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Technical Engineering Manager Resume


  • Strategic Thinker who is an expert in closing the gaps between the business and engineering teams.
  • Utility Worker who can play multiple roles as the same time.
  • Experienced 25+ years of software engineering experience using multiple technologies and methodologies
  • Communicator Effective communicating technical issues to non technical and technical audiences
  • Initiator Effective working within small, large, diverse, and geographically distributed teams including external development agencies and partners Inventor.
  • Primary creator of patents for the SPARQ Sensory Performance (SSP).
  • A vision test, measurement, scoring and training platform used by Professional Football, Soccer, Baseball and other professional athletes.
  • Utility Can perform multiple functions at the time. Architect, Manager, Engineer, Analyst, Consultant, Support, Quality.


DevOps: Jenkins, Serverless.com, Terraform (Continuous Integration / Deployment)

AWS Cloud: EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, Etc.

Authentication / Authorization: Active Directory, PING

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, DynamoDB, Hibernate, SQL, NoSQL

Integration Protocols: JSON, XML, REST, SOAP

Security: Fortify

Monitoring: Splunk, New Relic

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Combinations

Object Oriented Programming: Java

Other languages/Tools: Node, Python, Docker, Packer

Service as a Product: Heroku, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Function as a Service (FAAS): CloudObjx, Prisma

Business Portals: SalesForce.com, SharePoint, Application development using common Design Patterns, Data Structures, Algorithms, Troubleshooting complex application and integration issues, Production and Development Support


Technical Engineering Manager



  • Worked with many teams both internally and globally outsourced as an engineering manager to deliver consumer driven experiences for the Confidential Digital Brand.
  • Managed internal team of iOS and Java Engineers.
  • Managed agency to extend team.
  • Managed a development team of 5 to build a free standing kiosk with software that measured 14 vision skills, recommended training regiments and provided training for several of the skills required for athletic performance improvement.
  • Managed development teams of varying sizes over time to build Confidential, prototypes and CloudOjbx.

Solution Architecture


  • A Serverless Solution that automated CRUD Object API builder that transparently built, tested and deployed and API to the the AWS Cloud using AWS lambda, dynamoDB, and API Gateway.
  • An Implementation of FAAS.
  • Led the transformation from J2EE to AWS Cloud Native (15 Microservices).
  • DCRS is an elite set of retail employee led services that the retail consumers used to find the best customized products.
  • Some examples are Bra Fitting and Confidential Run Club (NRC) Trial Run.
  • Worked on variety of projects to design Cloud application architectures to meet both general Confidential and application requirements.
  • HIghly integrated into enterprise services.
  • Designed solution to the "stitch" 15 second skateboard videos into a movie using AWS infrastructure and make them available to the iOS app for playback.
  • Sole designer of a Sensory Training Kiosk that trained elite athletes vision skills.
  • Confidential 's first J2EE Cloud Services application.
  • A Cloud Based Running Application that allowed consumers to create runs in their city and allow other runners to join and meet up for the run.
  • Highly integrated into the Confidential enterprise services.
  • Designed a "Live Event Management System" to manage, publish and sell live Confidential performances
  • The first Google Maps Mashup at Confidential that integrated google maps with internal Confidential store data that in store personnel used to direct consumers to locations and to help identify store managers and directors.
  • Designed an "Inversion of Control" framework to power the Confidential Application Router. Pre - Spring technologies.
  • Designed an Order Management Assistant to assist Confidential Customer Service Reps easy access to the order data.
  • Sun declared this to be the first enterprise Java application ever built.

Business Systems Analys t



  • Requirements gathered, created and documented for Sports Vision testing, measurement and training platform.
  • Worked with Reichow and Herb Yoo to define the next generation vision training system that could improve on and off field performance.
  • Defined, prototyped and specified a Sales Channel Application for SSP that was implemented in SalesForce.com
  • Worked with Audioglobe to define and Live Event Management System (LEMS) to Stream, Capture, Publish and Sell Live and Recorded Entertainment
  • Defined the next generation API creator for the Cloud using Serverless.com and AWS Lambda (Java, Node and Python)

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