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Unix System Engineering Resume


  • As a System Engineer for UNIX with more than twelve years of experience in financial industries, my expertise includes core System Administration in Sun Microsystems Solaris and Red Hat Linux. This includes 24/7 support, installation, administration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, backup and recovery, space and network management.


Operating Systems: Solaris 2.10, 2.8, 2.6, RHEL 6, RHEL 7

Hardware: SUN Fire/Ultra (v480,v440,450,280,250,80/60/10/5/2), SUN Enterprise (4500,3500), DDS Tape Drives, IBM Blade Center, EMC, A5000 Storage Array, M5000

HA Devices/Tools: SUN Solstice Disk Suite, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Services

Web/App Servers: Netscape Enterprise web server(v3.5), iPlanet web server(v4.1), SUN One web server(v6.0), Coldfusion, Verity, Vignette, IBM WebSphere Application Server(v3.5,v4.5), OPC, Viador, Hyperion, Glassfish V3, Tibco, FreeTSD, Apache, Tomcat, Autosys

RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, Sybase

Monitoring Tools: BMC patrol, Big Brother

Automated OS install tool: SUN Solaris Jumpstart, RHEL Kickstart

Configuration management: Puppet

SAN Device/Tools: EMC Clarion/Symetrix Arrays, DMX,Carian, VMAX

Scripting: KSH, bash

Other: Automount, NFS, DNS, SSH, NIS, NTP, Perforce



Unix System Engineering


  • Completed major projects from development to production environment
  • Bulit and configured company FTP server for SFTP, SSL and vsFTP
  • Global Autosys upgrade and migration
  • Confidential partner’s Cantor Future Exchange
  • Migrated legacy servers to zones
  • Migrating from older Solaris to Solaris 10
  • Configured Satellite and kick start servers
  • Built and Configured DMZ web servers
  • Conducted interviews for new employees
  • Mentored new and junior teammates
  • Documentation of procedures and steps of application installation and configuration
  • Recommended improvements to clients on standards, policies and configuration/implementation of application updates datacenter operators and the Unix team
  • EMC SAN migration
  • Created company’s first kickstart/satellite server
  • Created and removed physical volumes, volume groups and logical volumes
  • Extended existing logical volumes
  • Created and configured LUKS - encrypted partitions
  • Modified the system bootloader
  • Added SAN drives to servers
  • Mounted, unmounted and use LUKS-encrypted, CIFS and NFS network file systems
  • Configured firewall settings using system-config-firewall or iptables
  • Set enforcing and permissive modes for SELinux
  • Restored default file contexts
  • Used boolean settings to modify system SELinux settings
  • Diagnosed and addressed routine SELinux policy violations
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Started and stopped KVM
  • Configured a physical machine to host virtual guests
  • Created and managed Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Configured networking and hostname resolution statically or dynamically
  • Configured services to start and stop at boot
  • Installed, updated removed packages using YUM and RPM commands
  • Created YUM repository
  • Configured a system to sync with NTP server
  • Configured a system to use an existing LDAP directory service
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Perl and module installation and configuration
  • VERITAS Cluster Services install and administration
  • Replaced disks using SDS and Volume manager
  • Added and configured SAN LUNs onto the Solaris nodes
  • EMC SAN migration
  • Configured combination of NFS, NIS and automounter together
  • DNS implementation for company wide domains
  • Configured virtual URL on web servers
  • Configured and implemented FreeTSD, Tibco, Mule, WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat and etc.
  • Patched Solaris and VCS cluster
  • Used Legato to recover file system and to restore servers
  • Troubleshooted network issues
  • Setup and configured Sybase client
  • Scripted user add for SFTP, SSL and vsFTP on FTP server, data sync to the disaster recovery site and extra
  • Written korn shell scripts to automate system maintenance, schedule application recycles, monitoring, automated account creations, and system resources
  • EMC SAN migration
  • Kernel tuning


Unix System Administrator


  • Setting the clients for file transfer using three various methods.
  • IFTP
  • DirectFTP
  • ICFT
  • Using NDM (Network Data Movement) to transfer files within bank applications.
  • Troubleshoot NDM file transfer failures between the applications and external clients.
  • Configuring NDM processes on the FTP servers for transfer within the bank
  • Using FTP protocol to transfer files between the internet clients and the bank
  • Using Autoconnect to automate the transfer of files from bank and to client.
  • Communicating with BNY Business Areas for smooth transition of client setup
  • Wrote script to monitor for missing files by using Sybase calls
  • Dealing with clients and application mangers account setup to file transfer completion
  • Using PGP to encrypt files for uploads and downloads of client files.
  • Working with customers with dedicated communication connections to exchange files
  • Assisting and tutoring the juniors the process and configuration setups


Unix System Administrator


  • Setup client servers for DNS resolution.
  • Troubleshoot DNS problems involving forward and reverse resolution.
  • Configure RSA card on Linux RHEL 3.0
  • Setup client servers for the sendmail.
  • Primary responsibilities included designing and deployment of servers to production, QA, and development environment
  • BMC monitoring team for the production environment
  • Installing third party applications, WAS 4.04, Vignette 6.04, iPlanet 4.1 SP9, SUN 1, and Verity 3.70
  • Configured WebSphere with DB2 and Oracle
  • Deployed WAS EAR file to QA and production environment
  • Implemented, configured, installed and troubleshoot Veritas Volume Manager v3.4, and v3.5
  • Implemented, configured, installed and troubleshoot SUN Solstice Disk Suite software
  • Upgraded and replaced hardware components on SUN servers
  • Created raw devices for Sybase software
  • Created file systems for Oracle software
  • Tuning system parameters for Sybase and Oracle
  • Successfully migrated SCSI to fiber connections for EMC storage on production servers by installing fiber cards, drivers, and data migration
  • Configured the system for TCP/IP networking with the existing Local Area Network
  • Communicated with clients to configure third party applications as per UBS standards and for troubleshooting
  • Patch installation and upgrades
  • Shared and mounted NFS directories
  • Used expect scripts to run scripts remotely and also to ftp files when RSH is disabled
  • Managed disk space and configuration
  • Jumpstarted servers to be part of the UBS standards
  • Automounted users home directory using automounter
  • Added printers locally and on the network
  • Supported and maintained UBS central FTP server
  • Troubleshooting network connection between vendors and UBS FTP server
  • Maintained consistent transmission from the external clients
  • Designed, rebuilt and implemented servers for various project into Development, QA and Production environment
  • Project lead for Painewebber Account Management Team
  • Branch server support including Market Data, Dazel print services, DCE/DFS

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