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Active Directory / Exchange Migration Engineer (consultant) Resume

Fredericksburg, VA


Confidential, Fredericksburg, VA



  • Provided guidance in the planning, gathering requirements, recommendations and implementation of individual user and group migration to O365 environment (3,000 total user objects).
  • Developed a migration approach to move workloads from On - Premises AD to Windows Azure AD with use of Quest Migration Manager 8.14.
  • Researched, tested and managed migrations with Quest Migration Manager Tool.
  • Identify significant project risks, develop mitigation strategies and implement approved mitigation steps. Use of Skype for Business to communicate with remote team members and client remotely when off-site.
  • Also use of ConnectWise to process daily timesheets and chat for support. Provided daily project status reporting and actively attended status meetings with IT Managers and team members.
  • Configured virtual Windows 10 workstations in Hyper-V Manager for testing of single and multi-user logon to workstations following active sync.
  • Configured source and target domain in Quest Migration Manager for directory synchronization of selected Organizational Units during setup of testing phase.
  • Test user accounts and ensured all accounts were synced and mailbox available for access with current mail following use of Alternate ID Tool to sync mail from old domain.
  • Researched and resolved Azure AD issues relating to O365 and Active Directory to Azure AD.
  • Managed ADSync of users, computers and groups from old domain to new domain with Azure AD Connector Tool to direct mailflow to Azure AD Tenant.
  • Created new Organization Units and User Accounts to be added to new domain prior to ADSync and Migration.
  • Use of Group Policy Management Console to disable GPO Links prior to decommission and create links and/or enable OU’s in new domain.
  • Design migration plan to migrate G-Suite mailboxes to Office 365 Outlook mail and moves files on Google Drive to O365 OneDrive.
  • Implemented plan to migrate G-Suite mailboxes to local Exchange 2013 server and transfer mail to O365 cloud environment following.

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Responsible for troubleshooting mail flow issues and managing mailboxes, distribution groups and external mail contacts on Microsoft Exchange 2010 Servers.
  • Verified and managed current tickets in call log of HEAT ticketing system and provided Outlook 2010 third level support for users.
  • Maintained server health by checking performance monitor logs, disk- space utilization, events viewer, and reporting disk cleanup needed to administrator(s) whom manage backup of log files with Backup Exec Tool.
  • Log on to EM7 IT Operations Management Tool to check for messages with “Major” and/or “Critical” Exchange Server errors listed on the event chart, and manage troubleshooting the issues.
  • Use of Barracuda Email Security Gateway to log on and verify internal and external mailbox delivery timing when multiple mailboxes are receiving delayed messages.
  • Created and disabled user mailboxes, created and/or added members to group mailbox, granted “Full Permission” and “Send As Permission” to approved users for various mailboxes and granted users access to public folders.
  • Managed adding user to calendars and editing permissions for users.
  • Enabled Transport Rule to set attachment limit and to block message traffic from unsecured senders.
  • Created and managed external partners on Send Connectors, and increased maximum message size on Receive Connectors.
  • Use of VMWare VSphere to connect to Virtual Servers and push updates.
  • Created PowerShell Commands, saved as PS1 file and added to Exchange Server Task Scheduler for daily/weekly repeats.
  • Administer Active Directory on Windows 2012R2 Server, created/modified user account, security groups, and distribution list.
  • Perform Active Directory Services administration and management to include cleanup of drives to increase available space and routine maintenance of pushing updates and patches.
  • Pushed AD PowerShell commands to manage to various task.
  • Assisted Desktop Engineers with formatting laptops, pushing Windows 10 image on laptops and running script to restore users files from previous Windows 7 desktop to new Windows 10 laptop.
  • Edit required group policies by managing Computer Configuration in Group Policy Management Editor and deployed Windows 10 updates with WSUS tool.

Confidential, Alexandria, VA



  • managed the risk and health assessment of Exchange 2010 and Lync 2013 on 2008R2 servers in Cloud environment with use of VMware Horizon Client 3.5.2.
  • Managed Exchange 2010 Mailbox, Client Access and Hub Transport Roles.
  • Troubleshoot issues of users unable to access MS Outlook on desktops, and moved mailboxes to correct Exchange Database.
  • Use of System Center Operations Manager to push updates and patches for health performance of servers.
  • Use of Exchange Management Shell to push commands to get information in regards to specific mailboxes and to verify server configurations for Confidential ’s.
  • Verified Exchange 2010 Event Viewer, Mail Flow and Queue Viewer on a daily basis to keep record of failings during process of operation and troubleshoot issue.
  • Managed Public Folders and add users with specific permission level for access.
  • Pushed updates to servers bi-weekly, and review government Confidential ’s for updates monthly.
  • Consulted with Lync Engineers and performed a “Best Practice” on Exchange and Lync servers to get a layout of operation, risk and required changes.
  • Managed Outlook 2013 support and local Outlook 2016 support following upgrade. Began testing phase and architectural design in regards to upgrading Exchange 2010 Servers to Exchange 2016.
  • Received daily tickets on BMC FootPrints ticketing system in regards to exchange mailbox, public folders and/or server failbacks.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH



  • provided “work from home” remote national and international Tier II Active Directory support for a corporate multi-domain enterprise environment being decommissioned from eleven Legacy Domain(s) to a single Domain with Windows 2012 Domain Controller\Active Directory Server.
  • Use of RSA Token to remotely log on to VPN Server and to virtually log into site(s) Domain Controller for maintenance and Active Directory to manage user/computer accounts prior to migration to LOGON domain.
  • Use of Service Now tool for daily tickets and managed Active Roles Server (Active Directory) for support of Service Accounts, Shared Accounts, Groups and Computers on domain.
  • Assisted with creation, unlocking or resetting password of user accounts.
  • Use of various Confidential .
  • OneAD Migration Tools to manage any issues relating to migration or provide Service Account updates to staff manager following or during process of migration (Migration Status Overview, Search Migration Date, Reasons for Accounts Not Migrating, Group Naming and Checked Staged Account Status of accounts prior to migration).

Confidential, Alexandria, VA



  • provided Tier III Windows 7 Systems Administration support during process of Windows 7 deployment.
  • Managed daily Remedy tickets, created user Data Armor accounts and configured Data Armor on laptops for secure access of users to logon to laptop and access domain.
  • Managed user and group accounts in Active Directory (ARS) on both NIPRNET and SIPRNET domain.
  • Granted privileged users permission to specific virtual applications on Virtual Server.
  • Provided DoD Enterprise Email support following mail migration to Enterprise Mail Server.
  • Managed mailboxes in regards to configuring mailbox accounts, setting rules for incoming mail from group mailboxes, and configuring shortcut in Outlook for user access to Enterprise Evault website for old mail messages that remained on the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server.
  • Troubleshoot issues in regards to user not receiving new mail or unable to access mail from previous mailbox, re-granted user ownership and/or membership to group mail accounts on Enterprise Server.
  • Managed Microsoft Lync 2010 by configuring Lync Client on desktops, setting up user account on Lync Server and granting user permission to sign-in for local communication.
  • Responsible for managing Active Client Agent and issues with users CAC certificates not published to grant access to domain, mailbox or specific local websites.

Confidential, North Charleston, SC



  • Use of Microsoft Lync Client to communicate with remote Engineers during Web Conference or Chats.
  • Use of WSUS tool to push updates to base O/S image during testing phase and post migration.
  • Created Operating System and Application Package workflow charts with use of Microsoft Visio 2012.
  • Tested applications in application package and managed inventory catalog of software applications that are recommended and accessible to the base Windows 7 O/S image.
  • Provided Confidential Medicine with an application package that they may review, test, and select which sites they would like to provide the updated Windows 7 64bit image.
  • Managed security standards of image and responsible for pushing updates to image, established and continually improved the policies, procedures and methodologies surrounding the packaging and distribution of software.
  • Research technical information of Confidential Medicine’s current O/S environment, and attended daily meetings in regards to updates on Change Management, Application Repository, and Configuration Management.
  • Maintained Windows 7 architect solutions and support creation of task sequence project documentation.
  • Tested and compared APP-V and Citrix XenApps for storage of virtual applications.
  • Inventoried user desktops and copied requested personal files to be restored.
  • Use of Citrix XenDesktop to provide virtual desktops to users.

Confidential, Fort Meade, Maryland



  • performed a Windows 7 “PC Refresh” migration for Confidential users from WindowsXP to Windows 7.
  • Decrypted machines on DISA Network and use of User State Migration Tool 4.0 (USMT) to capture desktop and backup data prior to migration and restore data following migration. Use of SCCM 2007 Tool to package applications, push package image to desktops, install third-party applications, install device drivers, and push updates to systems.
  • Provided Windows 7 Tier III support in regards to network and/or software related issues following Windows 7 migration (Altiris Software Portal, Office 2007, McAfee, DCO Desktop Client, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9.0, Cisco VPN Client, Citrix XenApp, Active Client Agent, SafeNet Protective Drive, etc.).
  • Use of Dameware 7.5 to remote to user’s desktop to provide remote support.
  • Use of Remedy ARS 6.0 to manage daily tickets relating to restoring mail, Wi-Fi & VPN access, certificates logon issue, installing new software and resolving Microsoft and/or DoD software applications and secured website issues.
  • Managed issues with Active Client when certificates could not be recognized and user CAC was denied logon access.
  • Maintained Server Administrative Tools in regards Active Directory (user/group accounts), Group Policy Management, Remote Desktop and Services.
  • Created Windows7 instructional and troubleshooting documentation.
  • Supported Exchange Team with the process of transferring mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 server for use of Enterprise Mail.

Confidential, Fort Belvoir, Virginia



  • upgraded and transitioned the Confidential ’s Defense Logistics Agency current secured and non-secured Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server network infrastructure to a Windows 2008/Exchange 2010 Enterprise Server network environment. Attended weekly meetings in regards to Active Directory and Exchange site assessment and overview, budget analysis, and enterprise solutions.
  • Use of Active Directory Toolkit to run Active Directory Topology Diagrammer for diagrams of domains, sites, and servers to view AD configurations and site topology prior to decommissioning. Edit and reviewed technical diagrams of each phase of the migration process to present to
  • (Lee Delk Resume Continued) client for review and approval - (Phase I - Environmental Analysis; Phase II - Active Directory Remediation; Phase III - Development, Deployment and Cultural Change; Phase IV - AD Consolidation Pilot; Phase V - AD Consolidation).
  • Manage the process of implementing Active Directory Risk Assessment Program (ADRAP) and Exchange Risk Assessment Program (EXRAP) of current servers on enterprise network, and provided needed AD Remediation task for cleanup and/or recovery relating to issues with AD Replication, Group Policy, Name Resolution, AD Database, AD Integrated Services and Account Information prior to Phase III of migration project.
  • Researched information and completed technical documents: Active Directory Project Management Plan (Goals & Objectives, Project Scope, Quality Management Approach, and Project Approach). Created and maintained weekly Milestone charts of monthly timeline activities to be completed for Active Directory NIPRNET and SIPRNET migration.
  • Created and edited weekly Quad Charts to direct to IT Management Staff for review of recent accomplishment and current initiatives of Environmental Analysis and AD Remediation, and Project Schedule timeline.
  • Managed network infrastructure redevelopment from a Mesh Topology to a Hub/Spoke Topology and configured servers and tested migration strategies of AD 2003 to AD 2008 and Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 with use of Quest Migration Manager 8.6.

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