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Enterprise Cloud Operations Engineer (aws) Resume

Schaumburg, IL


A top - performing Enterprise Architect with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, of which 20 years of experience is in Enterprise Architecture of distributed and AWS Cloud-based systems. Primary responsibilities include consistently providing guidance to corporate decision makers with Architecture road maps, Governance, Standardized frameworks and methodology, as well as Distributed systems development on-premises, in the cloud as well as hybrid architecture. Perform systems evaluation and integration, developing cloud migration strategy and ensuring seamless transition to the cloud, meeting and exceeding client requirements.


  • Public & Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • Distributed Systems Architecture
  • System/Application Integration
  • DR, Backup and HA Strategy
  • Architecture Budget Planning
  • Proof-of-Concept Building
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Strategic Planning/Analysis
  • Architecture Governance
  • Consulting and MSP Governance
  • AWS Cloud Formation and IAM Access Policy Governance
  • CI/CD using Jenkins, Bitbucket
  • .NET Core 2+ Web Applications
  • JAVA & Spring, .NET and C++


Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Enterprise Cloud Operations Engineer (AWS)


  • Overseeing and managing production deployments to the Cloud, mostly AWS and Azure.
  • Reviewing and approving strategic migration plans and hands-on implementation of Cloud solutions, setting reporting standards, reporting and reviewing cloud reports.
  • Reviewing architecture for proposed solutions and leading the architecture, engineering and operations teams.
  • Managing security across infrastructure and applications in the cloud.
  • Providing cloud account access oversight, governance, administration and technical advisory support.
  • Capacity management, billing management and identify cost drivers in cloud systems operations and consequences of technical decisions made, and provide cost optimization strategy.
  • Establishing client relationships within Operations, Business partners, Managed Service Providers and Cloud services vendors.
  • Current state AWS infrastructure analysis and develop current state architecture.
  • Development of Cloud Formation template for entire application infrastructure deployment with over 200 AWS resources.
  • Architecture for implementing containerized solution using Docker containers and Amazon ECS.
  • Identifying drawbacks and issues with current state related to security by analysis of security groups, NACLs, route tables and other VPC components, and make recommendations.
  • Strong documentation of knowledge base, standards and policies.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Enterprise Cloud Architect (AWS)


  • Architecture for AWS Lambda functions and setting up REST API access through Amazon API Gateway.
  • Identifying the usage of different storage options such as S3, Storage Gateway, EBS and EFS, and making recommendations for optimal storage usage from price and performance perspective.
  • Development of cloud migration strategy and architecture including private and public clouds (AWS and Azure) and hybrid cloud environment
  • Development of Application Deployment Model using CI/CD Pipeline for automating the application development and deployment to the cloud using Jenkins, Bitbucket and AWS Elastic Beanstalk - including strategic architecture and procedural details.
  • Architecture for file-sharing solutions, using AWS Storage Gateway and Amazon WorkDocs.
  • Development of bootstrapping application framework for the ‘zero to coding in 10 minutes’ initiative using CI/CD pipeline.
  • Development of PoC using Amazon Machine Learning service, for risk assessment for business customers.
  • Development of architecture for Affinity SME business using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and Mulesoft platforms.
  • Architecture support for Mergers & Acquisitions projects.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY/Schaumburg, IL

Senior Enterprise Architect


  • Development of BI Strategy Execution architecture and Trusted Information Store data model. Data migration using AWS Data Pipeline.
  • Application infrastructure deployment through AWS Cloud Formation template.
  • Design of private VPC for deployment of Oracle RDS instances for Member and Provider data and develop hybrid cloud architecture integrating on-premise systems with the AWS RDS instances for the Member and Provider data.
  • CI/CD pipeline development for Java based development using Jenkins, GitHub and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Developed Java based integration layer to connect with the cloud data sources in AWS.
  • Development of security standards and strategy for hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Development of cloud migration strategy for the on-premise BI systems.
  • Development standardized architecture for Medical claims reporting to the State of NY for the HBX Line of Business conforming to the Affordable Care Act (2014), including B2B integration with business partners.
  • Fully automate business processes, improving workflow design, data marts for claims data, member data and provider data, develop hybrid cloud architecture for migrating critical data for analysis and archival; provide technical leadership throughout the process, ETL and EDI design, as well as historic data stores and process workflow for Quality Care Management Incentive system.
  • Design platform independent core architecture for BPM software,
  • Interfacing artifacts mapping process definitions and rules to BPM components such as process orchestration, choreography, among others, used for translation of business process into implementable middleware component.NET & SOA-based middleware for BPM product and product licensing architecture
  • Agile development process.
  • Conceived architecture governance process to ensure compliance of all projects to desired state architecture and consistency of business rules across the organization, as well as strategic architecture for Ultimate Device Flexibility Project and Business Verticals initiatives; Provided ultimate flexibility to customer to switch to new smart phone devices whilst minimizing losses to the company, and support enterprises through low bandwidth and high bandwidth wireless modem solutions to provide Wireless Priority Service to comply with Federal regulations (providing access during emergencies) for US Cellular.
  • Establish procedures for WPS Automation division,
  • Technical and network architecture development for the acquisition and processing of real-time data from customer site, including
  • Design of scalable communication layer that runs on AWS EC2 instances to collect data from the clients, on near-real time basis.
  • Hybrid cloud development for archival and maintenance of massive datastore.

Confidential, Warrenville, IL

Lead Enterprise Architect


  • Development of cloud migration strategy for critical systems for high availability and durability - AWS vs AZURE.
  • Developed Bill of IT, an initiative to align systems with corporate initiatives and categorize in tiers classified as follows: Applications causing most business impact as Tier 1, least direct business impact as Tier 4.
  • Architecture standards and operational guidelines for applications, systems, tools, technologies, platforms
  • Development DR and BC strategy and planning, Architecture Governance framework and Architecture engagement.
  • Infrastructure and Network architecture development.
  • Development of CI/CD toolset integration to ensure quality timely delivery and deployment.
  • Development IT security strategy and best practices in liaison with Information Security for PCI DSS compliance.
  • Evaluation of COTS packages, develop value propositions for projects, and proof-of-concept & pilot projects.
  • Costing and budgeting of key IT and Architecture components, for on-premise and cloud platforms.
  • Strategic architecture for application migration from legacy data center to new data center infrastructure.

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