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Systems Engineer Resume

Deer Park, NY


  • Senior Information Technology Leader/Architect with over 12 years experience in planning and implementing company's technology strategy.
  • Managed Help Desk, Data Center and Technical Support groups.
  • Assembled, developed and led a cross departmental team of business end users and technicians to provide 24x7 Technology Infrastructure in support of the Company's technology goals
  • Kept customer satisfaction as a priority for Enterprise Support group. Fostering an atmosphere of communication within the Enterprise in addition to the Business groups.
  • Identified and directed research of new opportunities to utilize technology to improve existing processes. Piloting and supporting the Research and Development effort to explore new technologies.
  • Assembled, developed and led a cross departmental team of business specialists and end users to provide a 24x7 technology infrastructure in support of the company's goals.
  • Established Disaster Recovery blueprint as part of the company's business continuity plan.
  • Lead the migration of new technologies such as server consolidation via virtualization, databases and Exchange.
  • Reduce company's datacenter footprint by switching out of warranty equipment with virtual instances.
  • Migrated legacy systems to conform with business requirements lowering maintenance costs
  • Migrated numerous legacy systems to conform to new SOA architecture strategy
  • Analyzed the performance of systems to determine operating costs, usage levels, and upgrades.
  • Developed sets of defined SLA (Service Level Agreements) negotiated with business units
  • Put processes in place to provide Enterprise documentation, reports and performance metrics on the intranet.

Team Building and Staff Management | Application/Infrastructure Management | IT Service Delivery | Disaster Recovery Planning | Project/Program Management | IT Security Audits
Messaging & Email Deliverability | Internet/Portals/Web Services | Technical Integration
Processes & Procedures | SLA Development and Management | QA/QC Procedures
Budgeting and Cost Control | Vendor Management/Contract Negotiation | Customer Relationship | SOA Strategies | Server Virtualization (VMWare/Microsoft) Design and Implementation


Windows NT/2000/2003, Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007, Microsoft SQL 2000/2005, SharePoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Active Directory/DNS/DHCP, WINS/NetBios, TCP/IP, Microsoft Clustering, IIS, SMTP, FTP, Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Project, .NET, ASP, Visual Basic, EMC & HP SAN/NAS, Heat, Veritas, Symantec, Ghost, Acronis, Trend Micro, ACCESS, Rational SQA, Pascal, MAC, IPX/SPX, KoFax Imaging tools, Filenet, WordPerfect, BASIC.


Infrastructure Architect, 5/2009 - 6/2010

  • Implemented an Enterprise Metrics website to publish monthly performance. Monthly compliance to SLA, Incident Reports and other data relevant to the performance of the group.
  • Directed the Enterprise group in implementing the Company's strategy and exploring new technology such as virtual environments, smart phone integrations, server and workstation deployments.
  • Planned and virtualized server environment to reduce data center footprint by 60%
  • Manage projects contracted with outside vendors for systems and applications used in operations.
  • Present case to business to upgrade existing network switches to managed gigabit switches to enhance system performance
  • Evaluated current operation systems and implemented uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to mission critical appliances.
  • Implemented a standard framework for Computer Rooms SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). This restated in efficient response to issue and the transfer of everyday task from engineers to operators.
  • Lead the planning, and implementation of the infrastructure within true Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Meet with business leaders to discuss systems health and overall performance
  • Lead the planning and collapse of multiple domains to a single domain
  • Partnered with business units to develop reports for SOX and HIPAA compliance.
  • Implemented technology to gather reports for compliance
  • Developed documentation for support teams on implemented technologies and documentation for end users on newly deployed systems
  • Standardized and deployed managed switches to corporate location
  • Developed virtual solution for new office locations which included file server, domain controller and paperless environment technologies
  • Designed and implemented workstation imaging solution to quickly deploy desktops and laptops to growing enterprise

Systems Engineer, 2/2004 - 5/2009

  • As lead engineer on various projects I created project plans, SOW and provided upper management with accurate expectations and timelines
  • Partnered with business units on a set of defined SLA for application uptime, delivery of data and detection of issues
  • Implemented an Enterprise Metrics score card which was published monthly reflecting IT systems and platforms were performing. Monthly compliance to SLA, Incident Reports, and other data relevant to the performance of the group.
  • Managed projects contracted with outside vendors for systems and applications used in operations
  • Implemented Heat as a tracking mechanism for issues and change requests.
  • Virtualized Windows based servers using a Microsoft Virtual Server solution to reduce datacenter footprint
  • Interviewed 1st and 2nd level support staff.
  • Setup and planned DR (Disaster Recovery) servers, applications and scenarios in lab and remote DR locations.
  • Setup and configured MOM Formula to monitor environment and detect potential problems as they arise utilizing Managed Objects.
  • Track project resources and reported to senior management
  • Prepared documentation for support staff for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Responsible for planning and deploying of all 3rd party business applications
  • Developed, designed and integrated a paperless fax solution utilizing our KOFAX environment with Righfax
  • Implemented Sharepoint as a means for the business to publish documents and share information from disaster recovery to system documentation. System superseded legacy system which had reached end-of-life.
  • Created and implemented custom reports for executives using Crystal Reports
  • Designed and implemented Exchange 2000 lab environment for retrieving emails prior to our Exchange 2003 migration
  • Scripted automated deployment of business applications through group policy
  • Engineered and maintained group policies through active directory
  • Webmaster for intranet/internet websites

Senior Managing Editor, 8/2003 - 2/2009

  • Maintained regional database for key clubs and players
  • Managed a team of developers responsible for collecting statistical data, team information, player characteristics and related data for FIFA Soccer, Total Club Manager (FIFA Manager), UEFA Champions League and World Cup series products.
  • Managed and produced deliverables under strict timelines to meet target dates
  • Created accurate and realistic player information using 3D models representing their likeliness

Project Manager (Network Engineering), 9/1999 -2/2004

  • Primary responsibilities include design and development of Windows servers, creating SOW's and planning the deployment of new technologies
  • Developed documentation for customer support
  • Developed and tested new standard login scripts for network drive mapping and deployment of antivirus solutions.
  • Developed script to migrate and rename printer shares on print server and deploy new print shares to over 600 users.
  • Developed standards to block instant messaging applications though Cisco PIX firewall
  • Developed standards for dual boot desktop environments
  • Implemented application to block restricted and non business related web pages
  • Setup Terminal Services on servers for remote users
  • Conducted training seminars for remote administrators on deploying Windows XP and managing users in Active Directory
  • Setup remote sites with VPN solution to minimize and or eliminate frame relay costs.
  • Created standards for deploying Windows XP via network and CD-ROM.
  • Created standards for deploying Windows 2000 Professional.
  • Maintained and upgraded servers to Windows 2000.
  • Tested and implemented Active Directory under mixed environment.
  • Supported Windows 9x, NT4 and Windows 2000 for over 5000 users
  • Developed bootable CD's and Network installations for Windows Operating Systems. CD's were used as installation and recovery CD's for remote sales force users as well as the helpdesk for quick deployment.
  • Developed, deployed and maintained Norton Ghost images for standard desktops and laptops.

Technical Support, 10/1997 -9/1999

  • Provided design, programming and implementation support for Andover Building Automated Controls.
  • Designed and built custom PC's for customer interface using OS2 Warp
  • Created a Year 2000 test lab and directed software regression test planning for all internal system
  • Developed web interface and portal prototype building automation controller which superseded OS2 Warp interface.
  • Redesigned port interface for Palm devices to communicate with Andover controllers. Custom adapter allows for technicians to use Palm pilots to interact with controllers via a VT100 terminal interface.
  • Supported and maintained company backup and file server

Computer Lab Technician, 2/1995 -5/1997

  • Technical support for Mac and Windows PC's
  • Trained the students with applications
  • Maintained lab workstations
  • Maintained and created policies for Win9x clients

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

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