPASA v 3.4, Nastel, BMC Patrol, KM


Confidential, Greensboro, NC

Sr. Middleware Consultant.


Integrate and operate confidential CRM hybrid cloud applications, SAP FMS IDOC, EDI X12, WCS/DBs using IIB/MQ/Mulesoft ESB. Engage with offshore teams to design, architect, develop, administered and integrate US and Europe Strategic Business Functions. Help clients to enhance enterprise system management DevOps methodologies for long term business deliverables. Plan, architect and implement API management services to virtualization/containerization of middleware cloud infrastructure environment. Work with Business leaders to translate business functionalities into technology lifecycle solutions.

Confidential, Roanoke, VA

Senior Integration & Middleware Consultant


  • Build and test interfaces for Purchase Orders, Orders, ASNs items and SKUs from WMS, RMS HJ, RP to transform as backend Store/Warehouse replenishment system.
  • Implemented RESTful APIs through Oracle RMS for customer lookup and product fulfilment.
  • Established AAP integration architecture framework to standardized Agile development.
  • Architect IDLC(Interface Development Life Cycle) best practices to build SOA model for new services.
  • Developed message flows to transform X12, XML, JSON and DFDL data format to fix flat format.
  • Document and standardized the IDLC process for all enterprise integration.
  • Resolved production issue and coordinate change management process.

Environment: J2EE, JMS, ESQL, EDI X12 855 - 846, XML Schema, DFDL, and XMLNSC parser, JDBC, MQ, DB2, IIB, Message Broker, AIX, Windows 10, APIs, Salesforce, Kafka

Confidential, Greater Chicago Area, IL

Senior Integration & Middleware Consultant


  • Gathered ISD(Interface Specifications Document) business requirements and implement integration solutions with confidential standard and compliance.
  • Designed, developed message flows to new Confidential canonical Schema model to update customer enrollments services.
  • Developed Unit/UAT/SIT unit test cases documents, build deployment processes.
  • Implemented security solutions in compliance to PHA, PSI, CHI and HIPPA standards and polices.
  • Led the team of junior developers to implement PUB/SUB routing model to deliver data to unlimited subscriber.
  • Provided interface deliverables on time for client UAT/SIT test within budget and tight schedule.
  • Designed, developed and implemented cascade API interface models to implement business transformation rules to multiple engines.

Environment: J2EE, JMS, ESQL, X12, XML Schema and MRM parser, JDBC, WMQ, DB2, IIB, Websphere Message Broker, AIX, Windows 7.0

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Senior App Integration & Middleware Engineer


  • Led the developer’s and support team to managed, planned and build central Payment Bus integration hub.
  • Planned, build API integration solutions delivered on time and within budget.
  • Designed, developed and support metrics/reports for operational excellence.
  • Transformed Payment Broker interfaces/message flows to new inbound/outbound map models.
  • Responsible recommendations towards the development of new services and reuse of existing services.
  • Led API/SOA/ESB data architecture to design performance monitoring, product life cycle evaluation and buy versus build evaluations.

Environment: J2EE, JMS, ESQL, XML and MRM parser, JDBC, WMQ, DB2, IIB, Websphere Message Broker, AIX, Windows 7.0, FTM(Financial Transactions Manager)

Confidential, Salisbury, NC

Senior Data Integration & Middleware Engineering Analyst


  • Led the organizational and planning efforts to design SOA/ESB architecture, developed services, test and implement new business data analytics solutions in Delhaize complex environment.
  • Led discussions with customers, business analysts, and team members to understand business requirements that drive the data analysis and design of quality data models.
  • Planned and Supervise Middleware team to coordinate with Strategic Business Units and vendors to implement loosely decoupled PUB/SUB data integration solutions.
  • Led the team through the full SDLC and responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, maintaining and supporting integration solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Made recommendations towards the development of new message flows code or reuse of existing code.
  • Managed SOA/ESB data architecture design, performance monitoring, product life cycle evaluation and buy versus build evaluations.
  • Created / review documentations to support ITIL processes and environment that is developed.
  • Performed capacity planning and performance management in confidential large computing environments and provided capacity and performance review support.
  • Coordinated all activities related to a project management and monitor the project schedules and costs.
  • Assigned / managed the workload of others to insure efficient use of resources.
  • Interpreted customer needs, assess risks and identify solutions.
  • Established the framework to use best security practices and knowledge of internal/external business security risks and improved messaging integration solutions to comply with industry standards.
  • Monitor and controls costs within team’s work.
  • Engineered confidential Enterprise System Management to generate metrics/reports for operational excellence.

Environment: J2EE, JMS, ESQL, XML and MRM parser, JDBC, WMQ, MQFTE, IIB,Websphere Message Broker, AIX, Windows 7.0

Confidential, Mooresville, NC

Lead Middleware Systems Engineer


  • Provided all levels of management with high-end technology solutions related to middleware integration platforms at the enterprise level.
  • Analyze, diagnosed, and resolved problems in the middleware integration environment.
  • Developed technological roadmaps while keeping up to date with emerging technologies and recommend business directions based on these technologies. Research new technologies to establish the architectural vision for all IT systems.
  • Conducted project selection methods to evaluate the feasibility of new SOA products and services.
  • Defined the scope of the project based on the organization’s need to meet the customer project expectations.
  • Designed an SOA Enterprise middleware monitoring system for support group using Confidential.
  • Designed interface using Websphere message broker flows for business group using XML/MRM format.
  • Designed and implemented Credit/Debit transactions flow from stores POS, central authorizing applications to respective vendors based on PCI standard.
  • Identified and resolved middleware application failures and issues. Ensure systems and business continuity through the implementation and management of application fault tolerance. Provide Tier 4 support for assigned middleware applications in the enterprise across the WAN including support for administrators in distribution centers.
  • Designed WMQ cluster environment for Single View of the Customer projects.
  • Research vendor products to determine which best meet organization’s needs. Assisted in presentation of information to management resulting in purchase and installation of middle tier application. Developed project plans for upgrades and new implementations. Work with business units for downtime.
  • Analyze, diagnosed, and resolved problems in the middleware integration environment.
  • Designed MQ infrastructure for Services Platform using WebSphere confidential.
  • Responsible for middleware application security which includes working with the Server Team and Information protection team to design and implement application level security.
  • Understand and utilized the techniques for the successive phases of problem analysis. Performed the analysis, research, and resolution of production program problems.
  • Provided technical support to the Systems Development Department in moderately complex programming assignments and technical designs.
  • Responsible for insuring best practices are followed in source control, automated build processes, testing, etc.

Environment: J2EE, JMS, ESQL, XML parser, JDBC, WMQ, PM4DATA, Websphere Message Broker, AIX, Windows 7.0/XP

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

Middleware Integration Engineer


  • Designed interoperability solutions based on customer required data flows as capabilities of the Exel applications.
  • Evaluated different strategies and recommend a selection based on functionality, cost and reliability.
  • Developed and Designed confidential detail implementation plans.
  • Developed Message flows using MRM, XML format.
  • Configured MQ/MQSI tools to meet business needs.
  • Administered MQ Series, MQSI, and Apply software maintenance.
  • Implemented knowledge around confidential, WMQ principals such as scalability, security, systems management and performance factors.
  • Migration and upgrade from WMQI v2.1 to WBIMB v5.0 using eclipse based WSAD tool.
  • Assisted applications personnel when moving changes into production.
  • Architect the whole middleware environment using Transport agents, Q2F and F2Q strategy.
  • Designed and implement the Qpasa management tools for the environment.
  • Designed and install clustered MQ Series servers in the extranet communicating to clustered MQSI servers on the inside network which in turn communicate with MQ series installed on high availability HP 9000 systems.

Environment: Java, ESQL, XML parser, JDBC,, MQ Series,Qpasa, MQSI, WBI, HP-UX, Windows 2000/NT

Confidential, Wilmington DE

Software Integration Engineer


  • Designed, maintenance and enhancement of Confidential architectural framework and its presentation on Intranet
  • Designing the Intranet to provide information on the architecture or life cycle of an Information systems product at Confidential
  • Developed new architecture framework to define technologies, business process, data, methodologies and applications and its rapid changing interrelation based on architectural processes.
  • Designed the Intranet software to implement document aging on the database. It searches the updated product/ document of a particular component manager using C, Korn shell, Java HTML.
  • Developed online user profile database for component managers and users to get access on the environment and generate the matrix report using CGI scripts. It shows the number of user who accessed the environment throughout the world during a specified time.
  • Documentation on the strategy involved in releasing a particular product at Confidential .
  • Involved in designing of Intranet architectural framework for Confidential

Environment: Windows 95/NT, Unix AIX 4.2, HTML, java, Netscape Communicator 4.07, ODBC, and MQSI.

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