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Unix Administrator Resume

Princeton, NJ


Bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and accomplished UNIX system administrator professional with over 8 years of Unix system administration in various financial and telecommunication enterprises. Track record of success in enabling infrastructure solutions that solve business problems, reduce costs and boost productivity. Strong technical and problem-solving skills with expert eye for detail and cooperative professional performs well under pressure in fast-paced environment.


  • Operating System: Novell SUSE 10, Red Hat Linux 5, SUN Solaris 8, 9, 10, AIX
  • Technologies: VERITAS Storage Foundation MP4, Veritas Volume Manager,

VERITAS Volume Replicator, VERITAS File System, Veritas File System Clustering,
Net backup Client, Auto mount, Jumpstart, Remedy, Tcpdump

  • Hardware: IBM 3650 M2, 3650 M3, SUN IBM Blade Chassis, SUNSPARC,

Ultra Series and Enterprise Servers.

  • Virtualization: VMware servers, Xens on Hypervisors, Containers on Global Zone
  • Network Services: SSH, DNS/BIND, NFS, NIS, Samba, TCP/IP, rsync, DHCP, Telnet, FTP.
  • Scripting Language: Bourne, Bash and Korn Shell Scripting


Bachelor of Computer Science


1) Novell Certified Linux Administrator – 10

2) Data Center Technical Specialist


Confidential,Princeton, NJ: Jan 2012 – Till Date
UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Worked on building and installing 30 HP proliant DL580 G series servers, and 20 IBM x3850, x3650 M2 and M3 series servers in datacenters.
  • Worked on SUN SPARC T series physical servers. Installing OS and working with storage team for disk space and creating file systems.
  • Worked on installing 40 VMware servers which are hosted on ESX hosts. Once VMware servers are deployed OS is installed using TPM (Tivoli Provisioning Manager).
  • Installed VCS on PROD and DR servers. Configured global clustering.
  • Created VERITAS Volume Replicator on PROD and DR servers.
  • Worked on aperture request for storage and network installation in datacenters.
  • Involved in database failover test for VCS.
  • Worked closely with development and system test group to resolve any application-related problem.
  • Restoring the files from the backup, which are accidentally deleted by users.
  • Involved in PRODUCTION support as primary on weakly bases.
  • Worked on installing IBM webpshere application server (WAS) and web sphere deployment manager (WDM). Worked on MQ series installation.
  • Worked on korn shell scripting for submitting the jobs and scheduling the jobs for servers.

Confidential,Reston, VA: Jan 2007 – Dec 2011
UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Worked as CLM (Credit Loss Management), Asset Servicing and Mornet servers support team as UNIX administrator.
  • Day to day administration, extensive setup and installation of Linux machines in data RESTON datacenter and URBANA datacenter, upgrading of hardware and software.
  • Interacted with customers to solve the problems relating to the server they are working on.
  • Build new Sun Solaris servers for the ID SWAP project. Completed post installation steps for the new server builds.
  • Build new Linux IBM 3650 M3 series for HA capability project.
  • Build new Vmware servers for Informatica Data Quality project. Installed SUSE Linux and supported Vmware server.
  • Worked on Remedy Change Control tickets for CLM team.
  • 24/7 supports for mission critical production servers.
  • Worked with SAN team to assign Lun’s for the server and create file systems.
  • Used Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas file system for standalone Linux and Solaris Boxes.
  • Build new XENS on the Linux standalone boxes. And Containers on Solaris global zone servers.
  • Network information is placed in the Nlyte request for reviewing by Network team.
  • Worked on network provisioning tools for network information based on the datacenter, load balancing, cluster, locations and zone information.
  • Worked on Incident management tickets in remedy as every day activity.
  • Restored files from the backup. If files are deleted accidentally by customer.
  • Will be looking in to performance issues by monitoring tools and resolve them.
  • Worked on VCS clustering for HA availability systems.
  • Worked on shell scripting for creating file systems which are similar on the servers.

Confidential,Odessa, Texas: Feb 2005 – Dec 2006
UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Linux operating systems and application software related problems. Kernel modifications and tuning kernel parameters. Installed OS patches and wrote shell scripts to automate processes.
  • Evaluated new tools and integrated tools in business environment.
  • Designed, documented and implemented standard processes for systems and network administration, backup and disaster recovery and resource monitoring.
  • Installed Oracle and Sybase database.
  • Produced monthly usage reports, managed printing infrastructure.
  • Recommended to end user community the appropriate hardware, software and network configuration to achieve their business needs. Interacted with external vendors.
  • Successfully migrated entire Vmware servers from one cluster to another cluster. Planned, documented and implemented entire migration.

Confidential,Chicago, IL: June 2004 - Jan 2005
UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Provided day-to-day support for mission critical Sun Solaris production environment.
  • Interacted with and coordinated activities of cross-functional teams, including Development, Unix /Linux and Database engineering, Database administration, Storage and Network administration. Supported Linux infrastructure group as a backup administrator. Mainly involved with troubleshooting NFS mounts and performance issues on Linux platform.
  • Setup multiple 7-node Veritas cluster to support Database (Sybase, Oracle and Db2), NFS, Middleware and other critical applications.
  • Troubleshoot performance problem during business hours. Worked closely with DBAs, Storage and Networking support group to diagnose problem. Took ownership of the problem and worked to find root cause of the problem.
  • Handled outage situations efficiently.
  • Individually responsible for 200+ Sun Solaris servers out of 2400 servers.
  • Setup, configure and test hundreds of applications and databases for DR. Worked closely with DBA,
  • Application support and Storage Admin to perform DR tests.
  • Coordinated hardware replacements with vendors and business groups.
  • Resolved open remedy tickets on timely manner.

Confidential,Deerfield, IL: Mar 2004 – Apr 2004
UNIX Administrator

  • Worked with other operational support groups for normal production support, problem or outage situations. Adhered to SLA response for incidents, problem and work requests.
  • Adhered to change and problem management policies. Handled concurrent projects with minimal supervision.
  • Setup multiple five nodes cluster island using Solaris jumpstart with flash images procedures. Created service groups and resources in VCS for databases and business critical financial apps including middleware using scripted procedures. Created storage luns and presented (masked) to cluster nodes. Created aliases and zones on Brocade switches for hosts, storage and LTO2 fibre tape drives.
  • Participated in Disaster recovery infrastructure planning, building and testing.
  • Managed net backup environment for backup of data related to applications, databases and users residing on SAN for Intel and Unix servers.

Confidential,Bangalore, India: Feb 2003 – Mar 2004
System Administrator/ Support Engineer

  • Deployment and troubleshooting of SNC application.
  • Systems performance monitoring using UNIX tools e.g. vmstat, iostat, netstat, SAR and third party tools such as BMC patrol and uptime. Used freeware toolkit and memtool.
  • General UNIX (Solaris and HP-ux) systems administration including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, kernel tuning, user administration, system performance tuning and security.
  • Migrated entire data center from Lucent’s Warren, NJ location to Holmdel, NJ. Move involved 50 sun and hp servers and disk arrays.
  • Worked with DBAs to allocate and configure storage for oracle, Informix and Sybase.
  • Participated in “on-call” environment and provided immediate response when needed.
  • Provided insight and recommendations regarding system performance, capacity planning, new technologies and architecture modification.
  • Security focused. Familiar with SSL, SSH, Certificates and systems hardening.

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