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Linux/unix Systems Administrator Resume

Beltsville, MD


Young, passionate and motivated Linux systems administrator with a strong desire of learning and implementing new technology. Responsible for the design, implementation, integration and optimization of various operating systems ranging from Windows and Unix OS to Linux RHEL 6, 7 and AWS. Efficient expertise not limited to systems administration but also design, installation and optimization of corporate Software Defined Network environment. Excellent and innovative team player and an excellent motivator. Instrumental in vital administrative team collaborations as well as an acute work ethic alone in various environments.



Operating systems: Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 8, 7, 10, 2012),B Linux (Red hat, Ubuntu, CentOS), Unix (Solaris and CentOS), AWS (IAAS)

Other skills: Virtualization (VMWare ESXi 6.7 and Oracle Virtual Box)


Linux/unix systems administrator

Confidential, Beltsville, Md


  • Built, installed and configured brand new virtual and physical servers, and introduced RHEL 6,7 and 8, and Solaris 10 and 11 operating systems to the network. Used standard and advanced installation and configuration (net installation and jumpstart, kickstart).
  • Integrate Microsoft Windows Active Directory with Amazon Web Services. Create Trust Between AWS Managed Active Directory and On - Premises Active Directory.
  • Use Ansible as a configuration management tool for servers and desktops.
  • Used Nagios as a system monitoring tool to run systematic health checks on parameters of network, application and server resources.
  • Used glances as an alternative system monitoring tool to “$top” in most GNU/Linux distributions
  • Administered SolarWinds as a network monitoring tool to manage network systems and IT infrastructure.
  • Employed LDAP as a tool for querying and modifying items in directory services on multi-platforms.
  • Configured XINETD to manage internet connectivity in a given data center.
  • Used encryption commands such as “gpg” to secure before sending or storing sensitive files on Linux servers
  • Use NFS to share files and folders between Linux systems.
  • Use Bash shell scripts to schedule and automate processes and use tar for incremental backups
  • Install and configure Apache and Tomcat servers on EC2 instances.
  • Used Amazon CloudWatch to assess basic monitoring system reports and detect problems early to prevent problems. Also monitored end users experience and create reports to
  • Imaged Windows and Linux cloud systems and introduced them to the network. Also created shares of said windows servers. Spun a Windows 2019 and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 AWS ec2 instance
  • Responsible for installing and managing applications in the cloud. Also installed LAN servers, MariaDB and imported data to their appointed servers.
  • Setup, configure and troubleshoot TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS in a multiplatform LAN.
  • Employed volume management tools such as SVM, LVM and ZFS and expanded volume groups as assigned.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting CentOS 6,7 and 8, and Solaris 10 and 11 software and hardware (including configuration) issues.
  • Enabled and configured virtualization through VMware ESXi 6.0, 6.7 and Oracle Virtual Box.
  • Organized BYOT (bring your own topic) meetings aimed at educating younger systems administrators on better and more efficient network and administrative practices.
  • Setup domains utilizing active directory on Windows servers. Installed and configured samba servers on Solaris and CentOS servers thereby mapping these servers to Windows servers.
  • Participated in root-cause analysis of recurring issues, system backup and security setup, and provided extensive support in production testing and development environments.
  • Provided security of Linux and Windows systems by hardening the systems through firewall management settings and user access security set ups.
  • Attended design and tabletop meetings with various vendors in order to plan technology roadmap for business continuity.
  • Promoted windows servers to domain controllers and setup active directory and DNS.
  • Employed exceptional user and security management; Created and modified users and groups when and hardened systems through effective monitoring and daemon management.

Network technician

Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Set up workstations for prospective and new employees.
  • Installed new operating systems on workstation desktop and laptops.
  • Installed and tested various Ethernet Medias to ensure basic Layer 1 connectivity.
  • Configuration of accounts with appropriate restrictions according to user.
  • Installed memory and hard drives on desktops and laptops for better and more efficient performance.
  • Regular password reset for desktop and laptops as tickets came in.

Windows network administrator

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Installed household networking components and installation of network printers. Enabled and configured file and print sharing and RDP.
  • Introduced a windows server to the network and increased the performance of a NOS.
  • Promoted a windows server to a domain controller using DC Promo and setup active directory and DNS. Also introduced a windows professional operating system to the domain.
  • Addressed TCP/IP issues using troubleshooting tools and foundational commands; Gave detailed reports post service to ensure efficiency with further similar issues as they arise.
  • Conducted onsite meetings, presentations and pitches and offsite meetings through team viewer.

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