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Collaboration And Unified Communications Solutions Architect Plano, TX


To provide solutions that increase ROI and productivity within an organization. This includes but is not limited to: Planning, design, implementation, network management, application development, system upgrades, system analysis, telecommunications consultations, Business Support System and Operation Support System solutions. Use my management skills to build synergy amongst technology engineers teams and stakeholders. Worked with C - level executives on overall strategy to reach organizational goals. Managed budgets to provide the most comprehensive solutions while meeting project road-maps.


  • UCS, Virtualization, Cisco Teams, Cisco Hub, Call Manager/ Call Manager Express, Unified Communications Manager, Unified Communications Express v.10.6, IM/Presence, MS Teams, MSOCS/Lync/SkypeBusiness, Polycom, UCCE, CVP, Vi, ESXi, PCCE, Gateway Peripherals, Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)
  • RAML
  • Application modeling and flows
  • BSS and OSS
  • Solutions architecture strategy and analysis of current infrastructure based on requirements of next generation infrastructure.
  • SDN ACI, Silverpeaks, Aryaka, Nexus 9K
  • Visionael, IPTAS, System Orchestrator
  • Unimax, Second Nature
  • TCP, OSPF, EIGRP, UDP, RIP, RTP, SIP Trunk, CUBE, SBC, Oracle Acme Packets
  • Collaboration Tools, developed using Liferay, Sharepoint, WordPress, Jamola and Open Source software
  • XML, AXL SOAP, Java, Tomcat, ASP,JSP, HTML, REST,JSON, MuleSoft, GitHub, Python, Decker, Jenkins, Apache Spark
  • Variphy, Unified Communications service delivery platform
  • Remote monitoring tools, Exony, Bulk Automation Tool, Simclient, SimTrunk
  • Microsoft Temas,Microsoft Office, Excel, Visio, Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Lync, OCS, Exchange
  • AudioCodes SBC
  • Saleforce, SAP
  • Sipera Security Solution
  • IBM Websphere, Tivoli, Sharepoint
  • Glass Fish
  • Finesse API
  • ASA AMP, Iron Port Web filtering, Identity Service Engine
  • IOS and Android applications
  • Netbeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, Visual Code Studio
  • STE, STU
  • My SQL, NoSQL, Mongo
  • ACU 2000
  • Cisco RTMT
  • System/Phone Security: CTL, Tokens, CAPF
  • WordPress


Collaboration and Unified Communications Solutions Architect

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • CVP and ICM scripting, REST API development using Python and Java.
  • SAP, Salesforce and other third party API mapping and flows for seamless integration for the user.
  • Drove development of one interface for users to get information real-time rather than legacy models that required users to login multiple applications to GET database queries, forms and etc.
  • Worked with various business verticals to hash out business requirements and wrote BOM and SOW based on technical solution to address requirements.
  • Managed multi-tiered teams that work across business functions.
  • Drove strategy with C-level teams as per requirements and communicated with organizational stakeholders.
  • Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), Cisco ISE.


Solution Architect


  • Responsible for developing technology architecture of the solution.
  • Ensured design proposal meets customer needs.
  • Reviews architectural designs of other solution architects and validates them.
  • Analyzes and evaluates alternative solutions.
  • Participated in the review and responses to RFP's. involved in both pre and post sales activities.
  • Interacts with key technical managers and experts of the customer in order to understand the technology employed, the business complexity as related to the IT requirements and validates the proposed technical architecture and solution.
  • Emphasis is on designing and validating the solution architectures requiring very broad product and technology expertise.
  • Develops technology architecture of the solution.
  • Ensured design proposal meets customer needs.
  • Reviewed architectural designs of other solution architects and validates them.
  • Provides guidance and leadership to lower level team members.
  • Participates in the review and responses to RFP's. Focuses on all aspects of solution (competition, business, technical, operations).
  • POC for next generation cloud infrastructure, SDN Aryaka, Cradlepoint, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, Cisco Teams, Bluejeans, Zoom, migrating users from Slack to MS Teams, Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)
  • Design implementation of Virtualization of services and microservices using: AWS, Vmware and Azure. Wrote strategy for moving on-premise infrastructure into cloud to decrease data-center footprint of physical devices.
  • Spark framework using EC2 python: logging cluster analytics, job requests, invalid application requests and exemptions.
  • Moved endpoints from on-premise to the cloud.


Solution Architect/ Tier 4 Support


  • Designed solutions for bank acquisition and deployment of SIP from TDM implementation. Wrote Project Plan for Cisco Intel router (SBC) replacement for over 50 sites. Silverpeaks SDN support and policy scripts for onboarding newly acquired acquisitions. Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), Cisco ISE, whitelisting.
  • Design/ Implementation of:UCS, CUCM, IM/Presence CUC, UCCX, WebEx, Mediasense. Port Channel implementation of Cat 4k distribution and 3750 access switches.
  • NetApp server SAN and Upsteam implementation.
  • Designed Vmware 6.5 for UC infrastructure deploying OVAs to enable services.
  • Support media during World Meetings of Families 2015 and Pope visit. Cat 6k and Unified Communications.
  • Technical Lead/ Day 1 Support, SIP migration of 115 sites, provided technical assistance, provided troubleshooting and made configurations on Routers, Switches, UCM and Unity Connections. MOP verification, Configurations include; QoS, decommission ILEC configurations and make new configurations for CUBE SIP trunks.
  • Solutions Architect, SOW and BOM for multiple business verticals to include Hospitals, Education, municipalities. Pre and post sales engagement with existing and potential clients; technical solutions that address requirements for RFPs and Customer Solutions. UCCE, PCCE and UCCX site survey, planning, design, implementation and upgrades. Designed Vmware infrastructure for pre/post sales activities.
  • Responsible for design, implementation and monitoring of Hosted Clients and troubleshooting issues as well as root cause analysis. Provided NOC team for Unified Communications and Contact applications as well as optimization.
  • Wrote SOW from requirements, Design and Implemented replace Meridian PBX for a BE 6000, Cisco 10.6 v infrastructure with Unified Communications Manager,Jabber.
  • Provided Unified Communications, SATCOM, and REDCOM customized training, Sole Source award HSFEMW-10-P-0336 for the Department of Homeland Security
  • Managed multi tiered teams that work across business functions
  • Drove strategy with C-level teams as per requirements and communicated with organizational stakeholders
  • VMWare, Azure, AWS, design, implementation and optimization.
  • Managed development team to build customized applications
  • Subject Matter Expert on Cisco VOIP solution for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) for the 2006 hurricane season
  • Analyzed requirements and wrote design functions specifications and feature functional specs
  • Worked with design and operation teams to develop organization workflows
  • Designed and delivered a training overview of Cisco Call Manager, Unity, Pix Firewall, STE modem configuration, STU, firewall and basic routing & switching for FEMA MERS6.
  • Technical Advisor for the Department of Homeland Security
  • Approved Cisco Partner
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contractor recruitment and fee negotiation
  • Negotiated strategic partnerships in order to increase Confidential ’ scope of capabilities
  • Provided Unified Communications team for Northrop Grumman Cisco Unity implementation
  • Provided Unified Communications integration team for Federal Home Loan Bank
  • Provided Unified Communications integration team for Reply Inc
  • Provided Unified Communications integration team for Pay by touch
  • Provided Unified Communications upgrade team for Crate and Barrel
  • Provided Emergency Responder integration team for Monterey Peninsula College
  • Subject Matter Expert for EDS on the Managed Communications Support Platform team provided OSS and BSS consultation services.
  • Application analysis and consultation
  • Consultant on OSS Visionael network inventory software.
  • Provided Consultation team for Flextronics’ Network and Unified Communications System
  • Subject Matter Expert on OSS Unified Communications provisioning software from early development cycle to production.
  • Wrote SOWs from requirements
  • BOMs
  • Used VM Ware to evaluate applications
  • Analyzed Networks and gave Cisco Best Practice recommendations on Unified Communications infrastructure. Analysis included security, voice, QOS and other voice optimization services.
  • Developed Unified Communications Endpoint for first responders with single sign on and directory search and GIS implementation using Java/ Java EE.
  • Planned, designed and implemented SOA collaboration portals using Liferay, Websphere and SharePoint
  • Analyzed and made recommendations to clients on Contact Center on a MS OCS/Lync architecture
  • Analyzed requirements and implemented UML model for client’s Unified Communications provisioning System, it is now in production.
  • Analyzed requirements and wrote Functional Feature Specification and identified attributes
  • Guided development, implementation and support teams during the pre and post development lifecycles
  • Lead on migrating new systems to replace legacy systems/ components in a phased approach
  • JBoss SME providing support during early and post production development lifecyle for Network and Discovery application.
  • Liferay SAAS Architect
  • Consultant on video surveillance and video situation awareness solution
  • Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Software Engineer

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • Wrote system test plan for CCM appliance model
  • Supported the largest Cisco IP Communication production system consisting of over 20k endpoints
  • Analyzed pre - released VOIP code and provided feedback on the results i.e. virtual memory footprint, networking footprint, database impact study, code defects and etc.
  • Advised 3rd party/ partners on how to interface their applications with Unified Communication APIs
  • Drove impact analysis of various applications on Call Processing through cross-functional partnering with partners made recommendations on my analysis
  • Setup wireless IP infrastructure for proof of concepts in System Architecture for 802.11b endpoint
  • • Gave presentations at the 1st and 2nd XML Bake off on “IP Phone Services” and” AXL SOAP” APIs
  • • Tested software candidates while validating in a system environment using various protocols and call features
  • Provided feedback and review of the book “Developing Cisco IP Phone Services”
  • Architected the infrastructure in system test for the next generation Cisco CallManager appliance effort
  • Worked with 3rd parties and partners on their IP phones through the entire development lifecycle. Several products are on in productions.
  • Wrote sample code for Partners and 3rd Parties
  • Provided technical information to Technical Marketing Engineers and Technical Writers
  • Security testing of tokens, CAPF and CTL
  • Installed and tested Tandberg, Cisco and other 3rd party video endpoints
  • Provided software development Consultation of mesh video soft client
  • Acceptance testing of video endpoints
  • Configured and implement video endpoints for solutions group
  • Mesh video soluiton
  • Provided Java and C++ sample API code
  • Subject Matter Expert for Cisco CallManager APIs:IP Phone Services, CDRs, SCCP, and AXL SOAP
  • Provided development lifecycle support for partners/ 3rd party applications
  • Cisco Internet Solution specialist
  • Test software candidates while validating in a system environment using various protocols and call features

Pre and Post Sales Support Manager/Customer Support Engineer

Confidential, Dallas, Texas


  • Responsible for North and South America pre/post sales support
  • Supported training efforts as technical liaison on telephony speech recognition products.
  • Debugged customer applications using C++ and HDDL
  • Supported all of Confidential applications i.e. SpeechWave, SpeechMania and SpeechPearl99
  • Set - up LAN for training at remote sites
  • Onsite customer support for both applications and new product overviews
  • Partnered with the sales force to provide customer specific technical information
  • Tracked customer support issues in Clarify
  • Performed new product acceptance testing
  • Supported various IVR platforms and embedded DSP systems

Assistant Director of Education/Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Managed over 50 instructors, i.e. salary reviews, interviewed potential instructors
  • Counseled students on issues concerning their education
  • Used SCO UNIX to generate reports and student records
  • Wrote electronics program curriculum for state of the industry standards to include A+ and Network+ certification
  • Installed a network of 150 users
  • Taught Basic, Analog and digital electronics
  • Taught Novell 3.12,4 and 5
  • Taught Windows NT, 95, and 98
  • Taught telecommunications i.e. RF, fiber optics, satellite and DSPs
  • Taught various test equipment and troubleshooting techniques
  • Taught students how to assemble PCs (software and hardware)

Test Engineer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Wrote various test procedures according to customer s requirements
  • Designed and etched printed circuit boards to obtain the maximum population space
  • Wrote test scripts using Visual Basic
  • Designed and fabricated test fixtures for the Gen Rad 2286I
  • Designed and fabricated burn - in stations
  • Communicated with customer on analysis of test of PCBs
  • Technical liaison for Confidential Dallas on issues of manufactured PCBs
  • Analyzed prototype boards

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