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Systems Administrator Resume

New York, NY


  • Apple Certified (OS X Server, ACTC and AppleCare) Systems & Network Administrator
  • IT Manager / Certified Technical Coordinator
  • Certified Member, Apple Consultants Network
  • Cross / Multi-platform support and integration
  • Emphasis on cultivating good relationships, through mutual respect with all end-users

Consultant: OSX Server, Engineering Department (March 2010 – June 2010)
Confidential,Washington, DC
Saved the company 160 hours of IT labor through the following:

  • Performed audit of existing deployment of 12 Xserves, reported findings / recommendations to Director of IT Client Management and Publications Division.
  • Updated company’s extended warranty database via Apple’s GSX (Global Service Exchange) account.
  • Upgraded / standardized all Xserves to current version of Firmware, EFI & OS.
  • Created / deployed ‘.pkg’ & ‘.dmg’ images via JAMF/Casper Suite (v7.1).
  • Provided thorough documentation on infrastructure, proposals, security vulnerabilities (to comply with HIPPA standards), and various managed projects.
  • Assigned several Project Management tasks, documenting via internally hosted wiki.
  • Liaison with Windows Server admins for binding with Active Directory when necessary.

OS X Server Systems Administrator (2008)
Confidential,New York, NY
Immediately tasked with XSAN upgrade project, after in-sourced consultant’s proprietary clone utility failed to execute weekend migration of 13 TB of RAW video files for mission-critical deadline:

  • Objective met successfully (via shell scripts I wrote utilizing RSYNC), to minimize RAM resource utilization by GUI clone utilities, and by changing medium from link-aggregated Ethernet, to direct Fiber patch. Ratio of data-transfer for same 13 TB was 2-to-1, for next business day.
  • Created new and updated existing custom NetBoot Disk Images for rapid mass deployment of all new Intel Macs (configured to bind to Active Directory PDC) out of the box.
  • Designed / deployed globally accessible inventory database, exportable to web for real-time updating from any browser via ODBC drivers.
  • Researched / deployed entire Motion Graphics Department\'s (13 Adobe After Effects users) for mission-critical client TV commercial production, resulting from incompatibility with new, Intel architecture Macs, and existing Productivity suite (Adobe CS3).

Network and Systems Administrator (2004 2008)
Confidential, New York, NY
Conceived, budgeted, procured and installed entire LAN/WAN infrastructure. Created in-house A/V studio and saved company $250,000 in post production costs.

  • Built entire Data Center all rack nodes from scratch: Router, Switches (Gigabit / Cat6), Firewall, XRAIDs, Xserves (running File, Print, DNS, Kerberos / Open Directory, Email, Web, FTP and VPN services), Tertiary Tape-Library Backups, and UPS’s.
  • Mail server hosted internally, then outsourced, then brought back internally again. (Kerio Mail Server).
  • Conceived print job tracking solution, generating increased revenue through both (a) quantifying job-related costs per client, (b) reducing costs of consumable resources from personal use.
  • Created in-house Audio/Video studio for internal repurposing of various media types (BETA, VHS, DVD, Hi-8, Mini-DV, Reel-to-Reel, etc.), for internal Post-Production, significantly reducing TCO. Accounting Dept. re-designated space from cost-center, to profit center.
  • Set and enforced all I.T. Policies (usage, security, etc.), as none existed prior to my employ here.
  • Upgraded all desktops (45 end-users), from PowerPC, to the new Intel-based Macs, data transfer performed overnight via rapid mass deployment of newly created disk images.

Consultant (2003)
Confidential,New York, NY
Three-month contract to stem revenue hemorrhage and meet critical deployment deadlines.
(Revenue hemorrhage was the result of procurement error: Apple’s first-ever generation of non-legacy-bootable / non-backward compatible machines for entire Marketing Dept, necessitating critical solution).

  • Developed custom core-build disk images for rapid mass deployment, used to migrate entire platform from OS 9 to OS X.
  • Provided training and thorough documentation to IT staff for maintenance of core-build disk image template and seamless deployments after my departure.

Consultant, then Systems Analyst (2001 2003)
Confidential, New York, NY
Responsible for all technical operations in the NY Editorial office

  • Integrated QPS (Quark Publishing System) client/server administration
  • Deployed and patched (in a controlled test environment) Citrix Clients.
  • Provided solutions for known issues routing AppleTalk packets through Cisco switch’s Spanning-Tree issues
  • Resolved anomalies with NT 4’s inherent inabilities to recognize Mac file’s Resource-forks (for QPS files).
  • Produced / edited multiple digital video projects.

Field Service Technician (1997 to 2000)
Confidential, Wantagh, NY

  • Dispatched full-time to Bookspan (was DoubledayPublishing) and Cygnus Business Media


  • LAN Conception, Installation, and Administration
  • Remote Access Administration / Log Monitoring
  • Security Analysis and Auditing
  • Protocol Analysis (Packet Tracking / Sniffing)
  • Open Directory / Active Directory Integration
  • Internal DNS Administration / Hosting
  • NetBoot / NetInstall Rapid Mass Deployment
  • Multimedia Content Development / Digital Video
  • XSAN Administration
  • Workflow Automation (via Shell & Apple Scripting)
  • Administration of Enterprise-Class Publishing Workflow Management Systems
  • Database Data-Mapping and Conversion
  • Management of Licenses and Serialization
  • Hardware Repair (AppleCare, A-Plus Certified)

EDUCATION: Computer Science

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