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Applications Programmer Resume


Career spans 30+ years in information technology. Professional growth and versatility reflected in technical and analytical expertise; ability to direct and manage projects and personnel; develop and provide user ; determine and adhere to deadlines; develop and administer budgets; and equal willingness to take direction as a team member, as to accept management responsibilities. Prefers mainframe automation, systems programming, or application programming.


Hardware: Mainframe (z/OS, MVS, OS390) - JES, PC (OS/2, DOS, Windows, LINUX), Routers/Switches (hubs).

Software: COBOL, REXX, Dialog Manager, CLIST, CA-OPS/MVS, TSO/ISPF, MVS/JCL, SMS, DFDSS, DFHSM, VSAM, IDCAMS, TDMF, DB2, SQL, MQ, IMS, CICS, Zeke, Zebb, Zara, CA1, CA7, CA11, Roscoe, Xpeditor, StopX37, Comparex, Jobscan, RACF, Librarian, Endevor, SDSF, Syncsort, IEBxxxx (utilities), Panvalet, FileAid, RPG, Autocoder

Business Functional Areas: Systems Programming, Financial, Telephony, Banking, Oil, Insurance, Rail, Retail, Restaurant, Manufacturing.


Applications Programmer



  • As an application programmer, developed and maintained COBOL (Batch and CICS) programs tor a major mortgage loan servicing system.
  • Taught TSO/ISPF classes.
  • Developed over 50 ISPF/REXX labor saving tools.
  • These tools used by both developers and analysts helps reduce the tedium inherent to ISPF.
  • Published a monthly column, “Rennie's Toolbox”, in our department newsletter, expounding on recently developed tools and enhancements, and ISPF tips and aids.


Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


  • Created, designed, developed a programmer productivity aid, SPFTOOLS, (an ISPF Dialog Manager Application, written in REXX and Assembler ), using an MVS 3.8 system that ran on the Hercules emulator, on a Linux platform, which sat on a LAN, at residence. Using TELNET, the mainframe could be accessed (TSO), from any PC on the LAN or from any PC that had access to the Internet (and sufficient authority to get through the firewall).
  • As part of a larger project for a major railroad, analyzed, designed, coded, and implemented a variety of programs/applications, with the programs written in a combination of COBOL (containing embedded SQL, as required), REXX, and Dialog Manager.
  • These programs used DB2, MQ, and sequential file structures and contained both BATCH and on - line components and were debugged using XPEDITOR. JCL was created where required and was controlle d by ZEKE/ZARA/CA7/CA11.
  • Also performed the CICS CEDA definitions/installations required by this project, describing every CICS Transaction, Program, and Mapset, for each applicable CICS Application Region and Terminal Owning Region (TOR), for all environments (TEST, QA, PROD).
  • Also performed the project related MQ Administration functions as required, for the TEST and QA regions.


Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


  • As a Systems Programmer, analyzed, designed, and implemented an automated computer operations system (OS390) using CA-OPS/MVS with REXX.
  • This system, for a major railroad, completely automates; routine replies (WTOR’s), “bring ups and bring downs” of any (or all) CICS/IDMS/IMS/MQ/DB2 regions, and/or started task(s), and monitors and performs the "midnight dumps", as well as the entire IPL process (both down and up) on multiple LPARs.
  • Designed and developed: “auto-reply” and “auto-job submission”, across multiple platforms, for a TDMF project to facilitate d Confidential migration and back ups across multiple state locations. OPS/MVS reads the console and allows interaction with the console mimicking what an operator would issue.
  • When I started the operators had two big manuals with instructions for bringing up and down the machine(s).
  • Shortly after I left, automation ran the entire operation so the computer operator positions were eliminated saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. This position also required participation in “systems on-call” rotation that provided first line systems programming (on all systems software) support on a 24X7 basis.
  • Analyzed, modified, and reduced, VSAM space, while increasing response time, for an on-line, (REXX/COBOL/DIALOG MANAGER), Client Eligibility System for a major Insurance company. Developed and installed REXX based programmer productivity aids. Designed, coded, and implemented programs, using COBOL in conjunction with Syncsort, relating to Client Eligibility.
  • As a Systems Programmer, I analyzed, recommended, ordered, installed, customized, maintained and supported Confidential Mainframe Operating System Software. Including DASD management (SMS, ACS, DFDSS, DFHSM, StopX37), Security Administration (RACF), Programming tools (Jobscan, JCLNEAT, RexxTools/MVS, AbendAid, FileAid, SmartTest, SmartEdit, MVS/QuickRef, Comparex, ISPF, COBOL, Assembler) and other system related functions. Developed class materials and conducted classes on TSO/ISPF and Introduction/Shop Standards. Designed, developed, and implemented, programmer tools in REXX/Dialog Manager. Developed standards, procedures, compile PROCs, and other systems related programs. The shop was a complete Client/Server environment.
  • Designed, developed, programmed and supported billing, ad-hoc reporting and G/L file routing and reporting for CFS, the prototype of integrated banking systems. Languages/Software used: COBOL, Assembler, REXX, CLIST, Dialog Manager, HOGAN, ISPF, FileAid, and Librarian.
  • Recommended, set policy, and coordinated system design philosophy, as the system architect for a multi-million dollar IMS telephone billing system. Designed and developed a novel hierarchy of programs from which the primary program produced the actual application programs. Languages/Software used: Sage Macro Processor, COBOL, IMS DL/I, CLIST, Dialog Manager, FileAid, and ISPF.
  • Generated, and maintained PSB/DBD/ACBs (as the D Confidential base Administrator) for a multi-million dollar IMS based telephone Carrier Access Billing System. Developed and maintained numerous COBOL DL/I batch billing programs.
  • Designed, developed system and programming specifications, and managed a COBOL programming team for an IMS DB/DC real time service order tracking system in an Confidential MVS TSO environment for a major telephone company. Also developed several ISPF Dialog Manager panels and CLISTs to perform miscellaneous on-line functions such as compile, link, BTS, DB2 binds, etc.

Confidential, Burlingame, California

Programming Manager


  • Managed combined talents of 20 programmers, systems analysts, project leaders and programmer/analysts for maintenance of large IMS/CICS packaged accounts receivable system (CARMS/FORTEX).
  • Directed development programming and installation for a CICS/VSAM accounts receivable system to replace existing system, and developed on-line documentation to interact with SDM-70 methodology.

Confidential, Houston, Texas

Systems Manager


  • Managed the start-up of teleprocessing communications facility.
  • Planned, budgeted, staffed, and installed of all scientific and commercial, computer, telecommunication, and word processing hardware and software.
  • Installed a DEC VAX system in d Confidential center.
  • Install Confidential PC's for executive staff.
  • Provided user support through interaction with controller, and other senior managers.

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