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Machine Design And Development Engineer Resume

Hackettstown, NJ


  • Confidential is a professional Product Design Engineer and utility problem solver specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering with over twenty years of experience in skilled concept to manufacturing product, mechanical and electrical design.
  • Ed’s expertise spans all aspects of the design and manufacturing process including significant contributions to innovative commercial, consumer, medical, industrial, and government projects.
  • Proven technical insight through application of mathematical modeling, incorporating strategy of electrical and mechanical design methods, testing, Failure Analysis, analyzing new prototype data, modifying designs, accounting for risk assessments, and environmental impact producing products competitive with current industry innovations.
  • Conceptual design, development, implementation, and execution of projects achieved by enabling a variety of tools and software applications cohesive with proprietary methods to promote productivity, reduction of production costs in the manufacturing process and increasing overall business profitability while incorporating the application of VA - VE economic principles.
  • Evaluate and develop innovative solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing production problems through identification and implementation of advanced manufacturing processes including conducting process analysis.
  • Creating design reviews, reports, presentations for project management, supervisors, and clients.
  • Providing technical and SOP and mentoring in a clear manner to large or small groups.
  • Applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, automation, materials, suppliers, lean manufacturing initiatives, 5S.
  • Demonstrated expertise to accept assignments which are broad in scope; and proven ability to complete projects on time and within budget by promoting cross-departmental collaboration; not limited to directing, interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating process improvement; ensuring assignments and projects are completed safely, efficiently, and economically.
  • Leader in financial management, business development, business administration, sales, marketing and customer retention.
  • Resourceful and creative strategic thinker, pragmatic leader, “lead-by-example” team-builder.
  • Outstanding negotiation, communication, inter-personal and presentation skills.
  • Certified IPC Soldering Trainer/ s Instructor
  • Certified Profinet Engineer and Installer
  • NJBOE Certified Electronics Technology Instructor


Electronics: Circuit design (digital/analog), Printed Circuit Board design, PIC microcontrollers, PLC and Motion control, USB, Serial communications, Bluetooth, GPS, Wireless, RFID, Power supplies, Computer controls, Lighting controls, Pyrotechnic controls, BGA placement, Hand and automated SMD assembly, SMT rework, Microscope-aided assembly, X-ray analysis.

Mechanical: SCADA systems, Automation design for high and low volume manufacturing, Hydraulics system design, Pneumatics systems design, Fabrication, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Vacuum forming, 3D printing systems, Sheet metal, Ultrasonic welding, Steel and aluminum welding (MIG & TIG), Plasma cutting, Lathe work, Milling machine, Band saw, Drill press, and CNC laser and plasma.

Software: Circuit/PCB Design Altium Protel DXP, Altium Designer, AutoCAD (all versions), Electronics Workbench, U ltiboard, MultiSim, Microchip MPLab, GerbView, Arduino

Mechanical Design: Pro E, Solid Edge, Solid W orks, AutoCAD, Inventor

Professional: Goldwave, Intuit QuickBooks, Macromedia Flash, MS Front Page, MS Office Suite, MS Project, MS Visio, Parts & Vendors, W ebsite D evelopment. OS (DOS, Windows), Adobe (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier)

Programming: Assembly, Basic, HTML, PLC/ HMI (Automation Direct, AB, Siemens, Panasonic, Keyence, Omron, Phoenix Contact).

Technical: Stage and Studio Lighting, Sound and Pyrotechnics, Rigging, Welding


Confidential, Hackettstown, NJ

Machine Design and Development Engineer


  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance of industrial punch press, roll forming, brake press and routing machinery.
  • Design of electrical and mechanical machinery for automating production.
  • Automation design using PLC, HMI, AC/ DC Drives, Camera Systems, Sensors, Relays, Hydraulics, Pneumatics. Etc.
  • Metal fabrication, Welding, Machining (Lathe-Mill), CNC Router, 3D Printing


Chief Design Engineer


  • Project Lead responsible for new product design (electrical/ mechanical); development, and manufacturing of proprietary products and prototypes
  • Performed conceptual design based on customer, OEM and regulatory specification.
  • OEM and customer FA testing.
  • Analyzing and planning work force utilization, space requirements, workflow, and design of equipment and workspace layout for maximum efficiency.
  • Resourceful, creative, and strategic thinker; pragmatic leader, and team-builder.
  • Supervision,, mentoring, performance evaluating, and management of engineering staff.
  • Demonstrated expertise to accept assignments broad in scope; while serving diverse markets.
  • Skilled Digital and Analog Electrical and Mechanical design and testing as per UL, CE, FDA, Mil and ISO standards.

Operations Manager



  • Logistics; financial; operational; business development; and ensuring OSHA standards in compliance.
  • Coordination with QA personnel to ensuring products are integrated meeting defined specifications and standards. Documenting client feedback and preparing logistical reports.
  • Budget management including coordination of financial statements, equipment quality procurement, reporting FYE goals and projections.
  • Operational strategizing including sales supervision, marketing, product promotion; and optimization of resources including Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management.
  • Managing support services: Promoting cross-departmental collaboration including HR, IT, Finance, Administration, and maintaining confidential and proprietary information.
  • Managing third party relations ensuring legal formalities, contracts, vendor supply agreements, client contracts and additional service requests are completed and complaint.
  • Leader in financial management, business development, business administration, sales, marketing and customer retention.
  • Utilized by al institutions across North America to teach employable skills to electronics students in electronic SMT rework and circuit troubleshooting.
  • Aircraft operator panels, microcontroller firmware test-beds, hunting arrow tracking systems, cable testing devices, after-market auto parts, polycarbonate signage and LED illumination systems, mini-ITX computer systems, and mobile security systems.
  • Automation and robotic control systems, SMT component adapters, electronics assembly systems, solar and wind-powered water pumping stations, winches, turntables, pyrotechnic systems.
  • Medical device prototype designs, pick and place systems applications, and RFID - equipment tracking systems.

Confidential, Rahway, NJ

Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineer and Fabricator


  • Design of electrical and mechanical components and devices for theatrical props and scenery.
  • Automation design using PLC, HMI, AC/ DC Drives, Camera Systems, Sensors, Relays, Hydraulics, Pneumatics. Etc.
  • Metal fabrication, Welding, Machining (Lathe-Mill) CNC Plasma, CNC Router

Confidential, Livingston, NJ

Senior R&D Design Engineer and Engineering Manager


  • Design and development of lab equipment systems, vacuum ovens, furnaces and other material processing equipment.
  • Design and development of manufacturing and quality control processes.
  • Specification of electronic and mechanical components.
  • Management of production/ Inspection.
  • Management of Tech Support and RMA System.
  • Confer with customers for troubleshooting of technical issues.
  • Installation of assembly area and equipment
  • Implementation of RMA system, quality control procedures, product warranty procedures, product documentation and utilization procedures.
  • Design and development of cold trap and three generations of winning terpene isolator devices.

Confidential, St. Petersburg, FL

Senior Advanced Technology Engineer


  • Project Engineer for the design and development of custom process; automation solutions involving SMT, PCB; and mechanical assembly process technologies utilizing various metallurgies and adhesives.
  • Resourceful and creative strategic thinker, able to work independently or within a team environment.
  • Responsible for the design and development of new automated manufacturing process solutions.
  • Design and development of manufacturing processes using Statistical Process control techniques.
  • Analyzes the new process through FMEA and POKA-YOKE techniques.
  • Evaluation of capital equipment investments and prepares cost justifications.
  • Evaluation of line efficiency, machine pulse rate and cycle times.
  • Analyzing and planning work force utilization, space requirements, workflow, and designing layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency.
  • Providing feedback to Supplier Quality Engineering and Design Teams.
  • Providing complete quality meeting systems requirements.
  • Managing execution of Equipment Qualification and Process Validation Protocols and providing for work center personnel on SOP and work instructions for new processes and equipment.
  • Providing design for manufacturability and assembly (DFMA) input.
  • Advanced technology lead on special R&D teardowns of medical devices for the Jabil Business Unit.
  • Interacted with Project Engineers and Project Regulatory Specialists for UL, CE and ISO standards for product design guidelines.
  • Development of process and design of automated assembly equipment for a Naso-Gastric Feeding Tube with integrated VGA camera.
  • Designed structured cable configuration and layout of tubing co-extrusion as well as concept of rigid flex circuit for camera circuitry.
  • Designed process and automated equipment for attachment of 36AWG wires to flex PCBA.
  • Collaborated with vendors to develop a multi-wavelength laser system to strip a complex multi-coaxial co-extrusion.
  • Developed revised process for efficiency reworking of 01005 components for use in cellphone assembly.
  • Developed and patented the process for attachment and embedment of electronic components to the plastic substrate.

Confidential, St. Petersburg, FL

Industrial Engineer - Project Engineer


  • Customer product quoting, design and management of first articles in preparation of production.
  • Consulting customer on DFM issues in preparation for production.
  • Research and development for improvement of in-house and customer process and design.
  • Lead responsible for construction of lean flow production lines for cable assembly manufacturing.
  • Creating cable assembly and testing fixtures to assist in quality for production personnel.
  • Collaborate with Value Stream teams to create flow lines from current batch builds. Initiation of 5S programs on flow lines in production.
  • Creation and formatting of production processes and flow line setup. Specification and design of tooling and equipment for line flow and batch build production; as well as management of time studies and balancing of flow lines for production streamlining.
  • Designs printed circuit boards for test engineering.
  • In-house and customer drawing review, modification and REV control.
  • Troubleshooting issues on production lines for customer and IPC conformance.
  • Created robotic pin retention test fixture for testing of mass-produced Confidential ; resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Designed innovative crimping press fixtures for versatility in production.
  • Created PLC control system using customer drawings and specified components.
  • Designed 23 station production line process for Sylinx Mil-Spec communications transducer system.

Confidential, Sarasota, FL

Product Design Engineer


  • Coordinated directly with CTO on design and unit operation.
  • Led design, re-engineering, and manufacturing of company’s proprietary lead retrieval products, which linked to Blackberry via Bluetooth technology.
  • Created schematics, bill of materials, testing/operation procedures, programming schedules, and PWB fabrication documents, procured parts, and organized production inventory.
  • Implemented CAD software to design circuitry, PCB and enclosure plastics, prototyped plastics with 3D ABS printer; guided verification and testing using various test equipment; Bluetooth-capable computers; port sniffer, and MCU programmer.
  • Supervised assembly personnel in construction which utilized an SMT line consisting of stencil printer, pick and place machine, and reflow oven.
  • Elevated product intelligence by leveraging microcontrollers in circuitry design, creating programmable and flexible design which replaced redundancies in existing versions.
  • Seamlessly integrated circuitry elements that included Li-Ion battery chargers, Bluetooth technology, battery-level monitoring, laser scanning modules, magnetic stripe readers, RFID, microcontroller circuitry and firmware, linear and switching power supplies, accelerometer circuitry, and communications line drivers.

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