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Aws Python Lead Resume

Shelton, CT


  • AWS Certified working currently in Python MongoDB Automation project on Unix/Linux and Cloud platform as Amazon Web Service.
  • Certified AWS/Drupal 8 IT professional with 11+ years of extensive experience as a PHP Full Stack Web Application, System Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various client/server, Web - based applications.
  • Certification and knowledge on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud platform as Lead/Architect.
  • Experience of development using various IDEs like PyCharm(Python), Atom, Visual Studio.
  • Hands on experience in use of various Python libraries in web development like NumPy,Pandas, PySpark, OpenPyxl,Boto3,Requests Unit test,UnitTest.
  • Having strong experience in developing and migrating various PHP framework Open Source and like WordPress and Drupal.
  • Experience in IDEs like Datastage ETL ,Adobe Dreamweaver, Postman, PyCharm, and Notepad++.
  • Having hands on experience on Security, performance and integration of modules
  • Experience in Web development (especially in Developer Application Program Interface (API)
  • Experience in Agile Iterative model, Waterfall. Preference for Agile SCRUM environment.
  • Domains Worked: BFSI (Banking, Finance, Security, Insurance) and Retail.
  • Solid experience in understanding of responsive websites using Drupal, HTML5/CSS.
  • Currently working in Shelton, CT


Operating System: UNIX,Apache, XAMPP,LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP)

Cloud Technology: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Environment: Client/Server Architecture /Web Services

Database: MongoDB,Amazon Redshift, MySQL,MS Access,SQL Server, Teradata ETL, Dynamo DB

Front End: HTML5, DHTML, XML, Ajax, CSS3

Languages/Scripting: Python,Php, ES6 Java Script Unix Shell Scripting, VBA

Frameworks/Opensource: Drupal, WordPress, PyCharm, Homebrew

Version Control: BitBucket/GIT /Github

Software Tools and IDE: Pycharm, Sublime, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Postman,Atom

Familiar with: ServiceNow, HP Quality Center, NodeJS


Confidential, Shelton, CT

AWS Python Lead


  • Data Processing using Python and exporting to MongoDB database
  • Using AWS S3 buckets to store log files
  • Automating the task to load file from On Prem server and process it with Python
  • Using Dockers and Containers for AWS Codepipeline
  • BitBucket repositories for Code Merger and Code Versions
  • Using Loopback (Swagger) API for API calls and handshake between different systems
  • Exporting Lambda outputs to CloudWatch Logs for testing of python automation tool
  • Experience in creating, monitoring, alarms and notifications SNS using CloudWatch
  • Used Numpy for typecasting and MongoDB storage
  • Used PyUnit library to perform unit testing on Python

Environment: Python 3.7, Amazon Web service (AWS), LAMP, PyCharm, Atom, BitBucket/Github, MongoDB,NodeJS,LoopBack API (Swagger)

Confidential, Chicago, IL

AWS Python Lead /Architect


  • Data Processing and Data analytics using Python and Unix Shell Scripting
  • Exporting Lambda outputs to CloudWatch Logs for testing of python automation tool
  • Experience in creating, monitoring, alarms and notifications SNS using CloudWatch
  • Used Numpy and SciPy for Numerical analysis on Credit Card Customer Data
  • Used PyUnit library to perform unit testing on Python
  • Used OpenPyxl for reading of Excel or CSV format data to import into AWS S3 bucket using Python
  • Create Python3.6 wrappers for automation using AWS cloud S3 buckets and EMR cluster
  • Managing EMR for specific modules and tokenization’s
  • AWS S3 Encryption and Tokenization Detokenization buckets and Shell scripting to generate reports
  • Turing Encryption on Security of Data at Rest and Data in Transport
  • Decryption /Encryption of Tokens at end points
  • Database Redshift and SnowFlake with S3 Integration
  • Generate and implement Shell Script on UNIX systems by following Agile methodology.
  • Used JIRA(Agile) tool for tracking the project status.
  • Using PyCharm IDE for Python coding
  • Using JS to modify the frontends and moving the files in AWS cloud storage.
  • Implemented REST API in Python and Shell Scripting to register Metadata
  • Used SWAGGER API’s to mask and unmask the data as well as Bulk uploads to Metadata tool
  • Using GITHUB for version control and to release the code to Production
  • Working on Automation of manual Registration process for all the files using Python /Spark and Amazon Redshift as database
  • Working on IBM DataStage Modules migration to Cloud
  • In depth experience building data engineering or data science platforms using of the following technologies: Hadoop, Presto, Apache Arrow, Apache, Jupyter Notebooks
  • Using Parquet and AVRO file formats for processing into AWS S3 bucket, Test existing code by Unit testing and System Prod testing
  • Strong understanding of AWS SDK (Boto3), AWS API, AWS CLI, AWS CloudFormation
  • Indepth knowledge on S3, ECS, EC2, SNS, SQS, Lambda, SES, CFT, EMR, encryptions, S3 Bucket policies, IAM policies, VPC settings, Subnet and Route configurations.

Environment: Python 3.6, Unix shell scripting, Amazon Web service (AWS),Spark, LAMP, Redshift DB, Teradata(ETL), PyCharm, Atom, GIT/Github Bootstrap

Confidential, Missouri



  • Quickly, diagnosed and helped fix memory consumption problem for corporate site.
  • Coding modules sometimes from scratch and Testing using Test Plans
  • Used different python libraries like Scikit-learn, NumPy, Pandas to create models to predict the likelihood of a potential ratings of employee based of employment history, appraisal ratings, internal ratings, Assessment reports.
  • Good experience in various source code control tools like Git
  • Developing Web interface using Themes and Customized Modules and Python Libraries
  • Using GIT to maintain the version of the files used in the project including branching and tagging
  • Indepth knowledge on S3, ECS, EC2, SNS, SQS, Lambda, SES, CFT, EMR, encryptions, S3 Bucket policies, IAM policies, VPC settings, Subnet and Route configurations.
  • Developing Admin Panels for several websites with several Drupal modules as per client queries from MySQL database
  • Used JIRA(Agile) tool for tracking the project status.
  • Worked on Apache Server, Linux
  • Used AWS cloud for the uploads of the reports to S3 bucket
  • Developed Automated Python Unit testing of Symphony framework used internally
  • Added optional SNS e-mail notifications when users are approved, blocked, or deleted

Environment: Python, AWS, XML, PHP and frameworks like Drupal, Bootstrap V2.3., NumPy, Pandas, GIT/Github

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Senior Analyst


  • Parsed XML using the existing Drupal functionality
  • Minimized the cost (by 80%) of data load by using different database tools. Reduced Manual workload
  • Introduced & designed a process to purge the data which is more than 24 months old to save cost of loads in database Agile & Lean model followed.
  • Participated Actively in Analyzing the Risk and Estimation of the project
  • Added support for clean URLs in PHP.
  • Added few functionality related to authorization using ES6 Javascript
  • Coding modules sometimes from Scratch for Drupal 7 (Customized module)
  • Fixing Defects in PHP code and modules, Resolving Incidents from P0 (high Priority) to P4 (low priority)

Environment: Drupal 7 using Bootstrap, VBA (VB code), Apache, SOAP UI, XML, Javascript


Senior Developer/PHP MySQL Developer/Lead


  • Was part of Solution Design team for various forms and modules
  • Performance improvements: improved comment caching, faster SQL queries, etc.
  • Designed, coded, architected and tested various themes, modules and processes to extend Drupal to meet the client’s needs.
  • Added language selectors to most configuration options (views, menus, etc.)
  • Developed Risk Analysis Transition matrix for estimation purpose
  • Developed PHP Unit test cases for unit testing the applications
  • Created custom Drupal modules using PHP.

Environment: Web applications /PHP Drupal / SOAPUI, MYSQL, XAMPP


Senior Developer/ PHP MySQL Developer


  • Created modules based on existing architecture in Drupal structure
  • Implemented drag-and-drop positioning for blocks, menu items, taxonomy, vocabularies and terms, forums, profile fields, and input format filters
  • Improved handling of teasers in posts in Drupal.
  • Check for clean URL support automatically with JavaScript.
  • Introduced new concepts by remodeling the existing modules
  • Enhanced the system by rewriting the SQL’s and creating new database tables
  • Made the help text area a full featured region with blocks.

Environment: PHP Drupal 7 & ASP, MYSQL, Apache, CSS3/HTML, LAMP


Developer /Support Analyst


  • Internal modules on PHP for admin logins and users logins
  • Dynamically check password strength and confirmation.
  • Added block-level caching, improving performance for both authenticated and anonymous users.
  • Fixes faulty and chopped off HTML5 in postings.
  • Created Models and Views based on the requirements in PHP modules
  • Handled Several critical incidents related to several systems for eg TAX - P45 issue Enhanced PATSY system by reducing the loops and modifying /tuning the MySQL queries/Joins

Environment: PHP, MySQL, Apache, LAMP, Dreamweaver, HTML5/ CSS3


Developer/Solution Designer / PHP MySQL Developer


  • Introduced API concepts in designs and Coding
  • New hook that can be implemented by any module to route log messages to various destinations
  • Experienced in developing front-ends in PHP, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, and JavaScript for both Internet and Intranet website.
  • Enhanced existing system by optimizing SQL
  • Used Dreamweaver for coding the application
  • Added optional e-mail notifications when users are approved, blocked, or deleted
  • Created PHP scripts to find the zip code based on IP address
  • Route page requests to code based on URLs using Drupal
  • Created forms using Form Builder Drupal
  • Used the RSS feeds to display current news
  • Cross browser platform compatibility to run the application on all browsers
  • Created code on LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL and PHP) and XAMPP(for Windows)

Environment: PHP, MySQL, Drupal 6 JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5/CSS3, Dreamweaver.

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