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Systems Engineer Resume

Arlington, VirginiA

I focus on disruptive/innovative Big Data, storage, HPC, Cloud Computing and Cloud storage integration projects and products. Over 9 years experience in information technology, with strong technical skills in enterprise level server administration, network administration, systems integration and cloud computing. Seeking challenging position with potential for continued growth in the areas of high-performance computing, enterprise server technologies and client-side technologies.

M.S. Electrical Engineering
B.S. Computer Science


IBM, BigData University: Hadoop Fundamentals, Hadoop and the Amazon Cloud, Hadoop and the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
Splunk: Using Splunk 4.3; Searching and Reporting, 2012
Splunk: Administrating Splunk 4.3; Advanced Splunk Administration, 2012
OpenStack Training - Rackspace, San Francisco, CA 2012
VMware: vSphere 5 ESXi - Manage and Design for Security, 2011
VMware: vSphere 5 ESXi - Manage for Performance, 2011
Platfrom LSF 2011: Platform LSF and Platform Cluster Manager (PCM), Washington, DC, 2011
JBoss World Summit 2011: Red Hat Cloud IaaS/PaaS Virtualization Training. Boston, MA, 2011
HPC - MPICH: Lecture on distributed computing using the MPI message-passing library. Raleigh, NC
VMware: vSphere 4.1 ESXi - Install, Configure, Manage, 2010
IBM: xCAT Administration. Hampton, VA, 2010
IBM: GPFS 2.3 Best Practices. Hampton, VA, 2009
Bioteam: Sun Grid Engine, Usage and Productivity. Hampton, VA, 2009
SQL, PL/SQL Programming. 2008
Linux Systems Administration. 2007

HPC Systems Engineer with over 10 years experience. Focused on medium to large scale high performance computing (HPC) and high performance parallel file systems (GPFS, Lustre, Cloudera/Hadoop) utilizing IBM P and X architectures. Manage large-scale storage and server systems, including GPFS high performance parallel file systems totaling ~1.7PB of shared SAN disk storage with a focus on remote clustering, system redundancy, reliability and event monitoring. Designed and deployed clustered file systems: Lustre, GPFS, GlusterFS, CephFS, StorNext, HDFS. Administration of the technological infrastructure of the datacenter, in order to ensure the availability of hardware and software resources used in undertaking the comprehensive performance of the site using open source technologies as the main platform.

Main achievements:

  • Technical lead involving design and ongoing operation of several clusters utilizing Cloudera\'s Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Designed new deployment and configuration automation systems to allow for hands-off management of clusters via xCAT and Puppet. Worked with development team to provide operational support, platform expansion, and upgrades.
  • Utilized experience with Hadoop platform automation to deploy the same technologies to the rest of the enterprise.
  • Implementation of a Private Clouds utilizing OpenStack, Swift, KVM, VMware and CephFS
  • Successfully deployed onsite private clouds utilizing OpenStack in Puppet environments.
  • Integration of GlusterFS and Ceph with OpenStack for live migration and HA.
  • Virtualization using VMware & KVM/libvirt with high performance configuration tuning.
  • VMware Administration: vSphere 5, ESXi , V2V, P2V, VMFS, vCenter server, vMotion


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA
Consultant / Systems Engineer (02/2012-cont)
Short-termed contract position to rollout high performance computing lab in Sunnyvale, CA to provide centralized test environment for DDN corporate network. Prepared technical documentations and materials on HPC resources ie compute nodes, cluster schedulers, parallel computing, storage, development, scientific applications. Designed, developed, built and expanded centralized multi-tenant Scale Cluster (HPC) and managed the operations of the HPC cluster in lab environment. Consulting on BigData (Hadoop/MapReduce/NoSQL.
Technologies used: Hadoop, Hbase, Map Reduce, Amazon EC2 infrastructure, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, MySQL, shell scripts.

Confidential, Washington D.C
Consultant / Systems Engineer (06/2011-01/2012)
Architect, monitor, and maintain AU HPC infrastructure as American University's distributed computing presence.
Work closely with campus partners to ensure the stability and performance of the various computing environments and coordinates with engineers from external service providers and vendors for installation, repairs, and upgrades and will support American University professors and students who utilize the system. Managing a HPC job scheduler and resource allotment utilizing Platform LSF and Platform Cluster Manager (PCM). Implement statistic applications in the HPC environment and to resolve issues, which affect application functionality and performance. Building training sessions with end users on how to utilize and allocate HPC resources efficiently. As team lead I took it upon myself to mentor and instruct campus personnel on these technologies. A key part of the position was to present and document highly complex business and technical solutions to both technical and non-technical staff and Senior Management in a clear and concise manner. Every design, presentation, and implementation met security, compliance, and auditing policies utilizing the Information Security "layered-approach".

Confidential, Hampton VA
Systems Engineer (04/2007 to 06/2011)
Monitor emerging scientific computing technologies and assist with the implementation of computing solutions that promote better use of the ASDC NASA supercomputing resources. Administer and improve High Performance and Parallel Computing installations for scientists and engineers to conduct cutting-edge research on the most complex questions of science, engineering, and technology. Design, implement, configure, document, administer, and maintain performance monitoring and optimization of hardware and software resources within HPC.
Designed and implemented a large-scale backend platform for Hadoop map-reduce based software pipeline.
Offline analytics using Pig. Monitor daily health of Storage Arrays (IBM DS4000/5000), EMC and SAN Switches (Brocade). Configure fully functional systems monitoring tools such as log server, ganglia, nagios and splunk. Work with vendors and other system managers with deployment issues, and coordinate problem resolution and 24-hr availability of UNIX and LINUX services. System performance benchmarking and analysis.
Attended technology events and represented NASA Langley in the area of scientific computing and HPC.
Broad virtual systems experience including vShpere 5, KVM, RHEV, oVirt and other hypervisors especially as related to virtual network implementation and virtual datastorage solutions and performance requirements.
Responsibilities include systems upgrades and implementing NASA security policies.

Confidential, Systems Analyst (01/2007 to 04/2007)

Technical Role responsible for all Network technologies (Security, LDAP, Wintel, Netware, SQL, Citrix, VoIP, LAN/WAN, Apps, etc).Implemented Security & Public/Private Key Encryption technologies into existing Servers, Email, PCs, & LAN/WAN traffic using "layered approach" per standards bodies (NIST, OASIS, ISO, CIS, & Homeland Security). Provide tier III support and administration of Windows 2003 and Linux based servers to Coast Guard Financial Center (FINCEN). Provide support for COTS, GOTS and custom applications, hardware (servers, storage) and operating systems (primarily Windows, Linux, VMware ESX). Secured servers according to Department of Defense security guideline.

Confidential, Norfolk, VA

Systems Administrator (10/2006 to 02/2007)

Install, Upgrade, Migrate, & Maintain Microsoft, Linux, & Novell Operating Systems (all versions) for IT data center. Performed multiple large-scale synchronization projects connecting LDAP, databases, Email, Active Directory, E-directory, & custom applications for multiple departments. Implemented large clusters using mesh fabric SANs with complete hardware redundancy. Provided system administration support to a publishing team. Solving problems related to Unix hardware and software, tech support, troubleshooting and upgrading.
Responsible for Unix hardware installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrades & updating all security and software patches. Planed and scheduled major tasks such as operating sys≠tem (OS) and system upgrades, software installations, and system security. VNP Configuration. Manage Apache web server, SQL database and FileMaker databases. Troubleshoot and diagnose problems with LAN/WAN infrastructure. Network administration, deployment of new server capabilities, including software upgrades and/or new releases. On and off-hour diagnosing, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and support; isolate or fix problems in non-functioning equipment or software; work with vendors to solve technical issuesMentored & instructed staff on multiple technologies

Confidential, Norfolk, VA

Systems Administrator (03/2003 to 10/2006)

Oversee all aspects of corporate LAN/WAN in a Netware, NT, & UNIX environment. Research, requisition, & implement all hardware & software. Administration includes Novell, NT, cc:Mail, dial-in servers, backups, WAN connectivity. Implemented real-time primary & backup server technologies, as well as real-time off-site disaster recovery servers. Install, configure, & administrate Lotus Notes & Corporate Internet Web servers.
Install, test, & certify server & network related software for global implementation including writing & posting all documentation for Global Administrators to follow.


Contact references furnished upon request.


Member of IEEE Computer Society
HPC - Cloud Computing


IBM, HP/Compaq, Dell, Cisco, Intel, Toshiba, EMC, NEC, Silicon Graphics, Macintosh, Dell BladeCenter M1000E, Dell PowerEdge M610 blades, Dell PowerEdge M610x GPU, Dell PowerEdge R900, IBM system X iDataPlex, IBM Power Blade Centers H, IBM Blade Centers HS22, IBM system X 3950 M3, IBM system X 3650 M3,IBM DS5300 /DS4800,IBM DS3400,Sun Enterprise,Apple Xserve/RAID,SGI Nexis 2000, Avir,Chelsio, EMC, LSI,Brocade DCX Fibre SAN, Brocade 48000 Fibre SAN, Cisco Nexus 7000, Cisco 10Gb Blade Network Technologies (BNT), Cisco Catalyst 3012 Blade Center Switch, QLogic, Emelux, SGI Altrix 8200

OpenStack, oVirt, VMware V2V, P2V, OpenNebula, ESX/ESXi 5, Xen, KVM, lib-virt, RHEV 3.0 /RHEV-M, Cloudera platform, vSphere 5, VMFS, vCenter, vMotion

Cloudera, GPFS 3.4, xCAT, PBS, Torgue, SunGrid Engine (SGE), Lustre, GlusterFS, HDFS, Hadoop, MPI, OpenMPI,StorNext, LSF, Platform Cluser Manager (PCM), gridMathematica Server 8, Matlab Distributed Compute Server, CUDA, STATA 12 Data Analytics Software, nVidia GPU, Tesla, UNIVA

Apache, SSH/SFTP, Samba, AFP/Netatalk, IDL lmgrd, Multipath (RDAC/MPP), SNMP, VPN, MySQL, DHCP, xCAT, LDAP, NFS, Splunk, Linux Virtual Server (LVS), VNC Server, Veritas Netbackup, IPtables, Logical Volume Manager (LVM), RT, QLogic, Chelsio, Remedy, Nagios, Kickstart/AutoYaST, GPFS, GFS

Cisco Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Load Balancers , Brocade SAN switches

Directory Services: Active Directory, LDAP, Tivoli Directory Server
Identity & Access Mgmt: IBM Tivoli Suite (ITIM - Tivoli Identity Manager / TAM - Tivoli Access Manager /
TFIM - Tivoli Federated Identity Manager / TDI - Tivoli Directory Integrator)
Web Technologies: SharePoint, WAS - Apache, Drupal, Java, Apache/Tomcat, WebSense
High Avail / DR: Clustering (Novell, MS, Linux), HP Secure Path, Qlogic Power Path, Vinca Standby &
Snapshot Server, NSI Doubletake, SAN - Storage Area Network
Environment Mgmt: Splunk, Nagios, ZENworks, HP OpenView Pro Suite, Symantec Norton Administrator Suite, Subversion, Config Central
LAN/WAN: Sniffer, WireShark/Ethereal, SolarWinds, HP NetMetrix, Visio, Aperture, DocuNET
Email: MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, DEC Teamlinks, DEC All-in-1, cc:MAIL
Backups: Veritas Backup Exec, SyncSort Backup Express, CA ArcServe, Vinca Standby/Snapshot
Antivirus: Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, InnocuLAN, Sophos, McAfee Netshield, F-Prot
Desktop: MS Office Pro Suite, Lotus Smart Suite, Corel Draw! Suite, Adobe Suites
Helpdesk: Remedy, RT, Support Center, Quetzal, ESP Help Desk, MAGIC/BMC
Database: MySQL, Progress
Programming: PERL, Java, shell, MPI

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