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Systems Administrator/applications Support Resume

Glendale, CO


Over 10 years of experience in Windows Systems Administration, including experience and technical knowledge in Windows Systems, NOVELL NETWARE, VMWARE VSPHERE/ESX/GSX, Cisco Switching and Routing, LAN/WAN, Database/Web Development, Software Automation, Updates Management, Systems Monitoring, Change Management, and basic Linux/Unix Macintosh OSX.


Systems Administration: Responsible for providing support for the network server infrastructure - installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of server services such as Active Directory Services -NETIQ, Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003/2008/2012/2016 Server Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP, WINS, RRAS, SMS, IIS 4/5/6/7, SQL 7/2000/2005/2008 /2012/2014 , MS Exchange 5.0/5.5/2000/2003 , Remote Desktop Services, Proxy/IAS, File/Print Services, WSUS/3rd Party Windows Update applications and software automation services such as Windows Deployment Services/Remote Installation Services, ALTIRIS - WISE, and SYMANTEC Ghost Server. Excellent understanding of both hardware/software RAID Levels 0/1/5/1+0/1+5 and experienced implementing Fault Tolerance Solutions. Backup & Recovery Services using VERITAS BACKUPEXEC version 8/9/10. Possess proficiency in implementing Active Directory Group Policies - creating, linking, and managing Active Directory Group Policy Objects as well as providing User/Workstation Administration. Possess intermediate to advance skills using virtualization systems such as VMWARE GSX/ESXI/VSPHERE. Possess intermediate to advance skills using C#/POWERSHELL/VBSCRIPT/WSH/WMI/ADSI scripting for administration and HTML, JAVASCRIPT, ASP and CSS for website development & maintenance. File transfer/archive via manual/automated software - WSFTP/WINSCP/GOA. Create/maintain asset inventories, create monitoring alerts for Windows/3 rd Party services, web services, databases, and identified hardware/logical performance criteria. Server Systems IBM x3650/NETFINITY Series, COMPAQ/HP Desktop/Rack Mount 1200, 1600, DL 360/380/580/5500/ G3/G4 Series, and DELL POWEREDGE 610/710/2200/2600/2850/2950/4600 Series. Install/configure Dell OPENMANAGE Server Administrator for remote management, upgrade/update server hardware firmware

Network Administration: Responsible for providing support for the networking equipment infrastructure - installation and troubleshooting of the routers, and switches - Cisco 7200/2600/2500 and 3Com NETBUILDER routers, Cisco 2900, 3Com SUPERSTACK and HP 2800 series switches/hubs. Possess excellent understanding of RIP v1, RIP v2, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF routing protocols, STP, VTP/VLAN, HDLC/PPP, Router Access Lists, IP SUBNETTING (Normal/Inverse), Frame Relay, Sub-Interface/Loop-back addressing, basic understanding of BGP, excellent understanding of switch methodology - store/forward, cut thru, and fragment free, and basic cabling - CAT 5/5E/6, rollover, crossovers - 3/6, 1/7, 4/5, straight thru - 568A/B.

Desktop Support: Responsible for providing first level support for desktop and laptop workstations - installation, repair, and troubleshooting of computer hardware; installation/troubleshooting of computer peripherals equipment to include printers, scanners, digital camera, PDA devices, and external storage devices; and installation/configuration of computer software. VPN Clients Microsoft, Cisco 4/5, CITRIX, Check Point and NORTEL. Operating Systems Windows NT/2000 Pro/XP Pro and Mac OS X 10.4/5. Intel Macintosh and PC Systems IBM, DELL, HP. Software/Hardware Installation, Repair, & Rebuild.


Systems Administrator/Applications Support

Confidential, Glendale, CO


  • Provide systems administration for 1100+ Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 Multi - Domain Active Directory forest consisting of physical (Dell POWEREDGE 610/710) / virtual (VSPHERE 6.5) servers separated into multiple VLANS by function/organization - Development, Corp(HQ), and Production.
  • Install/configure Dell OPENMANAGE Server Administrator for remote management, upgrade/update server hardware firmware, build/upgrade/repair server operation systems using management disks and Golden Images, assist with hardware upgrades/replacements/re-locations
  • Manual/automated installs, configuration, upgrade, update, and troubleshoot custom software builds for Windows Services/Web Services/3 rd Party Services within production, provided initial support/troubleshooting for application database connectivity/query processing, setup/configure file transfer/archive via manual/automated software WSFTP/WINSCP/GOA.
  • Develop systems administrators tools to automate application updates via POWERSHELL/C#, develop POWERSHELL scripts for Active Directory/Server maintenance active directory user/group account update, file relocation/deletion, read spreadsheets, write reports, query/insert/delete database records, retrieve server/active directory information, start/stop services, logoff users, create/track/trace emails, etc.
  • Create/implement/review system changes tracked in MANAGEENGINE, create/maintain asset inventories, create monitoring alerts for Windows/3 rd Party services, web services, databases, and identified hardware/logical performance criteria, respond/repair/review of assets identified by monitoring alerts for performance optimization, familiar with monitoring applications like OPSMANAGER, and SOLARWINDS
  • Install/configure WSUS/3 rd Party Windows Update software, establish maintenance plans for related databases to optimize application performance, configure asset reporting using active directory group policies or manual selection, configure manual/automated updates approvals, scheduling update tasks, develop/automate POWERSHELL scripting to optimize patching processes.

Computer/Network Engineer

Confidential, Dublin, CA


  • Provide systems administration for Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory Environment consisting of Dell POWEREDGE Servers running VMWARE VSPHERE 4.1.
  • Build and Administer Virtual Windows 2008 Terminal Servers for Transportation Department running SQL Server 2005/2008 on VSPHERE Servers using VMWARE VCENTER.
  • Implemented OTC/Custom software installations, and configured automatic data imports and export processes to update databases within the custom software.
  • Create and Implement Maintenance Plans for SQL Server 2005/2008 Full and Simple backups - database full, differential, and log backups.
  • SQL Server 2005/2008 optimizing for memory and multi-processor utilization.
  • Create and Implement ODBC and OLEDB connections for SQL Server querying of ALTIRIS servers.
  • Active Directory re-structuring and data migration - using VBSCRIPT to query Active Directory for users, groups, computers, and GPOs, create new Active Directory OUs and groups, migrate users to new groups, move computers to new OUs, create new NTFS directories, assign permissions to new directories, and to implement login script network mappings.
  • Group Policy Objects analysis, creation, and implementation for newly re-structured Active Directory OUs; and detailed documentation of all Active Directory and NTFS systems changes.

Systems Administrator

Confidential, San Diego, CA


  • Provided systems administration for Windows 2003 Active Directory Environment consisting of Dell POWEREDGE 2200, 2600, 4600 and IBM x3650 Servers, user administration, remote administration, group policy administration, VBSCRIPT/WSH/WMI scripting, website editing and maintenance for internal and external Confidential -usgs.gov site, basic Unix user admin on SOLARIS 9, virtualization using VMWARE 1.6, 2.0, ESXI 3.5 and MS Virtual PC, database application support - MS Access, and minor SQL Server 2005, Backup and Recovery using VERITAS Backup Exec 10d for Windows, Desktop support for workstations - Dell GX 270, 620, 745, Precision 220/640 and Macintosh computers- running Windows XP/Mac OS X 10.4/5, MS Office 2003, Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7.0 clients, Cisco Systems VPN Client 5.0, and custom USGS software.

System Administrator Associate

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO


  • Provided user administration, remote administration, desktop support, and minor server administration in an Active Directory 2000/2003/Exchange 2003 environment for client base of 300-600 users both internal and remote - creation of user accounts, mail enabling accounts, creation of user account mailboxes, establish mailbox security, password maintenance, enabling instance messaging, verification/correction of share permissions, installation of printers, implementation of OU level group policies; routine hardware maintenance on laptop computers - overheating issues, upgrade of computer RAM, replacement of hard drives/DVD Drives, laptop keyboards, laptop mice, laptop monitors; maintenance/repair of current server pool - imaging server (ALTIRIS), image recovery server (Norton Ghost), and file server for software distribution; and custom VBScript and WMI Scripting for hardware and user administration of Windows Server 2003/XP PRO computers.

I.T. Contractor

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Installation of back office print server and front counter printers for Catalina Marketing. Retail installations required configuration of print server using custom Windows XP Embedded software to print color advertising coupons.
  • Additionally, backup and restore of various databases and store configuration files.
  • Lt System Admin/Desktop Support for Rosetta Resources: Installation, troubleshooting and repair of Dell Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows 2000/XP Pro.
  • Installation and support of MS Office 2000/2003, CITRIX, CISCO VPN, and Custom Client software as well as User Administration in Active Directory 2003/Exchange 2003 environment - setup new user accounts, mail enable, create user mailboxes, establish mailbox security, creation of file and printer shares, and assigned user account permissions.
  • Desktop Deployment for Confidential: Installation of 300 Dell Laptop and Desktop computers running Windows 20000 for Confidential throughout Colorado - Dell GX280/620 desktop systems and D800/400 laptop systems running Windows 2000 Professional.
  • File transfer using ALTIRIS PC Transplant to move files from old computers to new Dell computers. After installation, we provided Desktop Support of new systems, troubleshooting network connectivity issues, setup of network printers, and configuration of Lotus Notes email client.

I.T. Support Specialist

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Provide network and desktop support for up to 45 users both in-house and remote. Perform Network Administration for mixed Active Directory environment - Win NT 4, Win 2000, & Win 2003 Servers, DNS, DHCP, File & Print, SQL 2000, Exchange 5.5/2000, SMS 1.2 & 3, Backup & Recovery using VERITAS BACKUPEXEC. 8.6.
  • Desktop Support: Provide hardware and software support for Windows XP Desktops: IBM computers - OMNITECH P2 & P3, Gateway P2 & P3, Dell OPTIPLEX GX260, GX270, & GX280, Toshiba, Dell, & Compaq laptops Customer support & training for 45 DOL end users both in-house and remote.
  • Application support for XP Office 2003, MS Office 2000, WordPerfect 8/9, PDA software for BLACKBERRY devices, Custom software for Solicitor's department - Solar 2000 and TD 2000, Custom software for HR department - GRB Assist2003/2004, Dolphin, and several other Oracle database clients, VPN software - IPASS, and CISCO.
  • Performed Web Development for Region Net using Active Server Pages, Html, JavaScript, and Cascading Style sheets - Development platforms - Dreamweaver MX 2004, Flash MX 2004, and Paint Shop Pro 7/8.

LAN Analyst

Confidential, Northglenn, CO


  • Provide Network and desktop support for approximately 1500 network nodes. Provide Network Administration Support for 23 Windows NT Servers and backup support of 10 Windows 2000 Server in the Administration Center.
  • Installation of NT 4/2000 Servers, DHCP, WINS, Proxy, DNS, IIS, Exchange 5.0/5.5, SQL 7/2000, File/Print Servers, and HP Top Tools Servers. Protocols used TCP/IP, NETBEUI, and DLC. Implemented and administered server services for SMTP, disaster recovery, and remote administration.
  • Create System Policies, Login Scripts, User Accounts Scripts, and Network Resources for both PCs and Mac.
  • Provide hardware, and software support. Installation of network infrastructure equipment - Cisco/3Com Routers, 3Com/HP Switches, 3Com Hubs, and HP Internal/External Print Servers; Project coordinator for building wiring projects - CAT 5E Ethernet, and Multi Mode Fiber.
  • Provided Desktop and Phone Support for 1200 desktop and laptop computers running Windows 98, ME, NT 4 Workstation, and Windows 2000 Pro.
  • Install PC and Laptop systems.
  • Development of software Images for automated distribution using Norton Ghost;
  • Create image software platform to include MS Office 2000, 3rd Party Email (First Class), 3270 IBM Emulation Software (IBM IFS), 3rd Party Wan Client (EXCENT 6.15), and 3rd Party Database Client (SASI). Custom image build for classroom and/or lab image. Provide hardware and software support.

Field Technical Support

Confidential, Colorado, Denver, CO


  • Member of 7 Field Technicians providing Network Administration Support for 67+ NOVELL NETWARE 4.11/Windows NT 4 Servers.
  • Installation of NOVELL Directory Services
  • Implementation of System Policies, Remote Control, and Automated Software Installation using ZENWORKS
  • Installation of NOVELL GROUPWISE 5.2 in Client/Server and TCP/IP Modes
  • Implement/Manage Domain Anti Virus Software (Cheyenne INNOCULAN) for 60+ NETWARE servers, and 1100 client workstations monthly
  • Implementation and administration of Front End/Back End Access Database Applications; Administration of IIS Servers, File/Print Servers, Terminal Servers, and RAS Servers, Intranet Web Development, Development of Internal Web Tech Training Site, and Installation of Dial Out Server for Credit Inquiries. Setup File, Print Services, Internal/External Print Servers, Printers, Create login scripts, user accounts, and network shares/resources.
  • Provide hardware and software support. Desktop/Phone Support for 1100 desktop and laptop computers running Windows 95/98/NT Workstation.
  • Install PC and Laptop systems; Development and configuration of automated software using NOVELL ZENWORKS. Software Packages
  • Developed - MS Office 97, Access 97, GroupWise Email, 3270 IBM Emulator, Cheyenne Antivirus (Client Distribution Monthly), Access Database Distribution (Signature Card), and Credit Commander. Install Windows 95/98 and Windows NT Workstation. Provide hardware and software support.

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