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Tableau Specialist Resume

New York, CitY


Confidential, New York City

Tableau Specialist


  • Supporting the implementation of the CCAR Reconciliation project for the CRIS team. Working closely with CRIS and IBMO in Tableau dashboard development
  • Query/join/process data from Hadoop / HDFS and other data sources (RDMBS, web services, cube) via different Tableau drivers as needed for CCAR visualization projects in Tableau
  • Partnering with Tableau to help bring in Tableau expertise when needed for different CCAR projects
  • Liaising with Tableau on tool limitations that could be showstoppers for CCAR and ensure that Tableau is able to provide resolutions or workarounds to ensure CCAR project milestones are met
  • Ad - hoc presentations to showcase the different capabilities and limitations of Tableau.
  • Participating in UI strategy threads for the BI team. Provide technical opinion on strategic decisions for the firm in terms of data strategy and data visualization on the Radial infrastructure

 Tab leau Developer/Administrator


  • Delivered a Tableau workbook, Diamond Tracker, which provides the diamond industry with POS information and insights necessary to make fact-based decisions
  • Delivered a T abl eau workbook, Fastfacts, an analytical tool that provides detailed information and strategic insights based on eating habits of consumers in US.
  • Delivered a T abl eau workbook, Industry Vie w, using consumer surv ey data to dis play the positioning of a product in the m arket, to indic ate succe ss ful are as of market pene tra tion and pote ntial untapp ed a r eas for mark et expansion.
  • Received ‘What you do matters’ award by The NPD Group for identifying, analyzing and quickly resolving a ‘chrome 45’ issue which could have impacted the clients.
  • Impleme nted row-le v el se curity for Tableau d eliv e r ables to ensure da ta se curity for an online Ta ble au report, Sale s T r ack W eekly, which g enerates $700000/y ear from diff erent c lients.
  • Impleme nted single sig n-on (SSO) on T able au s erv er.
  • Installed, upgraded and configured the highly available 3-node T abl e au s erv er for fault tolerance
  • Attended 5-day virtual 'Visual Analytics' class provided by Tableau Software.
  • Pulled data from Sybase IQ using SAS Enterprise Guide. Hands-on experience with Alteryx Designer for self-service data manipulation.

Confidential, Woonsocket, RI

Tableau Consultant


  • Configured the Tableau environment at the organization. Installed Tableau server
  • 8.2.5 with distribut ed environment, activated licenses, confi gured S SL & SMTP
  • Facilit ated distribution of Tableau Desktop appli cation at the enterprise l evel. Compl eted Project Owner T esting do cuments by testing the func tionality of T ableau Desktop 8.2.5 and Table au Reader 8.3 across v arious platforms
  • Cre ated the tr aining mat erial for site admins and conducted pre s entations for the new site admins to ensure smooth transitioning to a n ew BI platform
  • Responsible for periodic check of the POSTGRES QL d ataba se of the T able au severs
  • Central point of contact for this n ew implement ation and all post deplo y m ent support including problem management, service call resolution, proa ctive support, and troubleshooting
  • Attended two-day ‘Adv anced Tableau Desktop T r aining’ conducted by Int erw orks, a T ableau training partner.

IT Ana lyst


  • Interac t ed with busine ss to coll e ct and doc ument r equir ements and cre a t ed the Busine ss Requireme nt
  • Docume nts. T r anslated busine ss needs into s y stem requir e m ents by communic ating with the bus ine ss on non-te chni c al l e v el and with the S y stem Analy st on te chnic al le v el.
  • Impleme nted the IT infra structure from s cra t ch to deploy mis sion-criti c al production applic ations and e stablished a s ervice d e liv ery model to provide e n d-to-end infra stru cture support s ervice s.
  • Promoted to IT Busin e ss Analy st from S enior S y stem Engineer within eight months of joining the org aniz ation.
  • Collaborated with teams in two locations in USA to understand the cultural-norms and trends across multiple geographies and created business requirement documents (BRDs) and roadmaps for successful transition of the project in 70% of the allocated time.
  • UNIX System Administrator responsible for managing around 2000 production servers running mission Critical Applications. Managed servers running Solaris, Linux, VERITAS Volume Manager and VERITAS Cluster server.

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