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Sr. Project Storage Engineer Resume


  • Has very solid experience in Enterprise Server, Storage Area Network relating to planning, design/architect, documentation, implementation, installation and support & maintenance.
  • Has extensive experience in Enterprise Server’s management, SAN/NAS management, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Internetworking and Implementation.


Enterprise Servers: Cisco UCS Blade, IBM - AS/400 (Model / 530/640/730/740 ), HP-UX Enterprise Servers (Superdome, rp8420, rp8400, rp7410, rp5470, K Class), Compaq Enterprise Servers, Fujitsu Prime power Servers, SUN Sparc Servers (e10K), IBM Enterprise Servers (P590, P,570, P550, P510, P690, P670, P630), IBM Blade servers (HS20 & HS40) & Flexi servers (x336, x346, X365 and e326), HP Blade server (BL20 & BL40), HP Proliant servers.

Storage: Vplex family (local & Metro), RPA, EMC XtremeIO, EMC Isilon, EMC VMAX family & DMX Family (1000, 2000, 3000), EMC Symmetrix Series (8830 & 8530, & 3530), VNX, VNXe family, Clariion CX to CX4 Series & Celerra family, NetApp Storage on 7mode and Cmode, HP XP Series (XP256 & XP512) & EVA series, Isilon family, ADIC (Scalar24, s10k, & i2k.

Network Elements: SAN directors & switches (Cisco MDS9x seriesi), Brocade Enterprise series, Mcdata (ED64M, ED140M, DS4700), Cisco routers 1100 & 2500 series and hubs & switches, Cnet Switches, IBM Switches/Hubs (8271, 8224 & 8230), Hayes, Motorola modems, and US Robotics modem.

OS Platform: VMware ESX 6.5, OS/400 V4r4/V4r2/V4r1, HP-UX 11.23, 11.11 & 10, Sun Solaris 11,10,9, 8, & 2.6, AIX 6.1, 5.3 & 5.2, Hp Tru64, Red hat Linux AS/ES 6/5/4.0/3.0/2.1 and Novell NetWare 4.11/3.12, MS Advance Windows Server, Windows 2003/2000/XP, NT 4.0 & 3.51, 98, 95 & 3.1x, OS/2 Warp.

Databases: Oracle 12,11,10g, 9i, 8.1.7, Informix 7.31 & 7.1, DB2/400 & MS SQL 6.0


Applications: Oracle ASM, Veritas SFORAC 3.5, IBM HACMP, HP TruCluster, ICMS 3.3 (Integrated Customer Management Systems), SAP R3 version 4.6C, MS office 2003, Microsoft SMS, Microsoft SNA Server, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Proxy, EMC Navisphere management, EMC Powerpath, EMC Control Center, EMC Solutions Enabler, EMC widesky, EMC Navicli, EMC Symcli, Cisco SAN Fabric manager, Glance Plus, Online JFS, Logical Volume Manager, Veritas File Systems (VxFS), Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), HP LSM, EMC Timefinder, EMC SRDF (A and S), EMC Mirrorview, EMC Snapview, Netapp Snapshot, SanCopy, Client Access (CA/400), GUI/400, Reflection-X, Java applet, STM, Tomcat, NetApp filerview, NetApp NFS/CIFS, NetApp Flexvol & infinitevol, Netapp OCI, Netapp PM, Netapp Snapvault.

Messaging: MS Exchanged 2000/5.5, Lotus Notes, Domino 5 & 4.6

Backup Software: Veritas NetBackup 6/5.0, EMC Networker, Commvault Galaxy, Omni Back Backup management, Arcserver backup.



Sr. Project Storage Engineer


  • Deploy, Configure and maintain EMC VMAX, VNX, CX, VPlex, Isilon, XtremeIO, & RPA, Netapp, Pure storage, Cisco, Brocade & McData fiber switches.
  • Responsible for deploying new systems by adhering and following technical standards and best practices.
  • Responsible for migrating the old storage system to new system (i.e. Netapp 7mode to Cmode,, CX&VNX to Vmax or to other SAN platform) using different migration approach and technologies.
  • Responsible technically in participating on all storage and backup technology refresh cycles (EMC, Netapp, Cisco, Pure, Symantec, etc.)
  • Responsible for migrating and defining cloud storage strategyResponsible for provisioning/configuring storage to VMware, Redhat Linux, Windows, Solaris.
  • Responsible on effectively troubleshoot storage availability, connectivity and performance issues from the file system through to the physical drive.
  • Responsible in carrying out maintenance and code upgrades of all storage devices and associated software.
  • Produce capacity & performance report in order to gauge the overall state of the systems.
  • Responsible in configuring/defining the backup, restore & compression methodologies such as Protection manager & Recover Point and Disaster recovery based on application RTO & RPO requirements.
  • Responsible in putting change management, able to work with application owners, assist on brokering change windows.
  • Drive automation where possible
  • Assist with the continuous analysis of the groups’ processes to drive efficiencies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Environment: Storage (EMC Vmax, Clariion/VNX, XtremeIO, Pure Storage, Isilon, Netapp (Grid, Eseries, FAS) & HP Eva series) and SAN directors Cisco, Brocade & MCData) Vplex Local/Metro, Vblock, RPA, Oracle, SUN, EMC, Cisco, NetApp, SAP, Microsoft and Veritas netbackup, Data Domain, Avamar. AIX, Solaris, OS/400, Redhat/Oracle Linux, VMWare, Azure, AWS.


Hardware Support Engineer


  • Lead tier 4 support for all related hardware and software problem around the globe.
  • Responsible for determining the Root Cause Analysis of any hardware and software issues.
  • Responsible for deep troubleshooting for any hardware and software unresolved issues encountered by regional level support engineer.
  • Responsible in determining root cause analysis for any performance issues in the Servers, SAN, Network, and software application.
  • Responsible for Managing SAN & NAS storage provisioning to different OS, include volume and file system definition.
  • Responsible for code upgrade and apply fixes on all core infrastructure components.
  • Responsible in managing cluster server environment that run both HACMP and Cluster Tru64.
  • Responsible for managing the Networker enterprise backup solution including the disaster recovery.
  • Responsible for creating concise document on enhancement or fixes for any software or hardware issues.
  • Provide on call 24x7 supports.
  • Interface with different vendors for enhancement or fixes on software or hardware issues.

Environment: Storage (EMC Clariion, Netapp, HP Storage works) and SAN switches Brocade, MCData and Qlogic, (Severs IBM & HP) Oracle, EMC, Cisco, Microsoft and IBM AIX, HP Tru64, HP TruCluster, IBM HACMP, SCO Unix, Redhat Linux.


Lead Systems & Storage Consultant


  • Responsible for managing the SAN & NAS environment globally.
  • Responsible for storage provisioning from raid type definition, volume definition, LUN access, LUN allocation, LUN mapping, LUN zoning, creating META LUN, dissolving Metalun and zone setting & definition;
  • Responsible for managing NAS environment from provisioning, volume definition, capacity allocation, Qtree definition, quota limits and setting permission for NFS & CIFS share.
  • Responsible for NAS configuration on Celerra data mover allocation, NetApp filer definition;
  • Responsible for replacing all the FRU on Clariion, Celerra, NetApp and SAN switches;
  • SAN management from fabric zoning, planning, implementing, tuning, administering, provisioning and troubleshooting using different storage technology (i.e. Connectrix Manager, Webtools, Navisphere, and SAN fabric manager, NetApp Data fabric manager);
  • Responsible for creating shell scripts for automating task;
  • Designed, implemented and administered ECC 6.0.
  • Responsible for Determining, forecasting the capacity limits of the IT Storage infrastructures based on volume of daily business transactions;
  • Created various diagram using Visio tools and doing various project plan using MS project;
  • Performed Flare code upgrade, Fabric OS upgrade, patch installation and firmware upgrade;
  • Involve in determining root cause analysis for any performance issues in the Server, SAN and network.
  • Provide on call 24x7 support;
  • Interfaced with different vendors for product evaluation, testing, and support services.

Environment: Storage (EMC Clariion, Symmetrix, NetApp, Isilon & HP Eva series) and SAN directors Brocade & MCData, IBM, HP, Oracle, SUN, EMC, Cisco, MSWindows, NetApp, SAP, Microsoft and Veritas (VCS & Netbackup). HP - UX, AIX, Solaris, OS/400, Redhat Linux, VMWare ESX, VMWare Vmotion, Commvault Galaxy.


Lead Storage / System Administrator Specialist


  • Manage and Mentor Storage Engineers & SysAdmins.
  • Managed and Administered all Prepaid/Postpaid and Corporate Support Systems, including AS400 with Backup Recovery Management Systems (BRMS/400), Performance Management System (PM/400) & Extended Mirroring System (XM) and HP- Enterprise Servers running HP-UX Version 10 and 11i with SAP R/3 Applications, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and SAP Net weaver running in IBM P5 Enterprise servers running AIX 5.3 and all are in SAN environment with Veritas Netbackup 5.0 as the backup solutions and attached to different class of EMC Storage;
  • Perform base application changes, patches upgrade, and OS upgrade;
  • Managed and administered mixed OS environment (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OS/400 and Windows) and different enterprise servers from tuning, capacity planning, recovery and patch/package upgrade;
  • Architect and designed, implemented and administered Storage Area Network which included EMC DMX, Symmetric & Clariion storage, HP XP Storage, NetApp storage, Cisco SAN Directors and Brocade Fabric switches;
  • Responsible for adding additional fabric switches/modules in the SAN environment and FOS upgrade & patch management;
  • Responsible for infrastructure system planning & design, evaluation, and implementation for different enterprise server and its storage requirements;
  • Responsible for the architect/design and implementation of different disaster strategy and solutions based on the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of the business needs using the SDRF, Mirrorview, Timefinder, Snapview and Veritas Cluster & Backup solutions;
  • Responsible for managing the SAN/NAS environment from storage provisioning, capacity planning and performance tuning.
  • Handled SAN management from fabric zoning, planning, implementing, tuning, administering, provisioning and troubleshooting using different storage technology (i.e. SAN Manager, Navisphere, EMC Control Center and SAN fabric manager);
  • Responsible for creating shell scripts for automating tasks;
  • Designed, implemented disaster recovery solutions for IT infrastructure to meet business needs (i.e. SRDF, Timefinder, Mirrorview, Snapview, extended mirroring, rsync and different backup & recovery methodology);
  • Responsible for Determining, forecasting the capacity limits of the IT infrastructures (e.g., servers, storages, & network) based on volume of daily business transactions;
  • Created various concise documentation on all implemented projects including the procedures and policies;
  • Performed OS upgrade, patch installation and firmware upgrade;
  • Provide 24x7 support all systems;
  • Interfaced with different vendors for product evaluation, testing, and procurement and support services.

Environment: HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OS/400, RedHat Linux, Storage (EMC Clariion, DMX, NetApp & HP XP series) and SAN directors (Cisco 9509 & 9216i, Brocade), IBM, HP, Oracle, SUN, EMC, Cisco, NetApp, Fujitsu, CA, SAP, Microsoft and Veritas (SFORAC & Netbackup).


System Analyst


  • Architect, Designed, implemented and administered the WAN/LAN of the company, which included AS/400, Windows NT Server, Novell Servers, Microsoft Exchange Server, Proxy Server, IIS Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server, SMTP Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Sun Solaris server;
  • Managed and trained technical support people on installation and configuration of the different types of Network Operating Systems, Application Packages system, Network Devices, Computer peripherals, and other Software packages;
  • Supported application developers including Visual Basic and Cobol programmers and Lotus Notes developers;
  • Evaluated and designed office automation infrastructure;
  • Designed, planned, implemented and tested disaster recovery solution for IT infrastructure and
  • Other duties included configuration of network equipment (e.g., Host server, PC Servers, Switches, Hubs, Routers, Modems, Printer and PC’s) and installation of Operating Systems (e.g. OS/400, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1X, Novell NetWare, OS/2 Warp, and Unix Server).

Environment: OS/400, Solaris, Microsoft Products (MS Windows NT, SNA, IIS, Proxy, Microsoft Exchange and MSSQL), IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, Arcserve backup, Cisco Routes & Switches.

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