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Solution Architect Project Manager Network System Admin Atlanta, GA


Twenty plus years as a Solution Architect, Project Manager, System Administrator, Systems / Business Analyst (technology & industry), Field Engineer with extensive integration / implementation management, Broadcast and CRM / ERP expertise, both nationally & internationally. Strong emphasis on Internet integration / Information assurance / Application development / Analysis and business process re - engineering / conversion. A proven ability to develop, work with and facilitate various cross-functional teams to produce effective results for Confidential 1000 clients.


  • Solution Architect / Project Management
  • Data / System Conversions & Re-engineering.
  • RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Sybase, Access).
  • Broadcast Solutions Dev / System Admin.
  • E-Commerce (EC/EDI), Website / Internet.
  • Application Design, Development & Implementation with 3rd Party Apps.
  • Web Analytics.
  • WAN/LAN/Wireless/Cloud Network Integrate.
  • NAS’s & SAN’s.
  • UNIX, Windows Server & Telco Tuning.


OPERATING SYSTEM: All UNIX, System 5 or Cal Berkley (Linux, SUNOS, Solaris, Apple OS, HPUX, AIX, AT&T, SCO, BSD, ULTRIX, etc.), Windows (Server 2012/8R2/3/0, Windows 10/8/7/XP), VMware, Transcoder s, Encoders/Decoders, Content Capture Systems, NAS s & SAN s (NetApps, Isilon, DigiData), Cloud, Internet, WAN (ATM/FR/DSL), LAN (CAT-6/5, Fiber), TCP/IP 6/4, Wireless, CIFS, NFS, Cisco Routers/Switches/Bridges/Hubs, Platinum / Panacea Broadcast Routers, TSU/DSU/CSU (Data/Voice), Lucent Merlin/Partner, Telephony

SOFTWARE: Python, Java, C, Visual Basic, Javascript, ASP, XML, EDI script, AWK, SED, SHELL and Macro programming, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic, Selenio/Invenio, DAM/MAM, Confidential /FirstWave CRM, Dynamic 365, Zoho, MS Project, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Office, Visio, Publisher, Adobe Suite, MS Exchange, Outlook, SP, Lotus Notes, NLE s (Velocity/AVID/Final Cut)Apache Server, IIs, Commerce Server, EDI, Sterling, Metascope, WireShark, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop, Brio, Web Methods, Design Sys (AutoCAD, Pinnacle Systems, Framemaker, Publisher, Interleaf)

DATABASE: SQL Srv 2016/12/8, Oracle 11g/10g, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, Access


Solution Architect / Project Manager / Network & System Admin

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Responsible for hands-on, managing projects and develop technology solutions for the company.
  • Solutions include Manufacturing, Medical, Financial and Insurance and all environments with SW/HW listed above & below.

Project Manager / Sr. Field Engineer / System Administrator

Confidential, Melbourne, FL


  • Project Manager of Government Solutions / Sr. Field Engineer / Automation and DAM Developer for a global Software Systems, Broadcast, Encryption and Wireless provider with a diversified management and product services portfolio.
  • Responsibilities include designing and developing DAM applications using the Invenio toolset, database, WAN, network & broadcast tools, analytics and tactical planning to provide productive, efficient state-of-the-art client solutions.
  • Developer of Broadcast, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions utilizing Encoders/Decoders (NetVX/Selenio), Transcoder’s (Telestream), NLE’s (Velocity/AVID/Final Cut), NAS’s & SAN’s (NetApp, Isilon, DigiData), Broadcast Routers in a Internet, Intranet, WAN, LAN, Wireless.
  • Developer, System Admin and SOP writer for Government Solutions team systems and projects.
  • Information Assurance (IA)/Cyber Security rep for 3rd party HW/SW on Government Solutions team.

Environment: Windows 8/7/XP, Server 2012/8/3/0, VMware, IIs, Linux, NAS, SAN, Apache HTTP Server, COMMS, VoIP, Cisco, WAN, LAN, Wireless, Router, Switch, Metascope, WireShark, ADC 1000, Platinum / Panacea Broadcast Router, Ripcode, VideoTek, Fiber Channel, SQL Server 2012/8/5/0, Oracle / Oracle Toolkit, Crystal Reports, Invenio, Visual Studio, JAVA, Javascript, XML., DAM, NetVX, CCS, Transcoder’s, NLE, NAS, Flash, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Suite.

Sr. Consultant / System Administrator / CRM Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Sr. Consultant and CRM Developer for a global service provider with a diversified management and product services portfolio.
  • Responsibilities include designing and developing CRM applications using the Confidential CRM toolset, database & report writer tools, analytics and tactical planning to provide productive and efficient client solutions.
  • Consultant, System Administrator and Developer of Confidential and SQL Server documentation.
  • Developer of CRM solutions.

Environment: Windows XP, Server 2003/0, VMware, IIs, Linux, Apache HTTP Server, SQL Server, Oracle / Oracle Toolkit, Access, Crystal Reports, Visual Studio, JAVA, Javascript, XML, Flash, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Suite.

Chief Technology Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Technology lead of company R&D, technology acquisition / implementation. Managed technology staff and consultants.
  • Managed/Developed Confidential product line using in-house custom designed software / tools (Sprites, Flash, Java, ASP, XML, Oracle, Pinnacle Systems, enhanced streaming video, custom sound) to develop Interactive / Internet TV product line. Additionally, created SOP processes and procedures for all product lines.
  • Managed/Developed Confidential product pilot for General Motors Pontiac division for future rollout to additional automotive divisions.
  • Elegant Interactive (www.sosodef.com, www.mauldinbrand.com) / Transactional Websites utilizing Flash, ASP, XML, MySQL, enhanced streaming video, custom sound with near real time, quantifiable and verifiable data.
  • Developed Geo-location Intelligent Web Analytics product returning POI, POD, ROI, etc. in a non-invasion manner.
  • Development of Market Research and Planning for clients needing real time, quantifiable and verifiable data.
  • Interactive Content Development, Product Placement, Business Development, Creative and Artistic Consulting.

Environment: Windows XP, Server 2003/0, Apple OS 10, Linux, Cisco, Apache HTTP Server. SUNOS, Linux, Oracle / Oracle Toolkit, MySQL, Access, Java, Javascript, .ASP, XML, Flash, Pinnacle Systems, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Suite.

Director of Information Systems

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Founded the Confidential MIS department and directed WAN / LAN/ PC standards throughout the Division / Corporation with International connectivity.
  • Conversion of the Division and corporate offices from a Novell environment to an MS Server 2000/NT environment during concurrent total office realignment.
  • Key participant and signatory in multiple corporate wide RFP selection processes for Oldcastle’s (500+ operating locations) long distance voice, data and cellular services contracts with WorldCom utilizing Cisco equipment.
  • LAN architect for Division MS Server 2000 / NT servers (Multi-domain).
  • Directed the relocation of a Division headquarters to new facilities. Novell, UNIX, Leased line, CAT-3 cabling and non-Y2K compliant phone systems were upgraded to Server 2000, NT, UNIX, FR/ISDN, CAT-5+ & Fiber Optic cabling, RF, Wireless and Y2K compliant phone system.
  • New acquisitions integrator of 8 companies (28 operating locations) in 10 months. Merged their technology (Novell / UNIX / PC based), accounting (various packages), business systems (various packages) and converted data into Confidential (UNIX / 2000 / FR) while expanding Confidential to 25 companies with 75 locations.
  • Directed new company integration during Division sales increase of 45% in the U.S. arm of $6 billion global CRH plc organization (International building products).
  • Conversion Architect of the Division from a 350 MS Mail system to a 1000+ MS Exchange/Outlook email system.
  • WAN architect for a growing 18 MS 2000/NT (Multi-domain), 11 UNIX, 5 MS Exchange server, EDI / EC, Web Server, Direct Internet connection, 100+ leg FR/ISDN North American International meshed network utilizing Cisco’s product line.
  • Architect for the Division Oracle data warehouse and ERP.
  • Conversion Architect of massive Excel spreadsheets w/macros into Oracle/Access databases. Reports created via Oracle reports, Brio & Crystal Reports.

Environment: Windows XP, 98, 95, Server 2000, NT, SUNOS, HPUX, NCROS, Novell, Apache HTTP Server, Cisco, Commerce Server, EDI, Oracle, Access, Basic Flat Files, MS Exchange, MS Mail, cc:Mail., Lotus Notes, JAVA, Javascript, .ASP, Excel Macro, Brio & Crystal Reports, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Suite, Internet, WAN (FR/ISDN), LAN(CAT-5,Fiber), TCP/IP, Wireless, NOVELL, NFS, FTP, Cisco/SMC/Adtran Routers/Switches/Bridges/Hubs, TSU/DSU/CSU (Data/Voice), Lucent Merlin/Partner, Telephony.

Managing Consultant / Trainer / Proj. Mgr.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Designed, implemented and secured a 1100 node, 3 site multi-platform WAN Intranet / Internet Call Center for Equitable Life Assurance.
  • Conducted bi-monthly, week long MS Windows, Excel and PL/SQL application classes of 12-15 for Equitable in Chicago for 3 quarters.

Environment: Windows 95, NT, HPUX, Novell, EDI, Cisco, Oracle (PL/SQL), Sybase, Informix, C++, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic programming, Excel Macro, Brio, Internet, HTML, WAN (FR/ISDN), LAN(CAT-5,Fiber), TCP/IP, NOVELL, NFS, FTP, Cisco/SMC/Adtran Routers/Switches/Bridges/Hubs, TSU/DSU/CSU (Data/Voice), Lucent Merlin/Partner, Telephony.

Project Manager

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Project Manager, System Integrator, Implementation / Database Specialist and Software Developer.
  • Responsibilities include FirstWave CRM/ERP application design / development / implementation, team management, client retention and .
  • Project Manager / Developer with extensive experience designing and integrating CRM and ERP systems utilizing Confidential . (old Brock Control Systems) and RDBMS toolkits.
  • Knowledgeable in Medical, Publishing and Manufacturing processes.
  • Designed and implemented a 125 node, 5 site multi-platform WAN Intranet with Cisco products.
  • Designed and implemented corporate “virtual office” procedures to control onsite/offsite client costs.

Environment: Windows 3.1, 3.11 WG, 95, NT, HPUX, Novell, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, C++, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic programming, Excel Macro, Brio, MS Mail, Internet, HTML, WAN (FR/ISDN), LAN (CAT-5, Fiber), TCP/IP, NOVELL, NFS, FTP, Cisco/SMC/Adtran Routers/Bridges/Hubs, TSU/DSU/CSU (Data/Voice), Lucent Merlin/Partner, Telephony

Product Manager / Quality Assurance

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Development team member of the firm’s new database independent windows CRM product through development, testing, and support across four database/network configurations for IPO. Charged with a mandate from management, to write/upgrade "Total Quality Assurance" procedures within FirstWave. Procedures addressed software development, "In-house" Systems/Networks, and internal business systems.
  • Developed CRM / ERP software/hardware solutions for FirstWave’s high profile clients.
  • Designed, implemented and managed corporate 16 node, Quality Assurance Lab LAN.
  • Designed and configured four concurrent RDBMS onto each Quality Assurance Lab node.
  • Lead System Administrator for Quality Assurance Lab CRM/ERP templates, RDBMS, operating systems and hardware.
  • Developed, designed and implemented database independent software installation programs and procedures.

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