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Linux Engineer Resume

Montgomery Village, MD


  • I am a Certified RedHat System Administrator with great experience in hardware and Cyber Space applications.
  • My background in web development gives me an inside in fixing and troubleshooting web - based applications.
  • Competence in RHEL Deployments, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, Web applications Deployments, website developments, Java Scripting, Java, HTTPS, HTML, CSS, PHP, HTTP, Tomcat, SSL, NTP, NFS, Kickstart, LDAP, Virtualization, ESXI 5 & 6, VMware, V-sphere, Patch Management, Capacity planning, Brake and fix specialist, familiar with AWS, experience with Git, git bash and git hub.


Hardware: Sparc T5120, T5440, T5240.Sparc M3000, M400 HP ProLiant DL 360, 380 G5 and G6. Sun Fire V880, Dell 2950, R710, Android and Apple phones, Laptops and Desktops, Macs.

Operating Systems: Red hat, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server R2 2012, Mac OSX, Capitan, Mountain Lion, IOS, Android.


Linux Engineer

Confidential, Montgomery Village, MD


  • Management of Red Hat Enterprise 5, 6 & 7
  • Package Management Using RHEL Satellite Server
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Enterprise Linux and Unix Systems
  • Build red hat VMs on V-center
  • Window builds on V-center
  • CentOS builds on V-center
  • Use HP server for server builds
  • Use AWS Platform to build and manage multiple servers
  • Create user using active directory and assigning them to the right OU.
  • Editing the Sudoers file
  • Adding users, groups, aliases etc.
  • Resolve tickets using Jira ticketing system
  • Editing configuration file
  • LVM configurations
  • Troubleshooting issues with respect to network and configuration files
  • Software installation using Yum and RPM
  • Configuring Apache, NFS, FTP, SMB and Autofs
  • DNS configuration.
  • Creating Cron jobs
  • Implement ACL and TCP Wrappers
  • Creating user, group and given permissions on bear metal server (Ubuntu and Red Hat)
  • Experience with Net Work configuration.
  • Working knowledge of datacenter virtualization using VMWare ESXi on Dell PowerEdge 2950, R710
  • Experience in configuration, installation and troubleshooting of Apache Web Server, Tomcat,
  • Setting GC rotation, Heap size, and garbage collection for Tomcat
  • Bash script
  • Editing scripts
  • Use Pingdom to monitor external URLs
  • Experience Using Zabbix to monitor environment.
  • Creating SOPs
  • Attained and participate in Capacity planning meetings
  • System Turning

Computer Analyst

Confidential, Germantown, MD


  • Ragging and Mounting of Servers
  • Install Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Dell equipment
  • Install access points, routers and switches
  • Hardware Installation.
  • Set up Local Area Network (LAN), network printers and scanners
  • Troubleshoot internet connectivity in LAN and wireless networks
  • Use Active Directory to create user accounts and email accounts
  • Created shared drives and folders and personal drives for users
  • Re-image client computers and loaded them with new images and software
  • Provided customer service to resolve computer issues
  • Updated and documented helpdesk tickets with Remedy ticket system
  • Performed computer systems repairs and services
  • Resolving software and hardware issues
  • Scheduling backup of files
  • Performed operating system upgrades

IT Hardware Consultant

Confidential, MD


  • Experience in configuration, installation and troubleshooting of Apache Web Server
  • Performed installation and configuration of MYSQL
  • Troubleshoot and fix hardware/network issues related to client Computers/Server
  • Perform Backup and restore
  • Dell, HP, Mac, Surface Pro Hardware repairs
  • Installations of proprietary software from source code for client
  • Analyse and recommend hardware procurement
  • Installations of MacAfee and other anti virus on Linux /windows and Mac based OS.

Sr. Computer Engineer



  • Coordinate the Operations Team
  • Train and Assigned task to identified competent Tech
  • Organised Capacity Planning Meetings
  • Build and deployed Linux and windows Servers for client on VMware platform
  • Patch Management for both Linux & window Servers
  • Help troubleshoot issues on Mac, Windows and Linux work stations for clients
  • Hard Ware maintenance
  • Cabling, routing and Networking of computers

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