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Linux System Administrator Resume

Laurel, MD


I’m a Linux/Unix System Administrator with over five years’ experience in the field, I do have experience in installation of packages, configuration, work with other team engineers to trouble shoot problems at every level of the system, monitoring, good In SCP, adding users and giving of permissions in the system, creation of virtual machines, good at team work, good communication skills, group management using LDAP and AWS, using Shh to Login into the system, Package management, Scripting, Achieve/Compression of files using bzip2 and gzip2


LINUX/RHEL/UNIX Administrator/Engineer, LDAP, Web Services (Apache), Security, Information System Decision Making (ISDM), IT Project Management (ITPM), Security Management, DHCP, Configuration, RPM, EC2, S3, VCP, SNS, LAMBDA, EBS, HTTPD, ELB, Unix shell scripting, Scripting, Docker, Kernel Configuration, CRON, Cloud Watch, Troubleshooting, Configurations, Jenkins, Network, YUM, Partitioning, Firewalls, VMware, BASH, Active Directory.



Confidential, Laurel, MD


  • Installation of packages such as Apache and system update using Yum
  • Transfer of information using SCP from one system to another
  • Using ACL to restrict certain users from accessing files which Confidential their reach
  • Configuration of files using RPM, configuration of IP address
  • Monitor the performance of the system also checking the CPU utilization
  • Partitioning of disk using f - disk also adding disk to the system
  • Creation of logical volume, volume group and physical volume
  • Installation and management of Jenkins
  • Group management using LDAP and AWS
  • Experience Administering, Installing, Configuring and Maintaining Linux
  • Experience Configuring SELINUX
  • Work closely with other engineers on projects within given time frame
  • Strong Analytical skills and communication skills
  • Always ready to learn and embark on challenging projects/task
  • Work with configuration management tools like puppet and Ansible


Confidential, MARYLAND


  • Creation of user accounts with permissions per the company policy
  • System update at every level of the company
  • Creation of virtual machines using the VMware
  • Working with the entire team in trouble shooting at every level
  • Close monitoring and utilization of the CPU
  • Job Scheduling and Automating process using CRON JOBS
  • Perform run level checks in store on a weekly basis to ensure high availability of d Confidential base and applications
  • Served on team managing server deployment and allocation of virtual server capacity
  • Provided systems administration support for Unix systems
  • Compression of files using bzip2 and gzip2 with the tar command
  • Monitored the performance of the system and the utilization of the CPU
  • Trouble shooting Linux System with intermediate tools such as netstat, SWAPON, yum REPOLIST, NICSTAT
  • Providing security from possible attacks to the system using the firewall.


Confidential, ATLANTA, GA


  • Provided Input and Solutions that led to better Server Integrity and overall Security
  • Familiar with BASH SCRIPTING and wrote Scripts that ran autonomously
  • Installed and Configured APACHE and TOMCAT Applications
  • Worked as a SysAdmin to Build and Patch UBUNTU and CENTOS Linux machines
  • Installations and Configurations of Applications
  • Creation of user accounts with permissions per the company policy
  • Extensive use of LVM, creating Volume Groups (VG), Logical Volume (LV) and Disk Partitioning
  • Closely work with Development and DBA Teams
  • YUM and RPM Package Installation
  • Troubleshooting Linux Network and Security related issues
  • Creating NFS and Mount file sharing resources among Developers and Engineers.

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