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Senior Systems Engineer And Administrator - Devops, Confidential Engineering Resume



  • IT: Infrastructure Architecture, Project Management, Systems and Security Administration
  • I am a Linux, Unix, Windows, Storage and Security Engineer with 25+ years of significant experience in aligning technology with concrete business objectives and identifying best industry practices and usage within partnership of IT, DevOps and key business stakeholders.
  • I work in Enterprises of 1000 to over 100,000 hosts.
  • I provide technical leadership of personnel.
  • I have a track record of risk management, crisis planning and security (SOC).
  • I also have some basic networking.
  • I work in the Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Converged and Hyper - Coverged Infrastructure space.


Infrastructure Systems Engineering & System Administration: Solaris/HP/AIX/UNIX/Linux Administration (kickstart/jumpstart) ILOM Windows Server Administration (SCCM, SCOM) Vmware Vsphere, VCloud, VRA Microsoft Hyper-V (Failover Cluster Manager) IDRAC Xen Type 1 & 2 Hypervisors HP iLO and IPMI Some AWS EC Azure (In- House) Enterprise/Cloud Security (IAM, End Point, Data Protection Vulnerability and Compliance Analysis)

Infrastructure Software and Scripting: Some PowerShell bash, sh, csh Puppet Chef Some Perl HP Ops Manager HP Service Desk Remedy. Nexxus Retina Qualys Snort Active Directory (AD) GPO DNS DHCP IIS Bindview LDAP Veritas CP, NetBackup EMC Brocade Fabric Administration NetApp Data OnTap Administration

Infrastructure Hardware: Dell Blades IBM Blades Hyper-Converged Appliances NetApp Filers EMC SANs Sun/Oracle Sparc Clusters & Standalones(6800, M5000, T2K, T4 HP9000 IBM RS6000

Infrastructure Solutions Architecture: Project Management Technology Delivery Capacity Planning D/R Business Continuity Software and Application Deployment High Availability (HA)

Completed Infrastructure: CISSP, PMP, AIX, Unix, RedHat Linux, Windows Server, SQL, EMC-SAN, NetApp-NAS


Confidential, Phoenix

Senior Systems Engineer and Administrator - DevOps, Confidential Engineering


  • I currently provide RHEL, Centos Linux, Windows Servers provisioning, Build, Administration and Support to Aerospace functions of the organization using deployment tools such as VmWare, HyperV-Azure (Failover Cluster Manager), XenServer, AWS EC2 and Ansible in both Hybrid, Private and Public cloud.
  • Application and Middleware installations. Solutions Architecture. Custom builds of either physical or virtual and tuning.
  • Installation of enterprise tools such as Icinga monitoring, Graylog sysloging, Bareos backup, Ansible automation, and security.
  • End point Security, IAM, Data Protection and Encryption on NAS SAN Storage in the OS, on the share/folder and on VM OS.
  • I currently assist in managing Microsoft Azure Cloud Stack Solution on-site, setting up our operate and maintain environment and establishing integration guidelines for the enterprise and hybrid cloud architecture.
  • I am in the process of migration of legacy vDC to this new hyper-converged stack.
  • I administer host based firewalling, load balancers. Iptables, nginx, TLS, SSL, ssh, selinux, nmap.
  • I package and patch using curl, wget, rpm, yum installers and Openshift.

Confidential, Chandler, Arizona

Senior Platform Engineer, Virtualization and Platform Engineering


  • I performed project engagement for the business unit verticals in Confidential .
  • Collaborate, approve, build and deliver new Unix Linux (average 500 systems weekly), Ipsilon NAS, 3Par, EMC SAN Storage ASM and RAC Luns, Setup Microsoft Clustering and Linux Clustering in VM
  • Setup of Solaris LDOM/CDOM and AIX LPARs. Manage Active Directory and LDAP in multi-tenant environment.
  • Installation of tools like HPOM, HPSA, Weblogic, iPlanet. Capacity Planning, Load Balancer and Firewall architecture using Project Portfolio Management Tool and Project Tracking system in a worldwide global collaboration environment.
  • Verify and validate that requested deliverable meets specifications.
  • Using VmWare Vsphere, Vcloud, vRA perform build and post build functions as customization, security deployment, Patch management and Qualys vulnerability analysis and mitigation, Load Balancer and Firewall functionality prior to delivery to the project teams managing Confidential ’s proprietary hybrid/public cloud architecture.
  • I have performed work in AWS with IAM, Disaster Recovery in AWS’s E2C cloud. Manage AD and LDAP Security.

Senior Platform Systems Administrator



  • I provided operations support for the enterprise cloud AIX/Linux/Unix VmWare environment for all business units of the Confidential Brand on the Hybrid/Public Cloud infrastructure, 100,000+ systems in 36 geograpical locations worldwide.
  • This involves capacity management, Security and Incident response (eyes on glass) SIEM, SOC, CERT for all AIX, RHEL/Suse Linux and HP/Sun Unix servers which are either on dedicated hardware - Proliant, Sun/Oracle Sunfire

Senior Platform Systems Administrator



  • T2000, T4 T6800, M5000, etc, IBM RS6000 or virtualualized via VmWare vCenters managed by vSphere in the Confidential Global Multi-National business environment.
  • Perform server hardening, filesystem expansion, LUN unmasking, LVM, NFS, CIFS on NAS and SAN.
  • O/S patching, installation of software tools.
  • Detect, determine root cause and resolve events and incidents of systems.
  • Fullfil Service Desk Requests and Change Requests.
  • Currently engaged with the DataCenter transformation of the enterprise from a global model to a co-location model in the United States which satisfies the business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives of the corporation to a 2 Datacenter footprint.
  • Manage and forecast capacity for Weblogic systems and Application File Servers.
  • The overall effort includes going from an exclusive outsource perspective to an in-house perspective.

Confidential, Bellevue, Washington

IT Security Consultant


  • I provided IT Security and System Administration consulting services on contract basis to the client.
  • Performing review of the IT organization to seek out security risks and vulnerabilities for the Linux/Unix/Windows Physical, Virtual and Cloud systems reviewing IAM, Endpoint, Data and privileged security and fixing problems discovered.
  • Performed Compliance and Security scans, Identity and access control, Intrusion detection and Vulnerability Analysis of multi-client cloud environments using Qualys, Ncircle, Retina and Rapid7. NAS and SAN Storage setups and best practices.

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona

I.T. Infrastructure Leader


  • I engineered, implemented and maintained disaster recovery, business continuity solutions, fault tolerance, high availability, consolidations, mass storage systems NAS/SAN, Veritas Netbackup, Solaris clusters, Windows load managers, print and plot solutions, systems and network security, infrastructure redundancy, server virtualization (VmWare), Thin Client Solutions (CITRIX), Solaris, W2K3, Dell/IBM/SUN/HP, uninterruptible power monitoring solutions, and desktop deployments and repair. Heterogenous UNIX/WINDOWS system administration.
  • I supported Engineering, Work Management, Security, Business Objects Intelligence, ERP/Back Office and Document Management Systems. Maintaining performance, reliability and availability.
  • I managed security through Active Directory, GPO’s, LDAP, Oracle, SQL, Patch Management, Application and Solaris O/S.

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