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Unix/linux Infrastructure And Build Engineer Resume

Hicksville, NY


Seeking challenging position in Network Systems Engineering. Knowledgeable in OS, Systems Administration, Hardware, DBMS, Applications/Programming, Networking, Web/App Servers, SAN/Storage, Volume Management, Monitoring, and Configuration. Advanced degree work in both Applied Mathematics and Computer Science with Developer Level Programming abilities. Equally strong in both Hardware and Software environments. Broad Experiential and Relevant al background who is quickly adaptable to any role in the UNIX/Linux technology arena.


Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 2.6,7,8,9,10, Redhat Linux, FreeBSD, HP - UX, Windows NT/XP/2008

Hardware:: SUN Ultra 1/2/5/10/80, Ultra Enterprise 250/450/4500/6500/2900/220 R/420R/280R, E10000k, Sunfire 3800/4800/6800/6900 , V240/V880, Netra T105, M5000, T2000/T5120/T5240, Dell, HP Proliant.

Languages:: C,C++, Perl, Lisp, UNIX Shell, UNIX C Systems Programming.

Networking:: TCP/IP Suite, Fibre Channel, Core Routing, Switching, WAN, Firewall, VPN, Security.

Databases:: Sybase, Oracle, MYSQL, LDAP.

Web/Application Servers:: iPlanet, Apache, Weblogic, CGI, Servlets, J2EE/Web applications

Storage/SAN:: EMC Clariion CX 300/400/600/700 , Symmetrix, Navisphere, Powerpath, EMC Control Center, Netbackup, Networker, McData, Brocade, Emulex, SUN A5x00/A1000/T3, ZFS

Cluster/HA: Veritas Cluster, Sun Cluster 2.2, Veritas Volume Manager, SVM

Monitoring:: Sitescope, Netcool, Nagios, Big Brother, Mrtg,Virtualization: SUN LDOMS, Solaris Zones, XEN, Vmware Workstation/ESX, LPARS, SUN H/W virtualization

Other:: Jumpstart, Kickstart, gcc, webmin


UNIX/Linux Infrastructure and Build Engineer

Confidential, Hicksville, NY


  • Manage Kickstart, Jumpstart, DHCP Servers, OS Install process and Staging network. Install SUN and Redhat OS using Kickstart and Jumpstart technology, Stage servers for Post install configuration.
  • Inventory new Server hardware and run Server diagnostics, Configure Hardware RAID.
  • Test OS enhancements on Kickstart and Jumpstart servers an post install changes.
  • Install Vmware ESX/ESXi hosts. UCS Blade Servers.
  • Maintain Server, Switch, Ethernet cabling and power integrity on Install network.
  • Submit and fulfill Electrical requests and Change Processes to power and deploy servers into Production racks. Including installing rails, label network cables and servers, configure power and network patching through MDF, Server, and Switch patch panels, and testing network connectivity, bonding and consoles.
  • Maintain Data Center infrastructure, patch panels, racks, and cleanliness.
  • Document configurations and assist in all Datacenter Hardware and Software issues.

Environment: Kickstart and Jumpstart Servers, DHCP Server, Sun SPARC and x86Servers, HP Proliant D360/L380, Redhat 5.5/5.6, Solaris 10 u9, ESXi 5.0, ESX 4.0, Cisco UCS blade Servers.

Network Consultant

Confidential, Mattituck, NY


  • Maintain Windows Networks for Retail, Vineyard/Winery Tasting Room and Restaurant businesses.
  • Maintain integrity of small office systems. POS Cash register, SQL Server, System recoveries, backups share management, printers.

Environment: Windows, HP, Dell

UNIX Systems Administrator

Confidential, Carle Place, NY


  • Primary Engineer for Monitoring and Reporting using Netcool, Sitescope, and Perl scripts. Ensured High Availability for the Production Server, Storage, Networking, and Applications infrastructure.
  • Primary Hardware and break fix support for one hundred and fifty SUN systems. Coordinated and executed replacement of failed SUN components including scheduling of maintenance windows and Field Engineers. Perform RCA analysis of crashed SUN Servers.
  • Proactively monitor, assign and resolve Remedy tickets for OS/Hardware and EMC SAN issues. Provide Level 3 support to Tech Center for all SUN/Linux/EMC Hardware, and Netcool alerts.
  • Support 13+ Array distributed EMC SAN: Navisphere/ECC Monitoring and Array/Disk break fix. Configure SUN hosts/Clariion LUNS, install/configure HBA firmware and SUN/Emulex drivers, Powerpath, Navisphere agents. Oversee Clariion FLARE Code upgrades and Array expansions. Cable hosts and switches, array migrations. Support EMC personnel, run EMC diagnostics tools.
  • Performed Sunfire F 00 Hardware(S/B), SC firmware and OS upgrades(Sol10).
  • Troubleshoot and resolve H/W and Veritas disk/volume failures on SUN Fibre channel storage.
  • Install VxVm on new hosts, create Veritas VxVM disk groups and volumes for SAN LUN encapsulation
  • Develop Veritas Cluster migration plan and troubleshoot VCS errors.
  • Support Web Environment on Redhat Linux running Apache, Websphere, Endeca, Job, misc servers.
  • Install OS'es on new SUN and Redhat Linux systems using Flasharchives, Jumpstart, and Kickstart.
  • Failover Production systems for Oracle Database maintenance and Disaster Recovery testing.
  • Support pre holiday peak period Load testing Performance Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Oversee and coordinate Logistics for installs and deinstalls of EMC and SUN hardware in IDCs.
  • Virtualization projects, configured SUN M5000’s and SUN (Logical Domains) technologies
  • Installed and configured EMC Control Center 6.0 sofware infrastructure facilitating centralized Monitoring, Configuration and Reporting of distributed switched Fiber Channel SAN infrastructure.
  • Monitor Veritas Netbackup backups and troubleshoot tape libraries..
  • Raise and execute Change Controls, Reboot Servers, Document server configurations, install patches and software. Support Oracle DBA's and Application teams with UNIX technology and changes to OS. Numerous other UNIX support/projects.

Environment: SUN Solaris 8/10, Redhat Linux 3/4/5, EMC Symmetrix, Clariion, Navisphere, EMC Control Center(ECC), Emulex/SUN HBA's, Brocade/McData switches, HP Proliant, Netcool, Sitescope, Websphere, Weblogic, Apache, iPlanet, Oracle, Veritas Volume Manager/Cluster/VXFS/Netbackup, DNS, AIX, LPAR, Xen, Vmware, LDOMS, Remedy, Solaris Zones, SUN Volume Manager, Perl.

Network Analyst

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Administer Sybase Database and Java Web Servers for Banking and Broker Web portal.
  • Built first time UNIX Disaster Recovery site, achieving deadlines and objectives.
  • Built Jumpstart Server environment for automated installations.
  • Configured Nagios monitoring and Perl based HTTP log analysis/reporting tools(Analog,Awstats).
  • Install Web Server s. Perform UNIX Server powerdowns and powerups

Environment: SUN, Redhat Linux, Java Web Server, Sybase, IBM Mainframe, Windows 2000

Support Specialist

Confidential, Washington, New York


  • Created, monitored and restarted Weblogic Server QA/Dev instances for Deployment testing.
  • Deployed J2EE Web Application Code and static Site Content for Production releases.
  • Upgrade to and test Weblogic Server 8.0, and port and verify current Web application functionality.
  • Monitored system logs. Install patches, consoles and tape library. Disaster Recovery test systems.
  • Documented OS, Web Server, and Web Application configurations.
  • Configured Apache Website and Application for Secure SSL file uploads using PHP/Perl/CGI scripts.

Focus: Weblogic/J2EE support, Configuration Environment: SUN, HP-UX, Weblogic, iPlanet, Oracle, HP SAN, Sitescope

Systems Support Engineer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Conduct Hardware/OS/Patch installations of latest SUN Server and Storage products at customer sites.
  • Install and configure high end Sunfire Server product line at customer sites
  • Supervised and assisted Hardware partners in Server/Storage hardware replacement in the field.
  • Provide software support and problem diagnosis and restoration of SUN servers for FE's and clients.
  • Provide Onsite presence/management of logistics/parts and SUN trouble tickets for key accounts.

Environment: SUN Server and Storage products, Ultra Enterprise and Sunfire servers, SUN Internals tools

UNIX Consultant

Confidential, Hauppauge, New York


  • Integrated Domain Name Server (DNS), Samba, Network printing, Web Proxy, Sendmail, utilities software, and Netscape Web servers into E-Commerce platform achieving critical deadline.
  • Implemented Networker tape backups solution and Legato/Oracle hot backups.
  • Document Veritas Volume Manager configurations and Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Work with Developers to configure customized Web Trends log reporting.
  • Administered Networker tape backups and solved integration issues.

Environment: SUN E450, Legato Networker, DNS, Oracle, Netscape, Veritas

UNIX Administrator/JR. DBA

Confidential, New York, New York


  • Upgraded OS on Production Ultra Enterprise 6500's from Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 7
  • Administer and configure Sybase: Databases, Devices , Replications/Cloning, Backups and Imports.
  • Administer weekly data load process which imported/updated data into (7)Sybase Trade databases.
  • Migrated Veritas Sybase Database volumes from SSA's to Sun A5x00 Fibre Channel arrays.
  • Upgrade Netscape Email, Web, LDAP Directory servers and Checkpoint Firewall-1.
  • Developed and use Shell scripts to monitor Data Load processes.

Environment: SUN E6500, E450, A5x00 array, Iplanet, Sybase, Perl, Netscape, Veritas Volume Manager.

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