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Cloud Solutions Architect Resume


  • Over Twenty five Years of Telecom and Datacom Infrastructure architecting especially cloud infrastructure, solutioning, deployment and project management experience.
  • Have worked for the United Nations DPKO and IBM on various international projects.
  • Domain experience in Automobiles, Telecom, BFSI, Customer management and Government Operations.
  • Strong Experience in the Financial Data Management Domains.
  • Hardcore experience in project management for implementation and maintenance teams as well as actual implementation.
  • Currently working in various virtualization techniques using vmware and Xen.
  • Experienced with vSphere, vmotion, v2p, and using HPOV with vmware modules for monitoring Virtual Machines.
  • Data center design specialist specialty designing hybrid networks and integration of physical and virtual data center equipment such as Load Balancers (NetScaler / F5), DNS (Bind, Infoblox), Antivirus, Firewalls ( Confidential, PaloAlto, Juniper) s include Confidential, Citrix, Amazon AWS, ITIL, TOGAF. Working on Azure s. Renewing CCDE.


Virtualization: Openstack, AWS, Office365, vBlock, vmware ESXi 6.7, vCenter 6.7, vmware SRM (Site Recovery Manager), vRealize Operation, vRealize Automation

Scripting Tools: Perl, C Shell, Python, Puppet, Terraform and Ansible.

Internet Tech: Apache, DNS, DHCP, Routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, EIGRP and RIP. Load balancing on HA Proxy, Citrix Netscalers MPX /VPX and Confidential 1100V (based on Netscaler) Highly experienced with DNS Load Balancing and Load Balancing architectures.

OS: Linux, Windows, Dos, Sco UNIX, Sun Solaris, Novell Netware 4.1

Storage: Confidential 3PAR, Ceph, Scality, iSCSI, IBM XIV, EMC Clarion CX4, EMC VMAX, EMC VNX Netapp, FAST Virtual Provisioning, Fiber Channel, FCoE, Brocade, Chassis Setups, SNAPVIEW, MirrorView, SANCOPY.

Network Hardware: Confidential 6500, 4500, 3550, 7206, 7600, ASA, PIX, 3030, 3130, Confidential C1010, 9000, 7700, 7000, 5000 and 2000 FEX

Security Mechanisms: IPS Module on ASA, ISS Security equipment, IPS/ IDS Management Systems ( Confidential Security Manager), WLAN Manager, RADIUS, TACACS,LEAP, 802.1x security mechanisms, Juniper Netscreen, Checkpopint, IPS / IDS, Apache proxy / Reverse Proxy. Squid, Bluecoat.

Arch Tools: Visio, MS Project, MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)

Project management: ITIL, SCRUM / Agile, Transitioning, Transformation, Data Centres.

Network Tools (OSS/BSS): Solarwinds, Confidential Oneview, ServiceNow, Nagios, Opmantek, IBM Tivoli



Cloud Solutions Architect


  • Create a hybrid cloud strategy involving multiple data centers within the North America region.
  • Evaluate the use of Suse Openstack 8 (Pike) for the private cloud solution.
  • Evaluate the capabilities of Synergy line of blade servers for use with a Leaf - Spine architecture, SOC 8, CAAS and DCN.
  • Deploy vmware cloud using vSphere 6.7, vcloud Operations, vCloud Orchestrator, integrated with Service now and Nagios using vmware Cloud Foundation.
  • Create workload domains for Database environment and standardized compute environments for Prod and Non Prod environments.
  • Deploy a new Azure Virtual Network and integrate it with the Confidential MPLS network using Express Route
  • Deploy application gateway in sync with various applications being rolled out which previously used Physical F5 LTM
  • Design the Datacenter to be conducive to cloud operations creating fault domains, Leaf Spine, Superspine architecture.
  • Deploy Infoblox to work with vmware, Openstack (P9), Azure and Baremetal.
  • Deploy vmware NSX and integrate with Openstack.
  • Create CI/CD Pipeline to migrate applications from existing Openstack environment to vmware, Azure OR new Openstack as needed.


Solutions Architect


  • Perform evaluation for three application’s performance on two cloud platforms (Openstack vs AWS), create a whitepaper to support the results and deliver Confidential Sr. Management meetings.
  • Create a CICD pipeline based on Ansible, Bash and Terraform, integrated with AWS and Openstack to do a start to end customized delivery of application stack.
  • Integrate Netscaler VPX GSLB on Open stack, AWS and Azure with with On Premise Netscaler MPX.
  • Integrate the existing environment, using Confidential &T MPLS service (AVPN), with the various Azure, Openstack and AWS tenants/vpc’s.
  • Integrate Redhat Linux instances with MS AD using Centrify.
  • Working with Ansible and cloudformation to create fast deployments of infrastructure and integrating that with CI/CD requirements for applications.
  • Design and create multicast overlays in the cloud in order to stream video into the cloud without consuming too much of bandwidth. Bandwidth requirements surpass 100 Gigs traditionally.
  • Evaluate various SDN and NFV solutions such as Virtual F5, Physical F5, Netscaler VPX, Infoblox DNS systems on Openstack and AWS.
  • Create network solutions for AWS Direct Connect to connect entire Confidential Enterprise, using Confidential &T policies with multiple MPLS vrf in multiple regions.I
  • Enable logging in S3 buckets for various vpc's, EFS and ALL and pass them to elasticsearch, elkstash and splunk.
  • Create a CICD pipeline based on Ansible, Bash and Terraform, integrated with AWS and Openstack to do a start to end customized delivery of application stack.
  • Write bash scripts to verify that multiple instances are AD integrated and accessible CFEngine and splunk.
  • Create Ansible Scripts to create VPC In AWS. (With Subnets, Routing tables, NAT Gateways, IGW, labels and logging)
  • Same as above for Openstack.
  • Help devops team In determining layout of various applications and how they need interact with various
  • Certified as AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional.

Advanced Services Consulting engineer



  • Create hybrid cloud solutions, based on application design, using private cloud and AWS
  • Assist in scripting the Openstack infrastructure on Neutron to integrate with Confidential 9k.
  • Working with Confidential ’s Clients to design data center upgrade solutions, migration strategies from existing to new infrastructure without interruption to services, recommendation on hardware and software for various requirements on the Confidential line.

Infrastructure architect



  • Worked as Infrastructure architect to design and deploy Openstack on Confidential C series rackmount servers, iSCSI on QNap, L2 Confidential 5548 and ASA 5525 Firewall.
  • This has been deployed as a proof of concept for using openstack as platform as a service (PAAS) for Splunk deployment for multiple tenants.
  • Deploy Openstack on Redhat Linux,
  • Deploy Citrix NetScaler VPX load balancers for various customer tenants in order to provide active/active access and high availability between cloud and the existing customer locations.
  • Design solution including using OVIRT on Centos on two hosts for the three controllers ( Confidential / Management / Horizon, Neutron and Cinder) and then two other physical hosts on as Openstack Confidential hosts.
  • Also worked on tooling to identify the bandwidth utilization per VM, Per physical port and the IOPS utilized using cacti and Nagios.
  • Worked on data center design, DR strategies, Cloud environment justification and appropriate tool selections. Working on the best of breed technologies such as Confidential 7K, 5K (also 6K), 2K and vmware based 1K. Using various Confidential enabled services such as VDC, VPC, FEX, OTV and basic 10G based Lan and WAN solutions. End Client Toyota Financial Services (TFS/ Torrance)
  • Architecting a pod based Openstack solution with OTV in order to allow multilocation access and DRaaS.
  • Assisting clients in determining configuration changes when migrating from existing IOS platforms to the new Confidential and ASR platforms.
  • Created addendum to Existing VBlock Series 100 and 300 Infrastructure by adding additional servers and expanding the Layer 2 using Confidential 5558 and Fexes.
  • Assisting clients in selecting appropriate equipment from HP / DELL and Confidential for creating ideal cloud infrastructure.


IT Infrastructure Architecture Manager


  • Worked with Confidential ’s vision to set up a Confidential Flexpod based cloud infrastructure for its new age datacenters, identified the load per data center, the architecture per data center, the metrics to assess the performance and the Failover and DR strategies between data centers.
  • Supervise and direct the vendor’s team ( Confidential )
  • Create Security and Infrastructure standards for the enterprise and assist in the deployment.
  • Create a full multi locations private cloud using vmware and provide Global Load Balancing using NetScaler MPX load balancers.
  • Assist various project teams in migrating various applications from existing legacy data centers to the new data centers. (Technologies include Confidential Nexus, vmware, Confidential 1K, NetScaler MPX, HP Blade servers, EMC VMAX and EMC Clarion)

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Cloud Architect and VEP Admin


  • Hired on a short term extendable contract to setup a cloud based lab environment for Confidential .
  • Create a complete public/private cloud in order to demonstrate the abilities for the VEP devices to connect to the cloud servers.
  • Create 4 non connected vmware based “hubs” with Openfiler iSCSI SAN’s and EMC AX4 Raid array with iSCSI. Needed to deploy vmotion over the private cloud.
  • Setup internet connections to each hub and setup GSLB Interconnectivity between the various hubs in order to allow accesses to the moved VM’s over the internet.

Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Technical and Capacity Architect


  • Analyze and determine the execution capacities of the various servers deployed in the organization. This includes Virtual servers, HP and IBM based Intel Servers and specialized SUN, HPUX and IBM P series servers.
  • Architect new solutions for the new projects. This includes designing from the Application Layer right down to the Physical Layer for new establishments / data centers. This work is done on a project basis, so tasks included understanding application integration, application complexities, High Availability options and requirements, current availability of infrastructure, designation of new servers and no of environments required and finally, assistance and supervision of deployment.
  • Design the virtualized environment on vmware using vSphere 4.0 and using technologies like vmotion and v2p transformations. Designed complete private cloud using a mix of vmware, GSLB, CSS using HP Blades BL680c.
  • Identify various storage requirements such as RAID type, Raw space needed, backup procedures and FICON / Fiber Channel infrastructure for the Data Centres. The equipment included EMC Clarion CX4 960 and IBM XIV.
  • Created Virtual Provisioning profiles for the new EMC Symmetrix Storage Array in order to provide storage to the private Confidential Cloud. This was in line with the cloud requirements as suggested by the vmware team.
  • Preparation of financial estimates for various projects which are evaluated for approval. This includes labor estimates, infrastructure required and licesnces involved for the particular project. Managed projects upto 25 Million USD in value.
  • Worked with vendors such as Confidential &T, Verizon, Confidential, HP and IBM and the array of various technologies provided by them to create standards in architecture. The various domains of expertise include networking, servers, OS’s. Storage mechanisms, security systems and all other encompassing IT solutions.

Confidential, Goleta, CA

Architect and Sr. Network Engineer


  • Maintain the entire network and server infrastructure for Data, Voice, Video and Web for the seven web based collaboration applications for Confidential across the 12 globally spread data centres.
  • Created the various SOA based Environments for the company in order to achieve reusability and scalability. This included designing the networks on Confidential and Netscalers platforms. Assigning the IP addresses and ensuring that all the access lists are open throughout the path
  • Integrated the Citrix Netscalers and the XEN Virtual machines into the SOA Environment.
  • Deployed new infrastructure in various data centers and propagated new IP subnets to the Internet over BGP.solution.
  • Designed and oversaw the complete Data Centre design for monitoring, temperature sensing, Airflow, Electricity utilization, Cabling and ILO management.

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