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Go Lang And Hadoop Consultant Resume



  • Technologist and leader with demonstrated software industrial experience over 20+ years in emerging technologies, ideation, proof of concepts, consulting, designing, requirements gathering, solution architecting, commercial deployments and partner eco - system creation
  • Intrinsically motivated, solution oriented individual with a passion for technology and creative solutions to complex business problems. Proven executor of complex engagements with a good track record of consistent delivery of technically challenging implementations
  • Strong Technical background in cloud, big data, ecommerce, embedded, mobile, SAN and Confidential
  • Enhance my experience and skills, by supporting local entrepreneurs and to win investors by showcasing, how software can help to win there confident and business.


Cloud: AWS (Certified for Associate Level), Azure, Open Stack and VM

Languages: Go Lang, C, C++, STL, Java, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts

Communication: Kafka, GRPC, REST, RabbitMQ

Open source: DJI, SNAP, Telegraf, MQE, Grafana, Blueflood, Chrome Blink, Android, EFL

Big Data Ecosystem: Hadoop, HDFS, ES, HBase, Impala, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Kudu

DataBase: Cassandra, OpenTSDB, InfluxDB, Redis, MySql

Debugger: Trace32, JTAG, Kernel Debugging, SUN workshop, DBX, GDB

Mobile Platform: Android, Confidential Mobile Platforms, EFL, Philips Platform (E740)

Graphics: 2D and 3D (OpenGL ES, EGL)

Web Media: Native Player (UNIPlayer, Gstreamer), ME/MSE, WebAudio, WebRTC

Other: go fmt, go vet, go test, govendor, go doc, gin, swagger, viper, log, github, gitlab, Jenkins, OAuth2.0, XML, SCSI, iSCSI, TCP/IP, UDP


Confidential, NC

GO Lang and Hadoop Consultant


  • Kafka task force to upgrade from RabbitMQ to Kafka and modified microservices to use kafka
  • Upgrade elastic coprocessor so valid entry are copied from hBase to ES
  • Generate report from Impala, add historic data to Kudu
  • Generate report/remove duplicate from HBASE and ES
  • Generate report using Grafana, CSV format and push report to S3 using SFTP

Confidential, VA

Sr GO Lang and Cloud Consultant


  • Design and develop one cloud portal service for all cloud supported in Confidential
  • Written cron jobs in Kubernetes for scrapping data for each account in AWS, OpenStack, Azure for information on inventory, utilization, VMs, hypervisor etc
  • Written micro services to interface between front end with databases like MySQL, Cassandra, InfluxDB and deployed in Docker and Kubernetes
  • Written few sample micro services to use gRPC calls.
  • Study and purpose open source Go packages for future trends and business Successful Contribution and Achievement

Confidential, MA

GO Lang Consultant


  • Design and develop dashboard based on real time metrics data
  • Study and propose open source Go packages for future trends and business
  • Customized Blueflood rollups to store data more than a month
  • Create Alter info based on system and application metric
  • Added simple machine learning for Alert system

Confidential, CA

Senior Architect


  • Study and understand of OAuth2.0 Protocol
  • Study and understand of Go Lang and Redis Successful Contribution and Achievement


Senior Consultant


  • Overall Manage product development process from requirement to final product delivery
  • Bring process of requirement gathering, reviewing, Grand Chat Scheduling, Phase wise delivery, etc
  • Quality of delivery by identifying various test cases and verifying in all stages of development and delivery process
  • Overall make sure Customer satisfaction in each process.


Senior Chief Engineer


  • Innovate, design, prototype solutions to demonstrate the cutting edge solutions to differentiate Confidential from other OEM in the market and finally commercial the solution.
  • Latest Chromium Browser on various platform confidential for both mobile and confidential 
  • Innovated Extended Display Solution, released in Galaxy S3 (Gallery Slide Show)
  • Added implicit animation for expandable List Item, released in Galaxy S3
  • 3D effects, between Activities transition in Android
  • Dynamic Layouting for 3D UI framework.
  • Confidential support for confidential framework, for creating gralloc based surfaces for rendering.




  • Design, implementation, Owned a new mobile framework
  • First QWERTY key pad driver were written for North Confidential Market
  • Provide SDK support for Philip platform, which improved the development time
  • Expertise on Mobile Domain, platform and framework.


Lead Engineer


  • Design, implementation and verification of iSCSI Protocol development
  • Support Marketing team in marketing this product.


Senior Member


  • Design and implementation of Dual Platform Manager and data server for HLR
  • Responsible for SMS deployment in AIN networks
  • Responsible for Processor status view and modify
  • Responsible for system status reporting with system manager for a Confidential switch.


Team Lead


  • Responsible for inhouse project identification and implementation and delivery.

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