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Ecom-specialist Resume


B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway and IBM Control Center. General system administration for Linux/Unix systems. Software Engineer experienced in all aspects of software development and testing and system administration. Proactive in developing software before hardware is available. Expertise in software life cycle from low - level (embedded) systems to user interface, from concept to testing and deployment, from real time operating systems to UNIX to Windows. Excellent verbal and written skills needed to communicate with a geographically diverse team or a remote customer.


ELECTRONIC Data INTERCHANGE (EDI): IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (Mapping, Business Processes, and Partner on boarding), Installation and Upgrades of IBM Sterling products. (B2BI, Sterling File Gateway, IBM Control Center)

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: C, C++, C#, Assembler, FORTRAN, Java, Perl, Python, sh/bash Scripting.

OPERATING Systems: UNIX (HP-UX, Linux. AIX, Solaris etc.), QNX, VMS, VRTX, Windows.

OTHERS: .Net (C#, SQL Server, VB, ASP.Net, GUI), Visual Studio, Open MPI





  • Use of IBM B2B Integrator XAPI, REST API
  • Updating and cleaning up B2BI database
  • Developing Maps
  • Developing Business Processes (BP)
  • Custom B2BI Services
  • Installation and upgrade of Sterling B2B Integrator and Confidential
  • Health check and optimization
  • Database cleanup for Confidential Consultant Confidential
  • Migration of a home brew system to Confidential, Maintaining compatibility with minimal changes was a key requirement to support their large user base.
  • On boarded over 15000 trading partners and over 80,000 routing channels.
  • Modified Confidential ’s default extractability.
  • Provided automated support for sub mailboxes and SSH authorized user keys.
  • Developed a service to support of Amazon S3 as a listening consumer, Instructor Confidential
  • Led a course for day to day support personnel Installation and upgrades for Confidential: Electronics
  • Upgrade/Installation of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator 5.2.6 on AIX.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Software Design Engineer


  • Added and enhanced support for GPUs as features became available.
  • Added non-blocking collectives included in the MPI 3.0 standard.
  • Optimization to improve performance.
  • Software releases management
  • Testing systems and Test harness

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Software Engineer


  • Developed a number of projects to improve the functionality of HP-MPI: on-demand connections, MPICH compatibility and porting of algorithm plug-ins from Linux to Windows
  • Logging and saving the state of firmware calls to aid debugging
  • Developed driver code for the Intel Dual Network Card (PCI-X) (Ethernet/Fiber).
  • Developed code and scripts to automate the testing of memory controllers/busses/subsystem
  • Bring-up (first time) of mid-range (up to 16 CPU) Itanium Family of Processors (IPF) computers.
  • Fixed and tested existing problems (bugs) in the UNIX kernel.
  • Developed prototypes to add and reconfigure hardware (e.g. processing cells, memory etc.) to the running operating system.
  • Collaborated with remotely located teams to solve customer problems ensuring complete solutions..
  • System Administration and configuration of across the range UNIX computers.
  • Encapsulation of tables (relations), writing stored procedures etc. using SQL Server. (Windows)
  • Windows user interface and usability testing.
  • Developed device drivers to communicate with hardware peripherals. Robotics and vision systems.
  • Proactive in simulating hardware and testing software before the hardware was available.
  • Software for trucks: SAE J1587 and J139. Flexible data driven architecture.
  • Developed and tested code to analyze images in a Computer Vision system.
  • Typically, holes and edges are analyzed for diameters, distances and angles. Using PLM86 using VRTX on a VAX 11/70 (VMS)

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