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Network Engineer Resume

Summary:A Senior Level Systems Engineer with (12) years experience supporting enterprise computing infrastructures and applications. A diverse background with an emphasis on enterprise class storage, Sun high end servers and implementing disaster recovery processes in a HA (High Availability) environment. Experienced in heterogeneous database and application environments (7x24) across a variety of industries. Known for professionalism as well as being an ambitious, dedicated individual who demonstrates strong ethics, excellent written ad communication skills along with excellent customer relation and knowledge training and transfer skills. Extremely dedicated to superior customer service and high quality job performance.


  • EMC Proven Professional Symmetrix Business Continuity Expert (e20 817)
  • NetApp configuration to AIX and Solaris host
  • NetApp installation and configuration of virtual devices
  • Administered high end Sun enterprise servers for virtualization with Solaris 10
  • Storage Provisioning
  • Documentation of physical and logical storage layout
  • Experience managing EMC DMX 4, CX 4, NAS NS line, IBM DS8300 and SVC storage allocation and migration
  • Implementation and Designed HA solution with VCS with GCO and Data Guard replication
  • Implementation of Cluster File System with VCS on AIX and Solaris platforms
  • Red Hat Linux installation and patching via Up2Date Linux Agent
  • Troubleshot issues with VxVm and VxFS such as disk failures, I/O performance, and volume relayouts
  • Implementation of Large data migration scheme for large financial institution using virtualization of DMX 3000 behind HDS USP 600
  • Installation of Hitachi Universal Replicator for PAIR operations
  • Set up and monitoring of Remote Copy operations using HUR
  • TagmaStore Virtualization of AMS1000 behind USP600
  • Design of Cisco 9500 SAN switches from host(s) to switch or Storage device using Visio diagrams
  • Installation of Device Manager, Tiered Storage Manager, and Tuning Manager 5.7
  • TS (Tiered Storage Training) HDS, Hanover, MD
  • (10) years of experience in Data Replication and Disaster Recovery
  • (8) years of experience in installation and implementation of Sun Hardware including servers and storage devices (SE9990 and SE9980)
  • (4) years of experience with HDS TrueCopy and ShadowImage Replication products
  • (5) years of experience with implementation of EMC ECC Server 5.x, SRDF Replication Software
  • Implemented HDS TrueCopy Replication between 2 HDS 9980’s for Synchronous Replication between 2 data centers
  • Implementation and Configuration of Cisco 9509 fibre channel director class switches for upgraded environment
  • Data migration using FalconStore Device from Dell Fabric to HDS 9980 attached to McData core to edge designed fabric
  • Data migration between data centers using Sun Flash Archiving technique as part of Sun Migration scheme
  • Monitoring of offline/online backups using Tivoli (TEC server), Veritas NetBackup, and TSM
  • (6) years of experience migrating data using Veritas Volume Manager, tapes, dump commands, cron jobs, and data recovery
  • Lun management and zoning thru SAN Navigator, ECC’s SAN Manager, and Symmetrix Device Reallocation tool.
  • (12) years experience as Unix Systems Administrator


Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) , Veritas File System, HDS 9980/9990, EMC Centera, Symmetrix, Clariion, SRDF, TrueCopy, ShadowImage, TimeFinder, Mirrorview, SnapView, Pre Sales Consulting, Sun Clustering, Veritas FoundationSuite, HP Openview, RedHat Linux 9, Performance tuning, kernel configuration, Unix (Sun Solaris) Administration –E4500, E6500, E10k, E220, E420, Tape backups, Software Distribution, Web Applications, T3 StorEdge, Oracle 8i, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas File System, Apache WebServer,Patchinstallation,Solaris 7and 8 installation, Shell scripting, SSH administration, NIS, DHCP, DNS, WINS,FTP, TCP/IP, Veritas NetBackup solutions, RAID implementations, Veritas Migrations, Brocade Silkworm, McData, Emulex, IBM FAStT, EMC Storage DMX4, CX 4, NAS, and Centerra line

Work Experience

Principal Consultant Sep/07 Present

  • Implementation of Global Clusters Solaris 10 virtualization zone containers
  • Performed Volume and mirror creations utilizing Solaris DiskSuite
  • Implementation of RH Linux clusters using Symantec Veritas software
  • Principal Storage Foundation HA Consultant with large scale Professional Services company in Atlanta GA.
  • Design and implement HA (VCS) solutions from Symantec such as Cluster File System (CFS) with VCS 5.0 on AIX and Solaris platforms.
  • Consulted on customer issues with Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas File System, and VCS such as troubleshooting disk failures, recovering from outages, extending volumes, I/O performance, and testing VCS functionality.
  • Configuration of Up2Date on agent on Linux systems for RPM packages
  • ECC (ControlCenter configuration)
  • Responsible for architecting data migration solution utilizing SRDF vs. VxVm
  • Managed EMC DMX 4, CX 4, NAS NS line, IBM DS8300 and SVC storage allocation and migration
  • Performed knowledge transfer to customer staff on SFHA capabilities of migrating Service Groups between nodes and creating Global Clusters.

Storage Engineer Consultant Jan/07 – Jul/07

Installation and implementation of HiCommand Server software; Device Manager, Tuning Manager, and Tiered Storage Manager.
Installation and setup Hitachi Universal Replicator for Remote Copy operations
Virtualization of external storage devices behind USP
Data gatheration and analysis
Tiered Storage design and architecture
Knowledge Transfer of designs and lun provisioning
Configuration of AMS1000 in a development and production environments for large financial institution

Solutions Architect Jul/06 – Dec/06

Responsible for the pre migration analysis of 270 Solaris for migration off of the DMX 2000 to Sun 9990
Qualification of HBA’s, OS, Volume Management software, Clustering info, Multi pathing software, switch info, as well as firmware info for new storage device
Provide documentation on different techniques used to migrate data from EMC arrays to Sun 9990 array ensuring no loss of data
Chief Architect of the designs for migration implementation of data from Symmetrix array to the 9990 storage array

Storage Architect Feb/05 – June/06

Pre sales consulting on EMC storage infrastructure
Architect of SRDF Implementations on DMX devices for DR
Storage migrations of Solaris 8 hosts off of Symmetrix storage devices to DMX storage devices
EMC PowerPath upgrade on Solaris platforms
Install and implement Clariion storage devices
Installation of Solaris CME patches prior to remediation and migration of hosts
Upgrade of VXVM 3.0 to 3.5
Upgrade of VXFS
Architect of Disaster Recovery plans for EMC clients
Synchronization of storage devices using SRDF
Responsible for the configuration and delivery of Hitachi 9980/9990 architecture
Management of lun allocation/de allocation
Responsible for design and capacity planning for devices associated with EMC DMX and Symmetrix storage frames
Lead architect on storage reclamations for Cingular Data Centers throughout the continental U.S.
Capacity planning for up to 1 petabyte of data covering six storage fabrics
Performance tuning of VCM databases to recover unused luns to be used by new applications

Storage Architect Oct/04 – Jan/05

Project Management of SAN implementations and Disaster Recovery planning.
Migrations of up to 10tb of data from HDS 9960 to HDS 9980
Responsible for provisioning, building, and designing of HDS 9980 storage devices
Management of data migration projects using FalconStor to migrate data between fabrics.
Responsible for Brocade switch zoning
Architect of a Disaster Recovery solution for complete replication utilizing TrueCopy and ShadowImage to replicate data between HDS 99xx storage devices.
Lead Consultant working on EMC solution for archiving video engineering images with EMC Centera.
Responsible for the buildout design of the Centera Application Gateway (CAG) server to interface with the Centera. This EMC project entails a CX500, Centera, CAG server, and SQL database servers.
Managed a team of six SAN resources
Managed the design of a complete backup solution using Qinetix CommVault
Responsible for the complete implementation of a SAN solution with Unix/Windows hosts, using Emulex HBA’s, McData Sphereon directors, and HDS 99xx storage devices.

SAN Engineer Jul/03 – Oct/04

Architect of a core to edge SAN fabric in a heterogeneous High Availability environment. Fabric included switches and directors from various vendors such as Brocade, McData, and Cisco. Managed storage devices from vendors such as EMC, Hitachi, IBM FAStT, and STK.
Responsible for migration of latest Veritas NetBackup solution, including upgrades to Veritas NetBackup 4.5. Responsible for setting backup schedules and policies.
Installed and configured two E6500’s with Veritas Cluster Server, Volume Manager, and VxFS.
The core of the SAN fabric included two Brocade Silkworm 12000 core switches, while the edge of the fabric consisted of Cisco, McData, and Brocade edge switches. Created ISL’s within the fabric for greater bandwith. Installed the HBA,s onto various different hosts such as (SUN, AIX, and HP) as well as Gigabit converters within the fabric.
Managed LUN configurations with software from Hitachi and EMC.
Documentation of the entire SAN solution and troubleshooting guide.
Managed a small team of six engineers.
Upgraded a total of 45 Windows 2000 servers and Sun Enterprise servers from Veritas 3.4 to 4.5.
Responsible for patch/package management utilizing RPM for Linux and pkgadd for Unix systems

Unix/Network Engineer Jun/01 – Jun/03

Administering over 150 heterogeneous High Availability UNIX servers in a
Networked/Clustered environment (Sun hardware is E6500, E4500, E3500, E450; and IBM
RS/6000), supporting over 2000 UNIX users
Implemented Veritas FoundationSuite HA (Cluster Server, Volume Manager, and File System) to provide optimal performance tuning and a foundation for continuous data availability
Administered Storage devices for Enterprise environment to include EMC 3270, T3 StorEdge, and Robotic Arm tape libraries
Configured Veritas Cluster Server to maintain a common storage solution for Enterprise environment
Responsible for patch/package management utilizing RPM for Linux and pkgadd for Unix systems
Responsible upgrading NT and Unix servers from Veritas NetBackup 3.4 to 4.5.
Providing UNIX system administration, duties included user addition and
deletion, network file system mounting, software installation, weekly backups
Responsible for the build out procedure of Enterprise 6500, 4500, e420, and e220 class servers for development labs
Perform RAID storage management using VERITAS volume manager or Disk Suite, tuning

Unix Systems Administrator Oct./99 – May/01

Responsible for maintenance and administration of E10k
Performed installation of software/hardware of E10k
Manager for Network Operations group
Responsible for configuration of SSP and E10k
Responsible for installation of DNS servers
Maintained Oracle 8i databases on SUN platforms
Developed shell scripts using korn/bourne shell to automate system administration
Administered Web cache servers running Apache
Configured and maintained Veritas NetBackup for Backup servers
Created logical volumes utilizing Veritas Volume Manager
Maintained and modified Perl scripts
Troubleshot TCP/IP connections
Administrator for approximately 15 20 Sun Servers
Used the following protocols: FTP, TCP/IP, POP, RCP, telnet, and SSH
Responsible for Volume management, user administration, and Patch installation
Routinely had to stop and restart services such as NFS and NIS+

Tivoli Framework Certification
Sun Solaris Administrator I – Sylvan Learning Center Sun Solaris Administrator II – Sylvan Learning Center Sun E10000 Administration – Sylvan Learning Center Microsoft Certified Professional Career Blazers

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