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Aws Senior Architect Resume


  • Total Experience: Approx. 13+ Yrs. Relevant Experience: 13+ Yrs.
  • Extensive experience architecting, design and implementing SOA, ESB, MDM, Messaging and Infrastructure solutions using technologies like TIBCO.
  • Experience designing and building Cloud solution using Amazon AWS.
  • Experience working with variety of technologies. Primary expertise on TIBCO suite of products - BW6, BW5, BE, Hawk, EMS, RV, MDM, Adapters, Administrator, AMLG, Silver Fabric, Streambase, Live DataMart etc.
  • Experience Sustaining Engineering, enhancing and supporting different flavors of TIBCO products.
  • Certified professional for IBM and TIBCO middleware products.
  • Experience leading applications development teams, TIBCO Products Sustaining Engineering team, SOX product PoC development team.
  • Thorough understanding of software development lifecycle, object oriented design (OOP and OOAD).
  • In-depth knowledge of existing and emerging technologies, architectures and platforms, with strong ability to focus on and set future direction.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and resourcefulness to find solutions through self-study and research.


Languages and Concepts: Java, C, C++, SQL/PL-SQL, JMS, SOA, UML, MDM, REST, J2EE SOA / Cloud / ESB / CEP / MDM Technologies

TIBCO: Silver Fabric, Administrator, BW5, BW6, Streambase, Live Data Mart, BusinessEvents, Spotfire, EMS, RV, Hawk, MDM, Active Spaces, FTL, Nimbus, Adapters (Corba, Siebel, Salesforce, Database, SDK, JDE, DB, Files), ETX, ETK, IM, MessageBroker and Diff-Merge, BW Workflow/Form flow/InConcert, Active Matrix Lifecycle Governance (AMLG), AMX BPM

Amazon AWS: Cloud Formation, CLI client, helpers, CloudFront, EC2, S3, Glacier, EBS, EFS, ENI, ASG, Lambda, RDS, SQS, Route53, SNS, Logs, IAM, SG, VPC, Stacks

Others: Sonic SOA Integration Workbench 6x, BEA Aqualogic ESB 2.6, XQueryMapper, ConceptWave, HP SOA Systinet - Repository Server v4, Registry Foundation v6.65, Google Prediction APIs


BACK END TOOL: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase v11

FRONT END TOOL: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

OS Expertise: Linux, Unix, Windows

Source Control Tools: Perforce, VSS, CVS, Clear Case, SVN, XMLCanon

Other Tools: Maven, Teamcity, Chef, Docker, TCL/TK, Windows/Unix Debugging Tools for JAVA/CPP Apps, IDEA Editor, TIBCO Ledger Reviewer, Review Ledger, XMLSpy, TurboXML etc.



AWS Senior Architect


  • Identify and define requirements to move to AWS Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Define AWS Infrastructure Architecture and Best Practices.
  • Build Common Frameworks and patterns for Infrastructure building and CI/CD.
  • Design Automation templates
  • . Act as AWS Technical Advisory to support the team and customer on any issues and BPs questions.

Technologies: Amazon AWS (S3, CF, CLI, EC2, Helpers, EBS, Route53, RDS, IAM, SG, VPC, SNS, ENI, ASG), TIBCO EMS, TIBCO MDM, TIBCO BW, Chef, Unix/Linux


TIBCO Architect and Primary Technical Advisor


  • Identify; define strategy and requirements for TIBCO solution/platform for DCs and Confidential locations.
  • Define overall architecture, design and lead development efforts to build the platform/solution.
  • Define best practices, frameworks, design patterns for TIBCO development and services integration.
  • Act as technical advisory on several projects as needed.
  • Work with Management and PMs on release planning, scheduling, estimation, and deliverables and risks/issues/Change requests management.
  • Define checklist and templates for Technical Detail Design artifacts, Testing strategy and test plan.
  • Worked with the team to define and build/setup infrastructure and labs.
  • Participate in roll out strategies discussion, migration planning, co-ordination and impact analysis.
  • Design, Code Review process and impact analysis.
  • Support team on any technical difficulties - whether design, infrastructure sizing, tuning, test planning etc.
  • Client interactions, meetings, Cross Team communication.
  • Define and Implement Common Frameworks and guidelines around them - CLE, HAC, CI/CD, Testing.
  • Architect and Design Common Data Models

Technologies: TIBCO BW, EMS, BE, AS, MDM, Administrator, JDE Adapter, Elastic Search, Kafka, Java, SVN, VSS, XMLSpy, Oracle, SQL/PLSQL, Design Patterns, OOAD, Windows/Unix, MS Office, Visio, PP, SOAPUI, Siebel, IBM Initiate, ClearCase


TIBCO Architect


  • Define Best Practices, Guidelines for TIBCO Design and Development, Common Frameworks, Design Patterns.
  • Audit/Review TIBCO Environments, Infrastructure setup, existing implementation and provide recommendations.
  • Define AMLG Best Practices and Discuss SOA Life Cycle Governance Principles.
  • Discuss processes/strategies to achieve CD/CI, Unit Testing Automation.
  • Act as Advisory to address technical difficulties and issues related to products.
  • Perform Capacity Planning, environment and service sizing.
  • Discuss and propose designs for future/complex services e.g. services security and access controls.
  • Define Version control structure, template for Technical Detail Designs and other design artifacts for TIBCO.
  • Write Sonic SOA based custom services using Java, for Exceptions/alerts handling as per the client’s business operations and solution data structure. Troubleshoot, fix issues in the Solutions
  • Enhance build scripts to make build fully automated. Design and implement automated test plans, Services Scheduling.

Technologies: TIBCO BW, EMS, Administrator, AMLG, Salesforce Adapter, SVN, MS Office, Visio, Sonic ESB Workbench, JMS, Core Java, Windows Batch files and Scheduling, XML, Oracle 9i, Windows, Linux


Architect/Sr. Consultant


  • Define Infrastructure monitoring strategy and architecture.
  • Identify and define common logging and exception handling framework and services.
  • Design code migration process automation, architecture and templates.
  • Define and implement services design

Technologies: TIBCO BW, TIBCO CLE, TIBCO HAC, TIBCO PerfMon, EMS, Administrator, TIBCO Deployment Accelerator, Perforce, SQL/PLSQL, Windows/Unix


Lead Business Analyst, Technical Architect


  • Lead BA and test plan team. Identify Use Cases and define business operations, requirements.
  • Design technical specifications.
  • Implement business activities monitoring using TIBCO BusinessEvents.
  • Identify and design BusinessEvents objects - Concepts, DB Concepts, Scorecords, Events etc
  • Design and implement rules and rule set for risk elements monitoring, handling, and routing/processing.
  • Analyze BE objects in relation to business processes and translate, design the state flows into BusinessEvents state model using state modeler.
  • Implement, enhance and support custom adapters/applications using Java.
  • Write Java custom functions to support and enhance custom functions library for nodal integration.
  • Implementation using TIBCO. Code Review.
  • Write Technical design, design proposals/reviews, discussion/meetings.
  • Delivery planning, onsite - offshore management, tasks and resources management.
  • Define Test Strategy and Plan.
  • Implement tools using Java and TIBCO technologies to automate unit test plans.
  • Define the “Best Practices” for Unit Tests Design. Identify reusable functionalities/Utilities, Tools. Unit Testing.

Technologies: Java, TIBCO BW, Siebel Adapter, EMS, RV, Administrator, BE, LDAP, SVN, XMLCanon, XMLSpy, Oracle, SQL/PLSQL, Design Patterns, OOAD, Windows/Unix, MS Office, Visio


Senior Consultant


  • Gather requirement, design and develop following interfaces:
  • Generic framework, Interface between TIBCO and PeopleSoft CRM using BW for Pre-Orders and service Orders. Stateless workflow to process PicCare and express orders service.
  • Implement and lead team for Custom CORBA Adapter using Java, automate ECF functionality provided by Telcordia System.
  • Workflows and BW process for POTS, ECF related service orders, Fast Packets, VM.
  • Design/develop a light weight, Web based tool to monitor using Java, search and fetch result set files from persistent storage based on search keys and given env. A scalable and robust tool supporting environments add/remove, as needed, meant to ease internal monitoring and troubleshooting across TIBCO layers/scope.
  • Implement and enhance custom Database Adapter using Java and TIBCO SDK APIs.
  • Develop couple of intelligent reporting tools using Java and TIBCO BW to optimize the order reporting process.
  • Support TIBCO Workflow. To Troubleshot and fix issues. Handle Change Request.
  • Design and automate test framework for unit and integration testing.

Technologies: Java, TIBCO BW, BW Workflow, E4JMS, RV, SDK, Administrator, Hawk, AFF, ADB, XML/XSD/DTD/WSDL, TCL/TK, VisiBroker, Oracle, SQL, Windows/Unix, MS Office

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