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Senior Row Agent/certified Residential Appraiser Resume

Sugar Land, TX


  • Pursuing employment opportunities: Excellent organizational, analytical and research skills as well as the ability to conceptualize issues and develop complex processes, procedures or solutions.
  • Knowledgeable in conducting pre/post audits, Perform technical guidance in developing and updating standard customer interface specification.
  • Provide LAN (local area network) and WAN (Wide area network) applications, operating systems and hardware support to off - site technicians, vendors and clients.
  • Experience in creating network designs with the following equipment: LGX FT2000 DMS250/500 TITIAN 5500


Bandwidth Mangers: 2.5G, 400G, 40G ASR, FOC, CLR & DLRs. Research, create, develop, maintain and train technical material used by NOC. Provide product engineering support (Vendor equipment), NOC (Network Operations Center) operations and SONET network troubleshooting. Processed complex circuit designs ranging from OC48, OC12OC3 (OM40 facilities), STS1 layouts. Experience in installing equipment in a virtual tributary database (TBS), equipment such as LGX DMS 250/500 Bandwidth Mangers TITAN 5500 FT2000 a.) 2.5G, 400G, 40G. Working experience with

Network & PC application: Citrix, TBS MetaSlov, HP Openview and Clarity FSR, Windows VISTA/ XP/2000/95/3.X, Win NT4, VISIO 2000, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Win-total and PageMaker.


Senior ROW Agent/Certified Residential Appraiser

Confidential, Sugar Land, TX


  • Knowledgeable in real estate values and accepted real estate appraisal practices; Advise and assist in establishing a range of fair market values to be used in the acquisition of land. Track project quality, timeliness and performance against annual work plans.
  • Negotiate and acquire land, land rights, licenses, leases, right of entry agreements, permits and other documents necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of various private and public infrastructure development projects.
  • Negotiate property damage settlements and loss claims associated with projects and day to day perations necessary to maintain customers facilities.
  • Perform technical review and support for appraisal reports involved in litigation such as "Condemnation".
  • Analyze appraisal datasets to identify trends, validate findings, and provide specific recommendations.
  • Conduct research and analysis for specific and aggregated appraisal quality findings.
  • Analyze governing zoning and building codes and complete permit applications; Attend preliminary planning & design public meetings to provide acquisition feedback and direction, and represent clients; Review, prepare, analyze, and interpret all land and right of way related agreements, deeds, easements, leases, permits, licenses, etc.
  • Communicate closely with the client personnel. determining property values, strong negotiation skills, as well as an excellent understanding of legal and engineering requirements.
  • Maintain knowledge of trends and developments in the local real estate market, changing rules and regulations pertaining to private and government insured mortgages/appraisals.
  • Duties also include data compilation, preparing written gross and tract appraisals with all exhibits.
  • Assemble field teams daily to assign new field documents to data collectors and collect completed field documents.
  • Review/examine appraisals to estimate fair market value of real estate & other related interest.
  • Perform quality control of field documents, checking for accuracy and completeness.
  • Work with office clerical staff in correcting field related problems.
  • Collect production reports; maintain attendance of field personnel; handle necessary paperwork.
  • Follow up on any property owner issues. Abstract and analyze deeds, deeds of trust/mortgageseasements, judgments, tax assessments, mineral reservations, and other applicable instruments. Verify vesting and encumbrances to title. Prepare title reports that meet the client's requirements.

Maintenance Coordinator



  • Daily task include but not limited to assisting in supervising on-site activities, assist with property management duties and maintenance staff.
  • Make periodic inspections of the property and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Daily reconcile work order with incoming invoices.
  • Managed fail inspection appeals/Abatement cases.
  • Created, reviewed and proposed revised methods per property owner avenues by which operating expenses could be reduce and profit margin increased.

Review Appraiser/Certified Residential Appraiser

Confidential, VA


  • Reviewing complex appraisals, complete, Perform random collateral reviews as dictated by internal needs, desktop reviews and quality control assessments with detail written adjustments
  • Maintain knowledge of trends and developments in the local real estate market, changing rules and regulations.
  • Manage valuation disputes of clients with in-house or fee appraisers, submitted BPOs/Appraisal reports error and concerns.
  • Review appraisals to identify and accurately describe the risks involved with the collateral and valuation of the collateral in order to support residential real estate lending operations.
  • Performed comprehensive reviews of origination appraisals, field and desk reviews, and other data.
  • Analyze appraisal datasets to identify trends, validate findings, and provide specific recommendations.
  • Conduct research and analysis for specific and aggregated appraisal quality findings.
  • Perform reviews of third party appraisal findings.
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative collateral risk assessments as well as assisted in providing expert opinion to "Collateral Policy", regarding appraisal/appraiser quality and measures. Develop and compile ad hoc reports based on own review findings, third party validations.
  • Work directly with a team to discuss findings based upon review and analysis of data from assignments.
  • Independently identify potential business needs and provide recommendations.

Certified Residential Appraiser

Confidential, Springfield, VA


  • Responsibilities include performing complex technical work in the prepping documents in relocation acquisitions following the URAR, communicate effectively with property owners, and coordinate activities with client and attorney. Review project for compliance with client policies and standards.
  • Build client, industry and team relationships upholding the image of client and company.
  • Ensure projects are completed within budgetary and time line constraints.
  • Serve as a mentor to less experienced ROW professionals. Communicate and coordinate communications with all concerning agenciesparties, and entities, including landowners, owner, client, government agencies, contractors and other external contacts involved with ROW projects.
  • Conduct title and chain of title research, perform curative title, and request and prepare title s for abstractors. Identify and contact agencies, parties, and entities affected by ROW project. Negotiate with landowners and other stakeholders acquiring rights of entry, easements, permits, and other necessary agreements/permissions.
  • Negotiate and mitigate settlements for damages with landowners and other stakeholders.
  • Manage the payments process for right of ways, damage settlements and permits. Other duties as required

Acquisition ROW Land Agent/Appraiser

Confidential, Lancaster, PA


  • Abstract and analyze deeds, deeds of trust/mortgages, easements, judgments, tax assessments, mineral reservationsand other applicable instruments.
  • Verify vesting and encumbrances to title.
  • Research and prep "Right of Way", entry documentation for the processing of title and pending negotiation of contracts.
  • Provide recommendations for acquisition of land rights, both easement and fee.
  • Examine and verify titles.
  • Search real estate records.
  • Summarize legal or insurance documents. Compile lists of mortgages, contracts, and other instruments pertaining to titles by searching public and private records for law firms, real estate agencies, or title insurance companies. Search, analyze, and evaluate records relating to titles of homes, land, and buildings.
  • Ensure that the title to a property in question has no restrictions that may prevent or hinder its sale or use. Acquire rights of way, buy and obtain and protect mineral equity rights.
  • Search public and private records for law firms, real estate agencies, or title insurance companies. Examine deeds, deeds of trust, liensjudgments, easements, and plats/maps to determine ownership, encumbrances, and to verify legal descriptions of property.. Prepare property reports and title commitments. Analyze chain of title and preparation of reports outlining titlerelated matters.
  • Examine title reports from outside abstractors.

Human Services Specialist

Confidential, Hyattsville, MD


  • Create work packets in the National Emergency Management Information System computer database to transmit applicant information for further processing or decisions.
  • Documents applicant contracts required data and responses into
  • Assist in relocating families & individual recently displace as a result of an emergency disaster.

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