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System Engineer Resume

Denver, CO


  • As an all - around Confidential expert with over 25 years experience in administrating systems and programming, I am top problem solver, debugger, and CL programmer thanks to organization, analytical skills, tenacity, and structured thinking. In my years as a programmer and systems engineer for Confidential I have been optimizing systems to run as efficient and reliable as possible and I have been extremely successful due to my passion for the system.
  • I am a US citizen through naturalization. Since July 2015, I have been caring full time for an elderly family member until December 20, 2017 when she passed away.


  • AS/400 CL (Control Language)
  • Troubleshooting/Debugging iTera/Mimix
  • Arthur van Mourik 1
  • Top Skills 1
  • Confidential Systems Engineer and Database Administrator 1
  • System Engineer, Confidential 1
  • Senior Programmer
  • Analyst | Administrator 3
  • Senior Programmer Analyst 3


System Engineer

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Responsible for the operation of the state’s two Confidential systems (models 740, 16 POWER7+ processors, 256GB RAM, 20TB DASD, 8TB SSD with 6 LPARs, production LPAR with 3500+ active users) in two dif­ferent locations
  • Created and maintained tools using RPG and CL to automate (and send out E-mails) monitoring tasks like Message Waits, new entries in the Problem Log, CPU usage, disk utilization, CDC targets, iTera in sync, job queues, network status, journals, etc.
  • Managed resource allocation/sharing using Hardware Management Console (HMC)
  • Used System Service Tools (SST) to troubleshoot hardware issues and manage RAID sets
  • Used the Audit Journal to trace security issues, user profile changes, etc.
  • Monitored system activity and performance
  • Managed subsystems, memory pools, job queues, job logs, etc.
  • Set up and monitored data replication using CDC (formerly known as Confidential )
  • Maintained and monitored the HA environment
  • Used Navigator for i tools such as Visual Explain to optimize SQL databases by determining the need for Encoded Vector or Binary Radix indexes
  • Database administration, expert at changes to existing databases, includes native and SQL
  • Database security, database indexing, database optimizing, journal management

Senior Programmer | Analyst | Administrator

Confidential, Yardley, PA


  • Responsible for administrating 19 AS/400 systems in a WAN configuration along the east coast
  • Project manager, financial systems
  • Programmed a system for monitoring the daily backup processes and collecting the statistics on a central machine, programmed audit reports, programmed an automatic monitor that reports any major problem on one of the machines, replaced older machines for newer and installed systems from scratch and set up a plan to migrate to the new machine over the network
  • Maintained and enhanced General Ledger, Advertising and Circulation Management software using RPG and CL

Senior Programmer | Analyst



  • Developed a multi-currency invoice system still supporting the business in 15 countries today.
  • Responsible for the disturbance free working of operational software, modifications and initiation of new developments on a two-person AS/400 software development department
  • Designed and build a complete new multi-currency invoice system with automated interfaces to major cus­tomers, external accounting software from major customers and reporting to the main office in Paris, France
  • Integrated the order processing software from our Belgian branch office with the order processing software from the office in the Netherlands and made a variety of automatic order entry interfaces to major customers
  • Participated in a European team in Paris, France to integrate all local stock level management software into a European production planning system
  • Reprogrammed COBOL software from external software agency to RPG to run on the company computer
  • In charge of migrating from three S/36 computers to one AS/400 and changing RPGII programs to RPG400 and flat files to database tables
  • Supervised programmers

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