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National Te Specialist, Connect Engineering Resume

Washington Saginaw, MI


  • A seasoned network engineer with 20 years of hands - on large telecom/healthcare industry experience possessing extensive IP traffic analysis skills.
  • Proven knowledge of network design practices as well as expert troubleshooting of existing environments.
  • Strong problem solving skills with functional creativity to ensure all solutions are effective and budget conscious.


Data: Extreme/Avaya VSP4k/7k/8k series, ERS 5500/5600/5900, 4800, 86/8800, Alteon, Contivity Cisco 1800/1900, 2800/2900, 3800/3900, 7200/7600 series routers; 2900/3500/3700 series edge, 6500 Single/Dual plane, CSS/CSM, GSS, NAM, WLC 4400/5500 series, AP 1100/1200 Aruba 7200 series controllers/AP225/RAP3

Security: Fortinet FG1500D, Forti Analyzer, Forti Authenticator, Palo Alto 3k, Juniper SRX 100/240/1500 SA4000/SA6000/MAG6000, Pulse

Software: Wild Packets/Netscout Sniffer/Riverbed Shark/Cascade, Apache, OpenNMS, MRTG/Cacti, HPNA, CiscoWorks/NCS/Prime, Infoblox, Optivity, Netview, Microsoft NPS, Avaya IDE/COM/Extreme XMC, Visio

Protocols: SPBm, Transparent/Switched-UNI, ISIS, OSPF, SNMP, SIP/MGCP/H323, HSRP/VRRP, VRF, IGMP, (M)SMLT, vIST, EtherChannel, LACP, IPFIX/Netflow/SFlow, BGP


National TE Specialist, Connect Engineering



  • Design and implementation of Extreme VSP series within all St John Providence hospitals using stepped EIGRP/OSPF/SPBm migration path
  • Greenfield fabric design and deployment of National Help Desk and Security Operations Center facility
  • Develop practical migration standards blueprint for Extreme VSP migration nationally
  • Performed telecom bill analysis with realized 2m annual savings of expired/unused services, identification through disconnect
  • Cost analysis and design of leased metro fiber solution utilizing CCI dark fiber and Confidential hardware

TE Senior Analyst

Confidential, Washington Saginaw MI


  • Design and deploy Northern Michigan region wireless system using Cisco wireless technologies
  • Start to finish installation of greenfield data center facility within St.
  • Mary’s Hospital using Avaya Virtual Switching technologies, VSP 9000/7000 series hardware, SPB-m Fabric Enabled/Attached
  • Deployment of Avaya SPB-m across carrier boundaries allowing Avaya ONA deployment
  • Testing and deployment of Palo Alto clustered firewalls for national evaluation
  • Lead regional technician teams to provide timely resolution to issues as well as completion of under-80 hour projects
  • Design, implement and support regional fiber EPL networks with AT&T and Charter diverse paths
  • Deploy SSLVPN technologies using Juniper MAG/SA SM, replacing legacy Cisco and Confidential hardware
  • Key participant on Ascension national standards team for Data Center and R/S technologies

Network Engineer

Confidential, Rochester Hills, MI


  • Develop and implement equipment migration plan of jointly acquired manufacturing firm from VPN/Frame technology to MPLS and ERP/Exchange systems to hosting facility.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot a 45 facility, 14 country Global MPLS network with over 3000 IP nodes.
  • Deploy and support free enterprise network management tools for enterprise use, including OpenNMS, MRTG, NetworkAuthority Inventory, Netflow, and Radius via Server 2008 NPS.
  • Perform World Headquarters equipment migration including DMZ and MPLS core routers.
  • Audit and adjust/release telephony circuits to meet cost saving goals.
  • Maintain global firewall policies using Juniper and Fortinet firewalls.
  • Perform ANX to IPSEC migrations of EDI customers
  • Design networks for domestic and international facilities (India/China/Brazil)
  • Support Symbol/Motorola plant floor wireless infrastructure in all domestic facilities.
  • Evaluate/Demonstrate new technologies for global review including Shoretel IP telephony, Aerohive wireless and PaloAlto next generation firewall systems.

Network Architect

Confidential, Rochester Hills, MI


  • Design, test, procure and implemented Confidential L3 switching solutions and Confidential wireless to support Henry Ford Health System's next generation system-wide medical record application platform.
  • Developed, tested, and implemented converged network for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital using Confidential 4k IP gateways as well as Confidential L3 switch solutions with QOS deployment.
  • Performed IP address consolidation audit, developed new addressing strategy, documented migration steps and provided 3rd level support to teams as implementation was carried out.
  • Replaced digital line services to 40 remote offices and 7 aggregation facilities with AT&T VPLS optical service.
  • Deployed and supported open source tools OpenNMS and MRTG on Debian Etch platforms.
  • Performed user and rights management as well as apache/tomcat web server administration on Debian platforms.
  • Developed Cisco/3com to Confidential equipment migrations of newly acquired facilities including 15 Optimeyes centers and St. Joseph Hospital Macomb.

Sr. Network Engineer

Confidential,Sterling Heights MI


  • Maintain and administer Chrysler's IP, E-commerce, ATM backbone, and SNA networks.
  • Utilize IP troubleshooting skills on multi-vendor arena, including Nortel (BN, BCN, ARN, Accelar, Passport, Contivity) Cisco (2k, 3k, 4k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 11k CSS) and IBM FEP/Controller products.
  • Deployed and supported/configured Internet facing infrastructure that provides in-house hosting for Chrysler.
  • Perform expert troubleshooting using NAI Sniffers, HPOV, Ciscoworks, Envisage, and Netview.
  • Train new employees in all facets of supporting the DaimlerChrysler corporate and extranet networks.
  • Supported Debian tools platform that housed Smokeping and MRTG management tools.

Network Management Engineer Lead

Confidential, Southfield MI


  • Manage/Administer Lucent/Ascend CBX 500/550, BSTDX 9k switches, manage HPOV platform for other engineers, perform maintenance and troubleshoot issues.
  • Supported Cisco 7k and 12k, Juniper M40 routers on Confidential 's IP backbone.
  • Troubleshoot numerous issues in both realms, from VoIP implementation, ISP peering, customer internet access, ATM VPN, and router/switch repair, support, and configuration.
  • Deployed and supported Solaris and RH6 stations for HPOV, Alcatel/Hitachi ring management solutions and software.

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