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System Test Engineer Resume

Santa Clara, CA

PROFILE: High tech professional with 10+ years in networking and telecom.

  • Configure Cisco switches and routers. Completed all 4 CCNA courses.
  • Test HAN (Home Area Network) devices for smart-grid - zigbee spec.
  • Test DSL modems from Motorola, 2wire, Actiontec, Telmex, Telstra, Australian Telecom and Arris Wireless Cable modems.
  • Examine packets using Wireshark, Ethereal, tcpdump.
  • Experience with SONET based DLC (Digital Loop Carrier).
  • Test NMS/EMS (Network Management/Element Management Systems)
  • Perform new feature, regression, functional, interoperability and performance testing
  • Web-based GUI testing using QTP
  • Log defects/bugs in a bug tracking system - Bugzilla, JIRA, Clearcase DDTS, Aptest. Write steps to reproduce the bugs with appropriate severity, retest the bugs after fix and change status to resolved/fixed.
  • Be the main point of contact and Interface with major customers and vendors - 2Wire, AT & T, Motorola, Motive, Supportsoft, Zyxel, BeWan, Actiontec.


  • Protocols: L2 - VLAN, VTP, STP, RSTP, MSTP, LACP. L3 - RIPv1, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF. TCP/IP, UDP. WAN - DHCP, NAT/PAT, Unicast, multicast, broadcast, subnetting.
  • Test Home Area Networks for smart grid application - zigbee spec.
  • Test DSL modems, TR-069, TR-098, TR-104 (VoIP), TR-111, WT-135 (IPTV - Set Top Boxes), EMS, NMS.
  • IEEE 802.11 WLAN protocols, access points and wireless security - WEP and WPA, and Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Examine packet captures - tcpdump, Ethereal/Wireshark, Packet Tracer.
  • Configured Cisco routers and switches - 2600, 2800, 3600, 4500.
  • HTTP, SSL, IPSec, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, IPv4 and IPv6, Cisco IOS.
  • GR-303, SONET, ATM (for optical networking systems), DWDM, OAMP.
  • Database - RDBMS - Oracle, SQL.
  • Microsoft OS - user accounts, groups, Active Directory. Install and configure MS Windows Server 2003.
  • Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems - NIDS, HIDS, Signature and Anomaly based.
  • Languages: HTML, SOAP, XML,
  • Automation Tool: Quick Test Professional - QTP.
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, OS2, Linux/UNIX.


System Test Engineer - Confidential, (Jan 2009 - Current)

  • EMS Solutions R11A - Test LAG alarms - LACP, performance enhancements, pre-defined inventory, T083G, T710G, T720G, G16 for Broadband Loop Multiplexer (BLM) - SONET based access product.
  • Responsible for testing of HANs for smart grid. Permit join/remove device, publish prices, display message, DRLC using zigbee spec, HAN test harnesses.
  • Test Arris wireless cable modems - WTM 652, DG560, TM702G. Consistency of parameters between - Web GUI, CLI & SNMP. DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0, Packet Cable specifications, SNMP MIBs.
  • Configure Cisco switches and routers.
  • User accounts, Windows 2000 groups and scopes, permissions, security, Active Directory. Install and configure MS Windows Server 2003.

QA Lead - Confidential, (Nov 2007 - Oct 2008)

  • Test CMS (Component Management Systems) - Web based GUI and Oracle Database (Client-server model)
  • Test interoperability of DSL and wireless modems - Motorola, Bell-Canada, Actiontec, Australian Telecom, Telmex, Telstra, British Telecom modems. Test PD-128 and TR-069.
  • Manage a large project of testing wirelessmodems from Actiontec, 2Wire and Motorola - 802.11 a/b/g, security features - WEP, WPA and WPA2 - TKIP and PSK.
  • Responsible for getting the PD-128 tests and CMS API testing automated - using SOAP, XML.
  • Get test strategies and test plans developed, reviewed and executed
  • Responsible for scheduling bug scrub meetings and tracking bug reports, maintaining project related test statistics, test metrics and bug status.

Interoperability Staff Test Engineer - Confidential, (Oct 2006 - Nov 2007)

  • Develop test strategies, test plans and execute the interoperability tests for CPEs.
  • Obtain certificate of TR-069 compliance for Motorola CPEs and issue TR-069 compliance certificate to third-party CPEs - Supportsoft, Motive, Zyxel, BeWan, Westell
  • Review results, reports and ensure that critical defects are logged into a bug-tracking system with appropriate severity.
  • Interface with customers and coordinating testing on various interoperability projects.

GUI Test Engineer - Confidential, (January 2002 - Sep 2006)

  • Develop test strategies, test plans, test cases and execute system integration and verification tests for various web based GUIs, using QTP and Winrunner for Salesforce Application.
  • Using record and playback, keyword/expert views, insert checkpoints and synchronization points, parametrization of objects, checkpoints, data-driven tables, regular expressions, functions and library files, file system handling, database handling.
  • Test NMS/EMS - for remote management of CPEs.

Systems Integration Test Engineer - Confidential, (From September 2000 - April 2001)

  • IP over wireless point-to-multipoint access product. Main responsibilities included:
  • Develop test strategies, test plans, test cases and execute system integration and verification tests.
  • Full wire rate traffic generation and analysis - stress testing and performance analysis (using Smartbits6000. Used the applications Smart Window and Smart Flow).

Systems Verification Test Engineer - Confidential, (From July 98 - August 2000)

  • SONET/ATM based Digital Loop Carrier . Main responsibilities included:
  • Project Lead on a Maintenance Release - GR303 over STS1.
  • Test STS1 linecard , Test ATM functionality of DLC (OC3c AuPSR)
  • Configure Cisco Routers: Series 2600, 3600 and 3800 and 4500 (OC3 interface).
  • Test the EMS/NMS (Element Management System) which is the user interface.
  • Write Tcl/Tk scripts for configuring large number of CRVS
  • Test GR303 at BTAC for ISDN and other analog cards (RPOTS, RUVG, FXS) against Lucent 5ESS, Nortel DMS 100 and 500 and Siemens EWSD switches.
  • Open, assign and verify resolved bugs ( tool used is clearcase ddts).

Test equipments used:

  • Adtech for OC3 ATM testing (Spirent Communications)
  • Digital Lightwave & SONET ANT20E Tester for STS1 testing (Wandel & Goltermann)
  • Smartbits2000 and Smartbits6000 for IP traffic generation and analysis (Spirent Communications)
  • T-Berd224, Fireberd 6000A, ISDN Analyzer K1404 , Abacus BCG, Ameritech

Software Engineer - Confidential, (Mar 95 - Jun 98)

  • Software Engineer in the NMS Group. Developed UI (client) using C++ on OS/2 using Zinc tool.
  • Responsible for fault fixing and sustaining of UI.
  • Responsible for configuration management for both UI and server build releases (Using PVCS).
  • Implemented Alarms and Notification


  • M. S. in Computer Science
  • Completed all 4 CCNA courses.

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