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Senior Systems Engineer Resume

Allen, TX

20 years Printed Circuit Board Design, Layout, Testing, Troubleshooting, Repair
20 years Electronics Repair, Calibration of Bias, DC Offset, VAS Stage Current Flow
20 years Hardware Design & Component Selection
20 years Power Supply Analog and Digital Circuitry
15 years Class A Audio Power Amplifier Design, Build, Repair, Test
15 years Chassis Design Auto Cad, P Spice, Circuit Maker
10 years Unix/Linux
10 years Hardware, Software, and Systems Testing & Debug, VOIP
03 years PAL Design for CPU Logic Circuits through Digital Equipment Corporation
03 years LED Power Supply Circuit Design for High End audio amplifiers
03 years Regulatory Compliance Testing
02 years Analog Filter Design
July 2011-Present
Integrate new software into several existing hardware platform. Test and verify the software for functionality and resource usage. Write documentation to support my findings and present to the company vice president and support individuals responsible for new product rollout.

August 2009 - Present
Design Engineer and Repair of Commercial High End Audio equipment. Build custom equipment per client requests and specifications. Design and test Power Amplifiers and tube preamplifiers up to 700w rms. Redesigned Japanese audio power supply circuitry for USA power grid. Redesigned power supply and built circuit for upgraded LED lighting on power amplifier.

Senior Systems Engineer
February 2008 - August 2009 company wide layoff
Installation and Test Engineer for advanced multimedia telephony systems using VOIP phone services in the United Kingdom. Unix based software loading on over 400 servers, complex RAID configurations for message storage lookup tables and CDR's using Sybase & Oracle for analytics. Servers were in an HA environment with load balancing and handling of 1 meg+ calls. Software loading was from a yum repository to applicable server. Engineer and Technical support to field installation. Multiple server and operating system environments accessed remotely with VPN.

Systems Support Engineer
January 2007 - February 2008
Systems Engineer for software and hardware issues that field personnel could not resolve. Debug transmission errors from satellite to radio in Electronic Flow Meters and meter hardware. Installed and tested new firmware loads for various meters and formatted meter information to flow to customer website using XML, HTML, and JAVA code.

Systems Support Engineer
April 2005 - January 2007
Systems Support Engineer for telephony and networking configurations and software/hardware issues that other Engineers could not solve. Test and debug software code issues using system logs generated by Call Center monitoring applications. Technical Engineer and support for software development team to test, find, and resolve code issues. Technical and engineer support for configuration and implementation of Survey and Recorder platforms. Extensive Technical documentation required for issues and resolution. Test Engineer for QFinity 3.1 Product.

Senior Technician, Supervisor
October 2003 - September 2004 company wide layoff
Supervised 12 electronic technicians through training, personnel issues, payroll, and professional development. Maintained quality inventory control and inspection for assembly and repair of Personal computers, LCD's, and Laptops. Inspected, categorized, and tested electronic parts and Mother boards to component level. Developed extensive Access database to track inventory. Developed and categorized a Kanban system for parts usage. Per customer specifications, repaired, configured and tested PC systems, laptops, and LCD's. Operated a Java based application to store parts and system information in an Oracle database.

High End Audio Design & Build Engineer
June 2001 - Present
Class A audio amplifier research, design upgrade, and testing of circuit design and output. Created and modified electronics front end for distortion reduction, low noise, and increased Common Mode Rejection Ratio. Upgraded electronic analog and digital circuitry. Designed a chassis using Auto-CAD. Design and build State of the Art MOSFET Class A Power Amplifier @ 300 watts RMS balanced per channel. Develop unique cascading differential front end for eliminating distortion and increased common mode rejection ratio. Develop circuit boards with custom layout for consistent trace impedance and noise reduction. Extensive AutoCAD design building a thermal heat reducing power amplifier chassis. Electronics design using Spice to verify data, functionality, and performance. Designed and built unique differential Tube Pre-Amplifier with IR remote control.

Systems Integration Engineer
December 2000 - May 2001 company wide layoff
Systems Integration Engineer that developed an RBR record system using two Netra AC200 T1's and an A1000 Raid-Array by Sun Micro-Systems for VIA Soft Switch Product. Configured SunOS and Storage Manager Software to run on a Hardware Platform. Configured VERITAS volume manager and cluster server to handle storage volume functions and fail protection. Organized complex network environments to allow remote connection to clusters. Integrated and configured software to run on a VIA Soft Switch for testing cluster environments that involved integrating development softwareon a VIA to run and communicate with cluster. Used Spectra to verify communication between STP'S, SP'S and SCP'S. Verified SS7 connection to VIA and IP connection from NAS.

Quality Assurance Test Engineer

1994 - 2000
Test Engineer for various International and Domestic DSP speech loads on specific resource cards and wrote applicable driver software for functionality testing. Debugged complex code issues using In Vision and Smalltalk. Documented and resolved code errors found in core level DLL's and executables. Developed benchmark evaluation programs for system hardware platforms. Configured system level BIOS for hardware and customer platforms. Developed hardware configurations and load tests for evaluation of hardware functionality and multi-level software reliability. Maintained the Quality Assurance LAN consisting of Ethernet and Token Ring backbones. Installed patch releases for ATM environments used for testing protocols and functionality. Configured testing for the American T1 and European E1 SS7 environments. Developed custom Microsoft Access databases using Visual Basic as the interface to track all certified hardware, part number platform, memory size, board revisions, and model types of specific hardware. Developed custom certifications for customers requiring server type hardware for Speech Works. Wrote extensive test plans and benchmark documentation supporting findings and in accordance with ISO9000. Completed Regulatory Compliance testing on EMI/RFI radiation in 5U chassis design of VCD Circuits.

Operating SystemsSoftware

Test Equipment
C-VAX Chipset
Visual Basic
Drive Alignment
Linux Enterprise Server
Linux Red Hat
SCSI Disk Drive
Data Channel Analyzer
Sun Solaris
Circuit Maker
Audio Amplifier
Time Domain Reflectometry
Sun Storage Manager
Tape & Disk Drives
Spectrum Analyzers
In Vision
Sun Raid Arrays
Profile Analyzers
Lab View
Token Ring & Ethernet
Network Sniffer
MV8000 Mainframes
Digital Volt Meter
OS/2 Warp
Power Amplifiers
Vacuum Tube Volt Meter
Visual C++
Memory Subsystems
Fault Finder
Electronic Flow Meter
INET Spectra
Code View
Bipolar & MOSFET
Audio Analysis
192 college credit hours
Lack 2 classes to have Double major in Computer Information Systems and Electronics Engineering
Associates Degree in Digital Industrial Electronics Engineering

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