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Senior Unix Administrator Resume


  • Over 9 years experience in AIX/UNIX/LINUX Administration, Support, and Infrastructure planning and design.
  • Confidential Certified Expert for AIX and HACMP, with experience in Architecture, planning, designing, managing and supporting Unix Infrastructure.
  • Expertise in Installation, Configuration Management, Maintenance and Systems Development of AIX Systems, Confidential pSeries on POWER 5, POWER 6, POWER 7, POWER8 & Confidential Blade servers. HMC’s, and other 3rd party hardware for Linux, HP - UX and Solaris platforms, with Day to day administration of the Development environment and Production and Test environment systems.
  • Expertise in complex PowerHA infrastructures and have a good understanding and implementation skills for building and managing clustering environments.
  • Good Knowledge of Building and managing complex GPFS clusters.
  • Good Experience in the automation of daily mundane tasks and routine activities, Compliance remediations, by writing shell scripts
  • Have experience in devops tools such as GIT, Nagios, Ansible and have a good understanding of Docker, Jenkins, Elk
  • Experience and expertise in different distros of Linux, Like Ubuntu, SuseLinux and RHEL5, RHEL6, RHEL7
  • Experience in Linux virtualization techniques using KVM or RHEV
  • Good knowledge in Linux LVM, and HA setup of Filesystems.
  • Expertise in deploying patches, kernel updates using Redhat Satellite and through Ansible.
  • Good experience in working with SUSE Manager to Deploy patches on Suse Enterprise and RHEL servers, provisioning server builds with Suse Manager, Monitoring and inventory management using Suse Manager.
  • Experience in setting up a DR environment. And giving support to switch back and forth between prod and DR sites for critical servers.
  • Involved from Capacity planning in defining system requirements, recommended solutions, analyze capacity and make appropriate modifications from scratch and testing the environment before gearing up for development.
  • Experience in Planning designing and building Virtualized environment and expertise in Virtualization Techniques, like NPIV, micro-partitioning, Dlparring, Disk Virtualization, Virtual switch, Ether-channelling and Active memory sharing, Active memory expansion. Installation, administration, configuration and testing of VIO Server and VIO clients, and creating LPARs
  • Experience with UNIX kernel Tuning, Performance Analysis and Load Balancing.


Operating Systems: AIX 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, RHEL V5.x & 6.x,7.x CenOS ver 5.x & 6.x, SUSE 10/11 Ubuntu 8,9,10,11,12,13,14

Hardware: Confidential p-series p750,p770,p795, p520,p550,p570, p575, p595 RS6000 servers/workstations on POWER 5, POWER 6, POWER 7, & Confidential Blade servers JS12 and JS22, HMC, SDMC,Dell, HP

Shell Scripting: Korn, BashVirtualization: VIOS,RHEV and KVM virtualisation

Clustering: HACMP/ES 4.5, 5.X,6.x,7.x

DEVOPS: GIT, Nagios, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, Elk

SAN: EMC Clarion Symmetrix DMX VMAX, Confidential SAN's SVC's Supporting Database Infrastructure on Confidential DB2, Oracle,Websphere,JBOSS,SAP



Senior UNIX Administrator


  • I was mainly responsible for working on unix infrastructure projects, which are mission critical, time sensitive, and involving complex architecture.
  • Worked on building, managing and troubleshooting complex cross site Global Mirror PowerHA clusters, with multiple prod and DR nodes.
  • Worked on Migrating servers from AIX 6.1 to AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.2, also patching servers with nimadm or nim
  • Worked on complex GPFS clusters involving nodes stretched across 2 sites
  • Involved in helping the team with major incidents and helping them finding the root cause and plan to troubleshoot, by planning strategies that minimize downtime and provide quick solutions.
  • Host based SAN migrations of complex cross site replicated PowerHA clusters and GPF clusters
  • Building servers in virtualized environments as well as non-virtualized environments.
  • Worked on Firmware upgrades of the Power8 Frames.
  • Automation of tasks by writing shell scripts. I have good shell scripting skills.
  • Understanding customer requirements and providing infrastructure based solutions which are resilient, robust and are contingent.
  • Performing Servers and clusters migrations from one datacenter to another.


UNIX Administrator


  • This short term project is about making all UNIX servers to be compliant according to CIS compliance standards.
  • My job is to write shell scripts for compliance remediation on all the servers (AIX/LINUX and SOLARIS)
  • Configuring Auditing and Logging of all events on all UNIX servers.
  • Worked on finding out how the environment is setup and planning strategies to remediate the vulnerabilities found and automate it to be run across all serves in the environment.


AIX System Administrator


  • Responsible for Administration, Installation, Upgrading, Migration, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance monitoring and Fine-tuning of LINUX and AIX systems
  • Worked on Projects Involving unix expertise, DB2 purescale Server build projects, TL upgrade projects, Hardware migration projects, software upgrade projects, and SAN migration projects.
  • Writing scripts and procedures for automation of tasks and passing it over as procedures to lower level support to make their daily tasks easier and simpler.
  • Linux Servers builds for RHEL5 RHEL6 and RHEL7
  • Linux LVM and GPFS filesystems..
  • Installing patches and updating RHEL and SUSE software packages using Suse Manager v2.1 and v3
  • Building Linux servers using SUSE Manager.
  • Installation of Apache and Jboss servers, understanding customer requirements and configuring HA solutions DR Solutions
  • Setting up Flash copy between prod and load Linux servers
  • Setting up replication across different sites that have a Active-Passive configuration.
  • Configuration of DB2 purescale on Linux serves.
  • Supporting a major initiative to migrate SAN storage utilized by AIX servers (typically large DB2 databases, web and application servers) across several arrays.
  • Build LPARs and support application migration activities following security standards
  • Remediate any security issues uncovered by vulnerability scans.
  • Installed and Configuring Confidential Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for Backups and data storage.
  • Configured backup/archive policies using backup utility and mksysb images of root volume group to meet data archiving requirements and disaster recovery readiness.
  • Upgrade HMC version from 5.x to the latest level V7.
  • Performing System Storage management/LVM tasks like creating volume groups, raw LV’s and jfs/jfs2 Filesystems, mirroring, and mounting filesystems.
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, supporting and fix operating system and hardware problems on several versions of UNIX systems.
  • Worked on HA design, installation, management, troubleshooting and dealing with day to day problems.
  • Validated and performed live partition mobility Migration of LPARS from one frame to another
  • Performed Firmware level upgrades for the Ethernet/fibre card adapters
  • Installation of patches, APARS, Security fixes, packages on AIX servers.


Server Operations Delivery for Unix.


  • Confidential had Acquired a New Project for DuPont an Industrial company which was previously managed by CSC. I was responsible for transitioning the UNIX environment from DuPont and CSC to Confidential .
  • Responsible for absorbing all the KT and documenting everything and bringing procedures to Confidential standards
  • Customizing the UNIX environment to Confidential standards and do the remediation accordingly.
  • Providing L3 and L4 UNIX support and Maintenance for day to day Issues.
  • Migrating the servers from CSC data center to Confidential datacenter.
  • Building of new VIOServers and clients from p-series p750, p770, using HMC
  • Inventory Management of RHEL and SUSE servers and Asset management using SUSE Manager.
  • Server builds and provisioning using SUSE manager.
  • Creating Logical Partitions of VIOServers and VIOClients on pSeries frame and assigning processor, memory and Ethernet adapters to VIOS and assigning memory and processor to VIOC (LPARS).
  • Installation of VIOS, VIOS via NIM Server.
  • Installation of AIX 7.1 /6/1 on all VIOC/LPAR Clients, installation via NIM Server
  • Installation and configuration of VIO servers and updating system firmware by using HMC along with Logical Partition technology (LPARs).
  • Performance tuning of applications servers and DB servers
  • Performed Security on users, groups administration and daily backup and restore operations, networking service, performance, and resource monitoring.
  • Configured HACMP clusters for database Administered the UNIX System for clustered AIX Servers running HACMP


Senior Unix Administrator.


  • Planning designing and engineering Unix infrastructural issues and doing capacity planning, and securing the environment from unplanned outages and making it highly available.
  • Building Servers Virtualizing resources through VIO utilities.
  • Managing and monitoring servers through SDMC
  • Installing and build from scratch complete NIM Setup. Added different clients to NIM server and their Backup and restores.
  • Configured HACMP clusters
  • Administered the UNIX System for clustered AIX Servers running HACMP and dynamic LPARs with fiber attached SAN storage.
  • Installing VIO server Advanced POWER Virtualization on Confidential P5 System. Assigned resources by making partitions LPAR client of VIO server and clients Installation.
  • Performance tuning of AIX
  • Configured concurrent EMC SAN Storage for Oracle RAC & HACMP cluster
  • Day to day System Administration tasks recovering failed hardware and software problems. Monitoring the errors configuring syslogd daemons and working on led error on different boxes.
  • Troubleshooting networking and hardware failure.
  • HACMP upgrade
  • Preparing script in ksh, to administer the system, Monitoring logs and meeting the requirements of Applications.
  • Updated Microcode Level of Managed system and Updated SCSI firmware level.

Environment: AIX, VIOS, HACMP, HPUX, Solaris. Linux, LPAR, DB2 UDB, Confidential Http server, Web server, Websphere application server 6.0, Java, JBOSS, GPFS, UNIX Shell scripting, LDAP, EMC SAN.

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