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Paas Specialist Resume

Ssa Baltimore, MD


  • Performance and optimization oriented DEVOPS and Linux/Unix System Engineer with over 8 years of experience in AWS and more than 7 years of hands on experience in different flavors of Linux OS, Application Databases.
  • Advanced experience in capacity building, data management, personnel and project management, and customer service delivery. Passionate customer focused advocate.


Platforms: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6&7, Ubuntu, Centos X86/X64 platforms, Solaris 10 & 11, Openshift, AWS

Devops Tools: Jenkins, Chef, Git, Github, ansible, Nexus, Jira, puppet, Docker

Languages: UNIX Shells (tcsh, ksh, sh, bash), ruby, html, YAML

AWS Services: EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, ELB, EBS, Auto Scaling, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Route53, Cloud Trail, Opsworks, SNS, SQS, Security groups


Confidential - SSA Baltimore, MD

PaaS Specialist

  • Help SSA business unit transition their legacy infrastructure to the cloud with the goals of improving performance, reliability, scalability, availability and automation.
  • Evaluate customer’s requirements, make recommendations and create documentation for best practices.
  • Collaborate with development team to identify, troubleshoot and resolve deployed issues for component based applications.
  • Restructure/align AWS resources to standard practices and conventions for all environment in a hybrid cloud setup
  • Automate provisioning of AWS infrastructure using ansible playbooks.
  • Manage SSA projects using;
  • Openshift enterprise 3.x and AWS as platforms with Dockers and kubernetes as the orchestration engines on RHEL 7.X
  • AWS services: EC2 (RHEL 7.2), Route 53, EBS volumes, AMI, ELB, multi-AZ deployment, VPCs, subnets, NACL, route tables, IGW, S3, IAM, Security groups, cloudwatch, cloudtrail, SNS, SQS, NAT
  • Jenkins and Ansible for configuration, deployment and management
  • Write ansible playbooks to provision AWS services such as ec2, s3
  • Ansible playbooks to shutdown/startup ec2 in the openshift environment
  • Anisble playbooks to remediate security scans on nexus
  • Ansible playbooks to deploy openshift environment
  • Satellite 6.x for server patching and life cycle management
  • Cloudforms for ec2 instance monitoring
  • Monitor ec2 application resources using Zenoss (CPU, Memory, server status etc)
  • Maintain and document processes in confluence and stash
  • Create change request on service now

Confidential, Reston VA

Devops Engineer

  • Develop and provide input of hosting applications on the AWS Cloud platform taking into account infrastructure, sizing, disaster recovery, data protection and application requirements.
  • Design and deploy highly available, dynamically scalable, cost effective, fault tolerant and reliable applications on AWS platform.
  • Contribute to proposals, statements of work, lessons learned and process improvement.
  • Implement customized AWS solutions for on premise and cloud environment client.
  • Evaluate customer’s requirements and make recommendations for implementing, deploying, and provisioning application on the AWS platform.
  • Focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and promote enterprise solution deployment assets to target environments.
  • Implemented continuous deployment systems with Jenkins and AWS OpsWorks
  • Recommend strategies, best practices, and help with smooth transition from on premise environment to the cloud environment.
  • Provide and document best practices, backup procedures, troubleshooting guides and making sure infrastructure and architecture drawings are current with changes.
  • Partner with platform data and app teams to make sure architecture and infrastructure meet business requirements.
  • Stay current with the latest features/capabilities of the AWS platform.
  • Create training modules designed to assist and train onboarding new employees.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, including the ability to foresee problems before they occur.
  • Manage projects (xfinity, xpc, Elasticsearch Logstach Kibana(ELK), Dayview etc)
  • Install, configure, maintain servers, virtual machines (CentOS 5, 6; RHEL 5 &6)
  • Monitor virtual machine using nagios, check logs
  • Troubleshoot virtual machines
  • Deploy, configure services using puppet 3.7
  • AWS: install, configure and deploy EC2 linux instances, s3, code deploy, code commit, RDS
  • Install github repository, git: using git to pull and commit new docker images from docker hub. Pull, push and commit any changes to the github.
  • Use JIRA for ticketing: create projects, create and manage tickets.
  • Install and use xen and KVM for virtualization and creating virtual machines.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Vmware Engineer

  • Install, configure ESXi 5.x
  • Install, configure, maintain Virtual machines
  • Install Linux (RHEL, CentOS, SUSE) and Unix (Solaris 10 &11) on virtual machines
  • Large environment with +1000 virtual servers
  • Maintain vsphere client, vCenter server, datacenters
  • Troubleshoot virtual machines, physical servers
  • Clone virtual machines
  • Create templates from virtual machines
  • Monitor virtual machines, physical servers
  • File system management
  • Logical volume management
  • Manage users and group accounts
  • Install and deploy HPVPV version 2.01(HP Virtualization Performance Viewer)
  • Monitor and report VCenter server performance using Hpvpv
  • Familiar with HPOO
  • Familiar with HPSA
  • Create scripts using bash/perl
  • Some experience with Openstack for linux
  • Experience with AWS cloud computing (EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, Route 53, RDS)
  • Install and configure Puppet enterprise 3.7
  • Install and configure Request Tracker 4.2.9
  • Install and configure webservers

Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Engineering Support System Administrator

  • Responsible for installation, configuration and maintaining of RHEL 5 & 6, SUSE, CentOS 5 &6, Solaris 10, 11, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows on virtual machines, physical servers (IBM, Dell, HP).
  • Large environment with +2000 physical and virtual servers
  • Cable and rack hardware (disk shelves, filers etc)
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software
  • Create clusters using clustered Data ONTAP 8
  • 7-mode cluster-mode multipathing
  • Configure SAN, NAS storage using fire channel cables, FCoE and ISCSI
  • Manage ticketing system
  • Manage DNS, DHCP, NFS servers, vLANs
  • RHEL virtualization using vmware, ESXi
  • Install and configure ESXi
  • File system management
  • Jumpstart for unix installation
  • Use kickstart configurator for linux installations
  • Logical volume management
  • Configure and install cisco switches

Confidential, Landover, MD

Linux/UNIX Systems Administrator & Analyst 

  • Responsible for installation, configuration and administration of Solaris and Linux servers
  • Large environment with 1500+ physical and virtual servers
  • Performing needs assessment and patch management for Oracle Solaris Linux Enterprise systems.
  • Infrastructure hardening and Security Administration & Installation on multiple systems
  • Experience in Virtualization and AWS Cloud Computing (EC2, RDS, S3).
  • Expertise in establishment and configuration of Solaris virtual environments. Installed multiple sparse and whole root zones within one physical instance of Solaris 10
  • Performance Monitoring and capacity planning in anticipation of system resource usage and needs.
  • Setup ZFS quotas, reservation and automatic NFS-share of directories
  • Used SMF system utilities
  • Working knowledge with shell scripting using Bourne Again Shell (BASH)
  • Installed and configured VERITAS volume manager.
  • Deploy, Install and configure Puppet enterprise 3.7
  • Creation and management of LDOMS
  • In-depth knowledge of NFS, DHCP, NFS, FTP
  • Implemented RAID 0-5 solutions with VERITAS Volume Manager (Symantec Veritas version 6.0.1).
  • Installed and configured Symantec VERITAS Netbackup master, media and client servers.
  • Setup VERITAS Netbackup policies.
  • Working knowledge with SAN, NAS
  • Experience using YUM and RPM for package management
  • Logical Volume Management maintenance
  • Install and build apache web servers
  • RHEL virtualization with VMWare 5.5, Kernel-based Virtual Machine
  • EMC for storage

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