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Sr Developer/operations Resume

Sr Developer Operations, TexaS


Looking for a company utilizing kubernetes as its DevOps solution or planning on moving to it. Great in Python and automation of networking tasks like writing Dockerfiles or docker - compose files. Utilizing kubernetes many API’s to automate all your DevOps needs. Open Source tools such as Jenkins, Puppet, SaltStack, Nagios, Selenium, Postman, etc.


Confidential, Texas

Sr Developer/Operations


Started as a consultancy position, designed, coded and developed the wireframe and contents to every part of the company's IT structure for a new school in teaching children to code with computer languages. Started with a concept and built the company out from scratch. Taking an already working module I branched from it to accommodate securities and usage for the server. Building a full stack application to handle daily activity and enrollments of students. Using RESTful api’s for AWS and a couple of SOAP api's needed for automation of software, keeping labs networked together and providing the company with best IT practices in security and software. Using tools like Git for version control, Jenkins for integration, selenium for testing, Puppet, Chef or SaltStack for continuous deployment and Nagios for testing. Running all servers in a Docker container on AWS ec2 platform. Used Python programming to write the security and criteria of the teaching server Developed the programming curriculum for students on the server and created e-learning videos.

Confidential, Addison, Texas

Systems Engineer


Confidential Document Management. A document management software company. My responsibilities were mostly cloud related but also to help solve software issues. The software is a typical vault style that also works via web application for Linux and Mac access through browser. Main responsibilities were Microsoft Azure server setups. We provided vault access via cloud and my duty was to set those up, changing the configuration file as needs persist. We offered integration of Sharepoint, Salesforce, office, Dynamics CRM, QMS, AutoCAD, NetSuite, IBM Maximo, SAP, Lotus Notes, Sage Integration, and many more. Also provided support for helpdesk as lvl 3 support. Worked under very little supervision as my immediate supervisor was based overseas, therefore I was responsible for completing my tasks with little guidance.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Systems Engineer


Web Development and DevOps roles. Networking and security. Active Directory and LAMP AWS/Azure Cloud administration. Strong Linux knowledge. Windows knowledge Troubleshooting skills. Over 8 years SQL as a relational backend. NoSQL backends like Mongodb. Systems admin for either Windows environment or Linux. VMware configuration and installs ASP.NET and IIS 7.0 configurations

Confidential, Irving Texas

Systems Engineer/ Systems Administrator


Worked in a satellite office of Confidential of roughly 200 employees. The building was also a server redundant datacenter and failsafe where I flew to Houston quarterly for training on new equipment/ software. I set up and updated the backup tapes server. Racked hardware and setup drops for each office. Setup load balancing protocols for traffic, managed active directory, DNS, Group Policies. Understanding of SAN technologies SCCM and SCOM. Strong knowledge virtualization platforms (such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V) including hardware such as ESX and NAS. Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010 Install software with the Altiris console and web apps or shared network folder, obtaining the approval for all licensed software. Set up and managed citrix environments for lab testing of new equipment. Imaged new pc’s with several different Window or Linux images depending on the hardware and role of user. Handled low call volume from agents in Houston and Dallas on a number of computer issues. Worked with hardware manufacturers to replace or order new parts for Dell, HP, Lenovo. Used Microsoft debugging tools to troubleshoot user-mode and kernel-mode issues by reading the dump file. Understand the relationship between systems components and their interactions with each other. Improved application performance by understanding how the system behaves internally. Proficiency in Win32 programming. Extensive in Excel, Access, SQL. Migration of large scale projects like Windows 7 and Server 2008. Ran back ups and change out takes in the back up servers in Datacenter. Belief in security and the importance of a secure network. Responsible for researching and recommending software/ hardware required for department to run smoothly.


Redip Radioman/Electronics Technician.


After Boot Camp I went to Confidential for BESS (Basic Enlisted Submarine School) to become an information systems technician. Learned specs and details of submarines, Learned damage control, fire extinguishing, ship to shore communication, ULF, VHF, Radar, teletype. Communications Specialist. Conducting ship to shore communications, ensured radar and electronic repairs and maintenance were conducted. Carryout routine inspection on all equipment. Managed UNIX SQL servers and app servers as well as attended classes in shell server/Browser scripting .asp. Managed the submarine schools Sun Solaris network and assigned accounts and mail servers for students. Managed the schools production and streaming of videos and teaching criteria/document storage. storing of sensitive material. Constantly maintained all aspects of communication while deployed to sea. Troubleshooting all aspects of Linux and Solaris operating environments. Utilized scripting of servers, browsers, applications to test security of internet facing pages before being placed online. Monitored all traffic ship to shore including network, e-mails, browsing, etc.

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