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Manager Resume

Plano, TX


  • A true visionary with a consistent history of forward thinking, bringing concept and ideas into reality. An outstanding record of delivering high tech cutting edge solutions to a variety of industries.
  • Managed strategic initiatives and project management innovations to accelerate performance and delivery.
  • Developed systems and managed programs for OEM, telco, government, retail, religious, utilities, financial services and education providing solutions start to finish with emphasis on sales, marketing and social media.
  • Developed personal and strategic relationships with global executives worldwide.


  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Contract Negotiation/Client/Providers
  • Client Liaison/Relationship Management
  • Purchasing /Multi - Vendor Coordination
  • RFQ/RFP Response Strategies
  • MRD/PRD Documentation Creation
  • Hardware/Software In/Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure/CDN/Webcasting/VR/Satellite
  • Shared Services/Remote Administration
  • Satellite Acquisition and Delivery
  • Multimedia Production and Development
  • Webcasting/Teleconferencing/Digital Signage


Technical Experience CDN Related: eCDN - Juniper, Cisco, Confidential Velocix, Edgecast, Verivue, Edgeware. External CDN - Akamai, Limelight, Edgecast, Brightcove with all Layer 1-7 protocols. Secure OTT. ABR, Encoding, Origin Servers, Parent, Edge.

Extensive knowledge: TCP/IP protocols (DNS, DHCP, BGP, SMTP, SNMP, HTTP, FTP)

Web Related: HTML, DRUPAL, PHP NUKE, WORDPRESS, MySQL, JAVA, CSS, RSS, APACHE, IIS, TCP/IP, VPN, FTP, DHCP, DTP, LAMP, XAMPP, VMWARE, DAMEWARE, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Cold Fusion, Flash, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Paint Shop Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Web Trends.

Computer Related: Personal PC - Basic / DOS / Linux / Windows 3.1 - Windows 7 Provided technical support since the earliest PCs on all Windows OS versions including network servers. 17+ years

Installation and Repair: Installing connectivity and networking since the Commodore 64 and Radio Shack TRS80. Can build or repair anything to spec. 25+ years

Networking: Cisco/Juniper SAN/RAID/SCSI/TLB Tier 1 fiber data center to personal home networking. 16+ years Audio 16-32-64-128 channel audio mixers various manufacturers. 20+ years

Video: Experience with audio/video compression technologies such as MPEG, H.263/H.264, and AAC. Extensive hands on encoding/transcoding. Experience with IP networking including multicast and unicast delivery utilizing streaming protocols MMS/RTSP/HTTP/RTCP/RTMP/FLV/RM linear and VoD. Polycom/Tandberg, etc. 13+years

CDN Infrastructure, DRM, Media Servers (Wowza, Real, Windows Media, Adobe Flash, QuickTime) 10+ years Lighting: Various lighting for large venues and productions to small intimate single camera shots. 20+ years



Confidential, Plano,TX


  • Currently serving as the line manager for the Confidential . In my role as TAC manager it is my job to support the 5 engineers I have working to support our North American and Confidential customer base, this includes, Mediaroom, CDN, cDVR and the FCC products in the region.
  • It is my role to make sure they have all the tools and training they need to fulfill their roles as our front-end support engineers.
  • My role also includes supporting the internal NPI and IE teams as well as the Video and Sales BUs, with customer facing support, backend documentation and process.


Confidential, Plano TX.


Hired by Confidential to be a Subject Matter Expert and Master Systems Integrator for their Content Delivery Network and Fast Channel Change products into the Rogers IPTV "Eclipse" project. Working from the customer's PRD, I lead the CDN integration and built the SOW needed to accomplish. I worked with a cross functional team with responsibilities from architecture, systems and network review. Assisted the Sales and the Marketing BD team with customer requirements, expectations and helped drive the product and development with engineering.


Confidential, San Jose CA


  • Worked with the Content Services Group on special projects relating to WatchOn, Media Hub and other secret service offerings for the future.
  • Content platform engineering and workflow analysis is one of my key roles at Confidential, design, architecture, testing and deployment is all in a day's work.
  • Vendor relationships include all media transcoding companies (Harmonic, Elemental, Digital Rapids, etc.), big data Cloud offerings (AWS, Azure), Aspera along with other Confidential internal and external partners. Deep industry relationships with large CDNs, Akamai, Limelight, Tier 1 Carriers (ATT/VRZN/COMC).
  • Continuing interaction and business development with our global content providers Sony, Fox, Paramount, MGM, Deluxe, and others. Ingestion workflows from ingestion of raw content to device specific protocols and delivery mechanisms.
  • OTT providers also are in our daily lives. Netflix, Crackle, Hulu all have working relationships with our media teams.
  • In the first year, identified and enhanced internal work flow processes that have the potential savings of over 8 million dollars a year from outsourced ingestion and transcoding costs,providing a ground up approach with all cutting edge, industry driven, architecture, infrastructure, costs, diagrams, networking, etc., everything, a nuts to bolts solution.
  • Support for Business Development filtering out new technologies, identifying cutting edge solutions that will better the products, services and hardware produced by Confidential and its partners, identifying positive solutions for all business units and working relationships and partners, hands on systems integration, proof of concept, pilot to production.
  • Identification and architecture of internal resources to build a fully immersive, interactive experience. "powered by Confidential "


Confidential, Westford, MA


  • Performed system testing on Juniper's next generation Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) using Media Flow Controller (MFC) specifically for AT&T uVerse application.
  • Participated in designing, developing and executing the comprehensive test plan for multiple MFC (Juniper CDN) releases. Identified the root cause of product defects. Identified design gaps of the product from the customer requirements during test planning and execution.
  • Helped define problems that led to root cause analysis and preventative management through redundancy. Translated test results into system guidelines and golden configuration as a baseline for customer deployment. Provided on­site and remote customer support for lab trials.




  • Contracted through Confidential to be a resource to Confidential Communications as a CDN Architect/Engineer.
  • Collaborative engineering of CDN architecture for video distribution through Telco infrastructure.
  • Rack and stack CDN HW/SW solutions with heavy emphasis on configuration, DNS, DHCP.
  • QA testing of vendor CDN middleware, ( Bake-off Juniper MFC/MFA, Cisco CDE/CDS-IS, Velocix, Edgecast, Verivue )

Environment: CDN Architecture, Streaming Media Engineering, IPTV, Transcoding Solutions (HLS, Flash, Smooth, Legacy). Hired as a hands-on consultant to help identify best of class solutions for specific Streaming / CDN requirements needed within the Enterprise space. Working closely with VPs of Technology, Directors, CDN vendors, Transcoding vendors as well as Sales and Technical Engineers.




  • Contracted through Confidential to write deliverables of high end architecture to the Video group.
  • Consulted IT in its delivery of proprietary video distribution using RTMP/RTSP for delivery of video assets to mobile devices (Apple OS/Blackberry/Android) using outside CDN solutions( Brightcove/Akamai )
  • Technical drawings and integration plans for entire BAML regional offices and central datacenter.




  • Contracted through Microsoft to write deliverables of high end architecture to the IT group for eCDN.
  • Consulted with the IT group in its delivery of proprietary video distribution using Microsoft Smooth Streaming.
  • Technical drawings and integration plans for entire Confidential regional offices and central datacenter.

CTO-DIRECTOR - Business Owner

Confidential, Greensboro, NC


  • Acquisition of Confidential assets and intellectual properties in 2000.
  • Technical liaison between IT, business units and outsourced media hosting providers.
  • Evaluated the customer need through use case analysis to find the best of class solution.
  • Hired as a consultant to fortune 500 companies to address best of class CDN/Streaming solutions.
  • Technical support for all aspects of media computing, OS, Windows Media, Real Networks, Flash Technologies for private and public networks including teleconferencing.
  • Managed proprietary products and services with emphasis on strategic marketing.
  • Provide strategic, tactical and operational leadership for technology infrastructure, media services, support and managed events.
  • Over the past several years consulted large organizations, helping them bring on Streaming / IPTV technologies to their core IT platforms. This included Wowza Servers, Adobe Flash Servers, Windows Media delivery, both from the hardware end to the GUI/CMS interfaces for content delivery which included Accordant, VMIX, Confidential, ThePlatform and others.
  • End to end test and quality assurance of all network and streaming platforms. Analytical testing procedures in place to assure best of class, service and standards.
  • Senior member of the team that delivered major webcasting and satellite events to stadium environments, civic arenas and private corporate communications.
  • Negotiated favorable hardware and software purchases, licensing agreements and platforms for media servers and services throughout the world. This included the CDN component needed to deliver large amounts of bandwidth for large events.
  • Long term committed relationships with bandwidth providers, state of the art data centers, and satellite providers having a working knowledge of all technologies related.
  • Developed a cost and service review to provide hard numbers for executive decision-making.
  • Implemented a shared media services environment, an infrastructure media outsourced solution credited with creating unique historic events for television and the Internet through webcasting, television and satellite technologies.
  • Responsible for production of multimedia presentations for scheduled events including commercials, marketing and Internet Interactive communications.


Confidential, Philipsburg, PA


  • Established long-term executive/client partnerships by remaining attuned to client needs, helped in writing grants to fund solutions provided.
  • Helping define and drive WebcastCenter's delivery of Streaming Media and Content Delivery Network Solutions.
  • Reduced risk and complexity of programs by understanding and anticipating cross-project dependencies
  • Crafted solutions for the state of Pennsylvania's high schools and museums that became the model for linking the state's government with projects that put new technology into the hands of the students, achieved by incorporating industry best practices with practical leadership and training.
  • Establishing connections between Pennsylvania High Schools and the State Governor's office.
  • Established working relationships with education institutions as well as government agencies including the US Senate and Congress.

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