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Voip Engineer Resume


  • VoIP on VZ - XO products
  • Test, Support engineer and MSC technician with over 20 years of experience in configuration, testing, troubleshooting, support
  • Consistent, accurate and dependable in carrying out responsibilities to a successful completion
  • Ability to execute assignments in conditions of high stress due to imposed time constraints
  • Ability to learn and adapt to a changing environment
  • Proven team player with demonstrated competencies across varied telecom engineering assignments



VoIP Engineer


  • Performs moderately complex functions related to voice cuts
  • Tests (WOT/PTD) and troubleshoots for moderately complex DS1 s
  • Performs moderately complex functions related to data
  • Performs end to end translations for lines and trunks in XO switch platforms, usually either DMS 100 & 200, BroadWorks or Sonus
  • Performs all dacs mapping in Tellabs 532L, 5500, and Alcatel 16xx series
  • Manages an end - to-end VoIP install, this includes understanding of basic Sonus translations, BroadWorks navigation and router troubleshooting with field Confidential time of PTD and DD
  • Performs router (Adtran, Cisco) configurations on Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and VoIP products (MGCP, Flex, SIP, ESIP)
  • Completes pre-testing and field testing on all XO products

Confidential, Dallas, TX



  • RAN Rehome, groom, add, test and turn up or remove trunks translation on Alcatel - Lucent (UMTS), Confidential AXE GSM, Nokia MSC (UMTS), and Nortel (UMTS & DMS 100, 200 & 500) switches
  • Using Net Analyst to configure circuits T1, T3, OC3, OC12 & OC48 in the Alcatel 16xx, Tellabs 532L and 5500 DACs
  • Proficient with Granite, Canopi and Remedy applications techs and technical assist with provisioning, test, turning up, troubleshooting circuits and Transport Element Activation Manager System (TEMS)

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Switch Operations and Support Engineer


  • Installation test of Confidential AXE 501 & 810 switching systems
  • Performed hardware and loading software (GEM & RP) expansion on existing customer network Supported Confidential engineer during RNC Hardware Migration ETMF4 Configuration, IuPS over IP Deployment. Testing fiber optics connections

Confidential, Plano, Texas

Service & Solutions Operations - Field Service Engineer


  • Performed APG 40 software update and upgrade on existing customer networks: Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Base Station Controller (BSC)
  • Performed migrations from IOG 20 to APG 40 and APZ 21233 to APZ 21240 Confidential customer networks
  • Performed hardware change out APG 40 node replacement per Customer Support Request (CSR) basis
  • Carried and supported the project to success in high stress and time constrained environments
  • Stayed within the project budget during travelling to customer locations in US and Canada
  • Used Winfiol, Citrix and SMO scripts to perform the upgrades or updates

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

Wireless Systems - Technical Support Engineer


  • Performed integration, installation test, setup test equipments, support, operation, and maintenance of all GSM network: MSC, BSC and Radio Base Station (RBS) systems
  • Knowledge of Confidential AXE switching system (BYB 202, 501 and 810), APG 40 and APZ 21240
  • Performed systems software upgrades on IOG, APZ and APG
  • Came in after hours to clone APG 40 to meet deadline and eliminate adverse impact on the project
  • Came in after hours to do maintenance and repair to reduce downtime and impact on major project schedule


Hardware Support Engineer


  • Performed installation test, setup test equipments, configurations, maintenance and 24/7 support on all equipment related to Confidential telephony switching platform AXE 10 in lab environments

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