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Computer Network Vulnerability Auditor Resume


  • Highly qualified IT Professional with demonstrated success in IT Security and Network Administration. Provided exceptional customer and technical service support to Subscribers to meet and satisfy their needs. Knowledgeable, certified, and highly teachable individual that can bring high quality work and results to the client and company . DoD 8570 compliant and TS Cleared .


Computer Network Vulnerability Auditor


  • Applied Technical and functional expertise to support network - based vulnerability scanning(Nessus, Security Center) and computer network defense operations for large scale enterprise networks. enclaves.
  • Maintained knowledge of emerging threats, vulnerabilities and intelligence within the cyber security field Performed Monthly and ad hoc vulnerability scans of unclassified and classified network subscriber
  • (nvd, hackerstorm, exploit database..etc) to ensure subscribers are remediation against known threats.
  • Assist Subscribers with Vulnerability remediation, as necessary.
  • Deployed, troubleshot and maintained network-based vulnerability scanners at subscriber sites to ensure appropriate coverage of scanning services.
  • Documented policies and procedures for the use of vulnerability assessment tools and methodologies.
  • Conducted scans, deployed scanners with scan zones, implemented policies for organizations using various NIDS tools (Security center, nessus, snort, Mcafee nids)
  • Scanned ports (Nmap, TCPdump, Hping3) and implemented hardening security control measures.
  • Tested and evaluated new technologies, specifically related to network vulnerability scanning.

Tier 2 Desk Analyst


  • Maintained knowledge of emerging threats, vulnerabilities and intelligence within the cyber security field (nvd, hackerstorm, exploit database..etc) to ensure subscribers are protected against known threats.
  • Implemented Access control via Active directory objects.
  • Created AD user/admin accounts and implement GPO, user rights and permissions.
  • Mitigated risk by patching up security GPO policies to current company standards.
  • Windows remote assistance provided for mobile clients troubleshot AV and set Firewall ACLs.
  • Mitigated password cracking/brute force attacks by setting complex, and lengthy password policies.
  • Conducted user privilege audits to ensure users have a need-to know/least privilege access to resources.

Desk Analyst


  • Process MISSION CRITICAL Incidents and correlate with Subject Matter Experts to resolve issue.
  • Created AD user/admin accounts and implement GPO, user rights and permissions.
  • Implemented DACL/MAC rights and permissions for clients and workstations.
  • Provide password resets using company policy of complexity and length to ensure password integrity.
  • Audit, document and report daily CBP International incident updates to PM and Management Team.
  • Remote assistance technical experience handling web-pages, firewall ACLs, HTTP TLS(SSL) and setting proxies.
  • Test Routers(Ping, Traceroute, ICMP) and evaluate results for connectivity remediation.
  • Map network drives, deploy network and sharing settings according to company policy.
  • Identify, analyze and report malwares, Trojans and email attacks(phishing, spear phishing, spam).
  • Train new employees on Incident Response and Incident Management Procedures.


Advanced Repair Agent

  • Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the team, distributing the workload evenly amongst staff and making sure motivation and performance levels are maintained.
  • Greet clients, Assess client pc, Analyze security risk hardware/software/Application and provide remediation to ensure system is fully operational once again.
  • Ensuring team members are fully trained and aware of current vulnerabilities, Trojans(crypto- locker/ransomware, malwares and viruses.
  • Set-up new PC and implement hardening techniques by installing Layered security and deploying firewalls.
  • Backup system, Run Diagnostics, and Eradicate registry/file/driver/boot sector infections.
  • Encrypt boot sector, hardwares to ensure confidentiality.
  • Deploy switches and implement port security for authorized personal.
  • Install Linux/windows VMS per user request and implement ACLs, firewalls, proxies, AV and set user rights/permissions.
  • Perform system vulnerability assessment using various tools, Nmap, Metasploit, Nessus, NC and Superscan.
  • Document and log services provided, risks mitigated and chain of command process.

Confidential - Reston, VA

Technical Specialist

  • Assist clients and customers, via phone, face-to-face and remotely.
  • Coordinated operational controls training users, customers to deter potential network threats.
  • Troubleshot client workstations hardware and software wise.
  • Implemented Layered Security concepts for a better security posture.
  • Ensured users are able to access their VPN servers needed to complete daily duties.


  • Security Technologies: SSH, Nessus, TLS, Symantec AV tools, Kali Distro, Security Onion Distro, Snort, Wireshark, Nmap, Cain and Abel, Metasploit, Hping3, Nikto, Security Center
  • Operating Systems Knowledge of Unix-based systems (Solaris, Ubuntu),Security Onion(Linux) Windows (all), Mac OS
  • Networking LAN, WAN, VLAN, VPN, TCP/IP, routers and switches, DNS, OSPF, firewalls, IDS/IDPS, IPS, SDLC, malware detection, broadband networking data

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