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Systems Developer Resume

Austin, TX


Software Experience:

Database Design and Development:
SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server Express 2005
SQL Navigator, SQL Query Analyzer
MS Access (all versions VBA, DAO, ADO, ODBC, ActiveX, Security, SQL, ADP)
Oracle 9i (PL/SQL)
Speed Ferret, Total Access Analyzer
Excel VBA, import/export from Access, MS Query, Charts and Graphs
Crystal Reports and Crystal Info
Lotus SmartSuite, Lotus Approach, Lotus Script
Visual Basic 6.0, VBA Tools for VB.NET 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2005

Web Design and Development:
(web hosting, shopping cart, file paging, search engines, templates, navigation, forms validation, add/edit/delete records, upload files, HTML email blasts, database integration)
ASP Classic
ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio.NET 2005 (Web Forms: DataGrid; GridView; DataReader, EditTemplate)
Macromedia Suite: Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, Director 8, Fireworks 8, Dreamweaver MX
Google Earth (maps and satellite images)

Other Software:
MS Office Professional & Developer\'s Editions 95/97/2000, 2002, 2003, 2007
Visio 2000, 2003, 2007
MS Project
WordPerfect 5.1, 5.2, and 6.1
CorelDRAW 3.0, 5.0, PhotoDraw, Photo Shop 6.0
ADP HR Perspectives/Payroll Software, Agresso Accounting (Excelerator Reporting Tool)
Rational ClearQuest
Visual SourceSafe, Vault
File Magic 5.0 and WTI Fortis 1.12 Document Imaging Software

Work Experience:

11/09 –05/10 Confidential, (Austin, TX) – Systems Developer: design and edit existing applications in both MS Excel (vba macros) and MS Access 2003 for Business and Process Support, Assessment and Information department. Use of extensive VBA code. Designed automated Actuals Load Process tool to import data from Excel accounting Finance File, browse for file and then looping through selected external Resource Forecast (Excel) workbooks (by Contract) and updating multiple Project worksheets with data from Resource Forecast Model Database (MS Access). Also includes Excel automation client, splitting data from one worksheet into multiple worksheets based on specific field filtering. Work on Resource Forecast Model workbooks automation and database to store data from forecasting and Actuals Load. Work on Gold Bid Model workbooks to store bid and proposal information by Contract and Project. Designed automated Field Test Matrices application to extract XML; designed automated system to browse for files, loop through selected files and perform extraction of data from Word tables and then create Excel spreadsheet from metadata. Created pivot tables of Hours by Cost Center to then create Resource Staffing bar charts and Productivity Labor and Non Labor pie charts from compiled data for quarter end reporting.

12/09 - 01/10 Confidential, (Denver, CO) – Excel VBA Developer (part-time telecommute): design data parsing tool in Excel 2003 VBA to split raw data into various worksheets, create pivot tables and summarize specific data sets based on preset criteria. Research into SAP Crystal Excelsius for charting.

8/09 – 8/09 Confidential,– contract Access 2007 programmer; analyze performance issues in existing application; split database into frontend/backend; added menu and set startup options; established batch file release process; wrote admin instructions for maintaining batch file release process; added “Flag Alert” process for Manufacturers’ and Builders’ for those registrants who have enforcement actions pending; created Decals Monthly Report Import Tool (DMRIT) application to import Excel data and verify manufacturer reported decals and verification of manufacturer reported serial numbers; wrote Statement of Work with recommendations, findings, and work completed details.

4/09 – 8/09 Confidential– contract Visual Basic programmer; analyze approx 50+ Visual Basic projects for existing systems including Parts Description, Sensor Scan (2 versions), Hydraulics, TempComp, Quality, and various applications written in Visual Basic 6.0. Produce Visio data flow charts, and data analysis. Test re-compiles on multiple projects with dependent ActiveX components. Edit existing code: add polynomial transformation equation to calculate the difference between linear coefficients and quadratic coefficients for Sensor Scan (test stand) software; fix errors in code; revise GUI;make enhancements for ease of use; edit and add code to write to/read from DCSC board on unit under test. Edit stored procedures (SQL Server 2005). Re-compile and re-install (including register and unregister ActiveX component files) for 50 users due to a server name change. Write code to read from/write to XML. Software used: Vault (similar to Visual SourceSafe), SQL Server 2005; Visual Basic 6.0; Visio; MS Access 2003; FoxIt Reader; FarPoint Tab Pro.

2/09 – 8/09 Confidential– contract Access 2003 database developer; extensive data analysis to create development plan and statement of work; database enhancements and revisions, add Pregnancy Stats for frozen cycle; add IVF Fert Stats for fresh cycle for Austin IVF Lab; add new tables and data entry forms for Texas Fertility Clinic

12/08 – 2/09 Confidential- contract Access 2007 database developer; create import parsing process for Schedules, Jobs and Special Calendars text files from Maestro; create data parser; combine data; create csv exports to integrate in VBR/BDR system for reporting. Create ASP page for HTML output of data generated from parsing.

9/08 – 2/09 Confidential,contract Access 2003 database developer: extensive data analysis to determine state of existing stand alone POS Application; enhancements including changing from stand alone single user to networked multi-user application, automation of the processing of POS data received from various Distributors; includes EDI, Excel, csv, and text files; custom import and export processes. Develop custom design directly to system tables to automate the creation of import specs. Also includes login system, and reports. Provide Visio documentation, user documentation, and administrative documentation.

5/08 – 9/08 Confidential,TX (telecommute via Citrix and VPN) – contract Access 2003 database developer: enhancements to Case Law System database including search screens (build pass-through queries (SQL Server 2005)) for search “My Cases” and search “Calendar” items based on logged in user. Perform form and query audits; troubleshoot performance issues and SQL syntax errors; edit existing forms/queries; create new reports.

4/08 – 04/08 Confidential,Austin, TX – Create runtime MS Access database tool to incorporate into Electronic Flight Bag software (GENESYS). Display selected airport with JPG and Flash movies created from AVI files. AVI files encoded and imported into Flash as Flash Video format, with additional JPG animation. AVI files created utilizing Google Earth, Google Maps, FRAPS, Virtual Dub, and ImTOO Encoder. Flash movies detail zoom and rotated views of the runways for 10 Special Use Airports. Runtime installation created using MS Office MS Access Extensions SDK Package Wizard.

3/08 – 4/08 – Confidential,Austin, TX – Access 2003 database enhancements; add new reports; add new data entry and edit forms; create search forms; add new tables

1/08 to 2/08 – Confidential,Austin, TX – ASP.NET Programmer – create Access 2003 database and ASP.NET web pages (using DataGrid, GridView and Master pages) to add/edit/delete records for lookup tables; login screen and portal menu system accessible based on user login

1/08 to 2/08 – Confidential,Austin, TX) – ASP Classic Web Developer – revise existing and create new ASP Classic web pages for intranet; edit existing and create new Access 2003 database files

10/07 to 11/07 – Confidential,Austin, TX) – Visual Basic Programmer – edit existing VB 6.0 project for DTS processing code to SQL Server 2005; write code to process DTS functions via ADO; code file system objects to copy Access MDB database files for import into SQL Server 2005; Web Application using ASP.NET 2.0 and VB Studio.NET 2005 to display data from a SQL Server 2005 database into an editable DataGrid; analyze queries using SQL Navigator and SQL Query Analyzer.

09/07 to 09/07 – Confidential, (Austin, TX) – HTML programming – edit ASP.NET aspx for HTML content

09/07 to 09/07 – Confidential,Houston, TX) – Excel VBA programming – VBA revisions to existing Excel 2003 application (User Forms, add min/max buttons, add calculator buttons, edit code) 1 week project

08/07 to 08/07 – Confidential, (Austin, TX) – create data dictionary for Agresso Accounting System tables to utilize in Excel Excelerator SQL query tool for reporting purposes (3 week project).

05/07 to 08/07 – Confidential, (telecommute – Houston, TX) – 3 mo contract MS Access 97 - VBA to update database revisions (updating fields, tables, queries, and VBA code for import/export processes; add security update forms).


Metro2 Credit Reporting
Introduction to Project Management
Microsoft Web Tech Ed (InterDev, OLE DB, ADO)

Microsoft Access Beginning and Intermediate (MS Access V.1.1, 2.0)

Microsoft Seminar, Windows 3.1

(NetWare 3.11 System Administration)

(Major: Arch.Const. Tech. Minor: Graphic Illustration)

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