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Systems Engineer Resume


  • Over 10 years experience designing developing performance solutions
  • Over 10 years experience as technical writer for various clients with concentration in eLearning design, using ISD methodologies
  • Over 10 years experience designing developing distributed training systems and other instructional systems - i.e. WBT/ “eLearning” and other technology-based solutions
  • Over 5 years experience as project manager of design development teams for distributed training and other complex systems
  • Performed gap analyses conducted performance improvement interventions
  • Conducted needs, task, and target audience analyses to determine most appropriate training or non-training interventions
  • Created behavioral objectives and developed storyboards and other detailed design documents
  • Interviewed SMEs and investigated other resources as required research
  • Performed qualitative research to produce ethnographic information
  • Developed proposals for courses and interventions to be implemented
  • Conducted pilot studies formative evaluation of training products programs
  • Designed, developed, and delivered various ILT, including creating original graphic designs and page layouts
  • Delivered TTT, pilot, and other training sessions
  • Acted as teacher/instructor/facilitator and delivered instruction
  • Researched and followed best practices in adult learning techniques/methodologies, and using instructional design principles (ADDIE, Dick Carey, Bloom\'s Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick\'s Four Levels of Evaluation, etc.)
  • Optimization of systems through use of systems engineering process: analysis, evaluation, synthesis
  • Conducted conceptual and functional analyses
  • Developed process flow, functional flow, and IDEF diagrams
  • Conducted usability tests and user interface improvements
  • Incorporated usability and other human factors principles in all designs
  • Conducted organizational efficiency analysis using macro ergonomic principles
  • Conducted quality analyses using Six Sigma, TQM, and various other quality management process models
  • Conducted quality analysis and quality improvement intervention using Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

Adobe Acrobat


Captivate 3 4 5





Sound Forge

MS Project


MS Office Suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage

Web Ex


M.S. Systems Engineering

Certificate: Training and Performance Improvement

Bachelor’s Degrees – Cum Laude Honors

BS Engineering

BA Music

BS Interdisciplinary Studies


Instructional Systems Designer Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Consultant

1/2011 – present


Washington D.C.

client -Confidential, Systems Engineering curriculum re-design project.

11/2010 – 2/2011

ttc Innovations

Washington D.C.

Senior ISD Consultant for commercial clients,Confidential,

4/2010 – 8/2010


Houston, TX

Senior Learning Development Consultant for client BP E P: Performance improvement initiative for all petro-technical groups across BP’s entire Exploration Production division. Gathered data to identify performance gaps, conducted needs analyses, and designed solutions (non-training and training interventions) accordingly.

9/2004 – 4/2010


Atlanta, GA

Interventions included the following primary tasks: project planning management (as indicated), development of statements of work project plans, detailed gap instructional analyses, detailed instructional design, and preliminary development of media assets and programming. Media and programming development consisted of professional photo video shoots, editing in Photoshop, studio recording sessions w/ professional voice talent, audio editing, creation of simulations including capturing and developing in Captivate 3 Visio, and development in Flash. Instructional design consisted of creating course strategies, storyboards, audio scripts – all with SME review and iterative design and formative evaluation. Also managed process for interviewing hiring new team members.

  • Lift Truck Safety – project planning, management, design, and Captivate development of 508 compliant instruction and simulated practice for lift equipment operation certification, featuring “dashboard” user interface
  • Cashier College – POS system blended training solution, featuring Captivate developed “dashboard”
  • Hazardous Materials Training – project manager and lead designer for store’s eLearning solution for the handling of hazardous materials, including orientation, advanced topics, and transportation training
  • Home Depot Credit Programs - web-based learning solution of 2 eLearning classes to improve performance in selling and processing Home Depot credit products. Cumulative ROI estimated at $10.7 million
  • Process Mapping – instruction and simulated practice on the “how to’s” of creating process maps
  • The ART of Coaching – “soft skills” leadership training featuring rapid prototyping and the use of video
  • Creating Custom Orders – instruction and system simulation on the process steps of creating special orders
  • Electrical: Data Communications – product knowledge concepts for installing data communication devices
  • Financial Management – ILT for 3000+ store managers on running their multi-million dollar businesses

5/2004 - 10/2004


Atlanta, GA

  • Training Intervention: redesign of orientation training materials for CAN organization of the American Cancer Society management of project and design team Primary Methodologies included information mapping, instructional design, presentation development, SME review, and formative evaluation
  • Training Intervention: redesign of instructor - led training course for developing diversity skills within the American Cancer Society Primary Methodologies included SME review, formative evaluation, adult learning practices, and presentation design (MS Office)

12/2003 - 4/2004


Reston, VA

  • Training Intervention: designed instructor - led training course for developing advanced customer service skills for the Customer Service Institute of Nextel University Primary Methodologies included needs assessment, SME review, detailed design document, adult learning practices, and training the trainer
Instructional Systems and Web/Multimedia Designer

Human Factors and Systems Engineer

8/1999 – 12/2003

Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and Education
VA Tech ISE Department

Falls Church, VA

  • Non-training Intervention: conducted comprehensive performance analysis and needs assessment of Virginia\'s CGEP: Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program Primary Methodologies included data collection through interviews, business issues analysis, cause analysis, job task analysis, and gap analysis
  • Conducted (macro ergonomic) efficiency analysis of the CGEP: Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program Primary Methodologies included performance gap analysis, task analysis, macro ergonomic analysis, performance improvement intervention
  • Quality Analysis and Improvement of VA Tech’s northern Virginia Center’s distance delivered courses
  • Primary Methodologies included quality analysis and improvement using Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • Designed a project selection system for graduate students in Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Primary Methodologies included conceptual functional analyses, functional flow IDEF diagrams, and the systems engineering process
  • Designed Internet browsing device for "technophobes" – incorporating usability and hfe principles

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