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Infrastructure/devops/cloud Engineer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Skilled Cloud DevOps Engineer with 5+ years of hands - on experience managing cloud infrastructure and systems administration, integrating AWS cloud-based infrastructure components like EC2, VPC, ELB, EBS, IAM, S3, CloudWatch, and developing automated solutions.
  • Proficient in maintaining optimum information access, optimizing mission critical deployments/infrastructure performance and synchronization across server platforms while ensuring clear communications with senior engineers, project managers and executives.
  • Talented UNIX/Linux/DevOps Systems Engineer with expertise in Linux, Solaris 10 (including zones/containers), and Windows 2008.
  • Self-motivated, dedicated, detail-oriented and versatile team player with problem-solving and communication skills, able to work independently and under mentorship, work, learn and implement modern technologies in a short time.


  • Proficient in Unix/Linux/Windows 2008 Platforms
  • Skilled in Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Git
  • Skilled in Drupal, WordPress, Websense, ColdFusion
  • Zabbix, Splunk, Nagios, F5
  • Tomcat. Apache, Nginx
  • Cloud computing (AWS)
  • OS Installation and Configuration


Confidential, Washington, DC

Infrastructure/DevOps/Cloud Engineer


  • Design, develop and operationalize AWS development environment, provide authenticated access to AWS resources using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and manage users using IAM policies, and roles.
  • Collaborate with Clients to implement customized Amazon Virtual private cloud (VPCs) and component (subnet, route table, internet Gateway). Establish VPC peering to create connection between multiple environments that exists in separate VPCs
  • Work with customers to determine cloud service requirements, transform them into workable build and tests solutions while detailing documentation of processes and standard operating procedures
  • Automate Linux builds/configurations using terraform, ansible, AWS CLI and manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk to host Linux based Applications.
  • Work with development and security teams to define, gather, and document technical requirements for both new and existing systems. Review weekly security scan reports and addresses identified threats on both Windows and Linux environments
  • Work with developers to create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using Git, Jenkins and Ansible.
  • Perform scheduled patches and package installation on both production and development environments; Configure launch configuration and auto scaling for cloud environment scalability
  • Integrating Git, Ansible and Docker with Jenkins for Code integration; monitor AWS services using Amazon CloudWatch
  • Investigate and troubleshoot issues involving security group, NACL and route tables. Configure auto scaling groups using AMI customized AWS Launch configurations.
  • Participate in technical research and development to enable continuous innovation within the infrastructure
  • Interact with customers on a day to day basis to troubleshoot customer environments, solve complex customer issues in a timely manner and provide exceptional service and support to customer needs.

Confidential, Philadelphia

Unix/Linux/Enterprise Systems Administrator


  • Coordinated activities with Enterprise systems administrators, network administrators, database administrators, web developers, and systems analysts to meet the needs of the University academic community.
  • Worked with a large team of administrators and other members of the ESA team to ensure security of public websites, content management systems, blogs, and forms sites.
  • Built, Deployed and Maintain Linux, Solaris and Windows 2008,2012 servers. Troubleshoot Connectivity and Performance Issues. Monitored Applications, Users and Groups, Documented solutions for future reference.
  • Provided highly durable and available data by utilizing S3 data store, versioning and lifecycle policies for highly durable and available data
  • Provide highly durable and available data by utilizing S3 data store, versioning and lifecycle policies for highly durable and available data. Backup of AMIs for mission critical production servers in S3 and eventual archiving to Glaciers.


UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator


  • in a four member IT team in Building, Configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining Linux and Solaris infrastructures for mid-sized Companies.
  • Provided ongoing management, performance tuning and support for Linux and Worked Solaris Systems.
  • Built, Deployed, Patched, Monitored and Troubleshoot Solaris and Linux Servers.
  • Managed users and file system, Configured and Migrate Zones on Solaris 10 Servers

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