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Advanced Control Algorithm Developer - Intern Resume


  • Simulator - in-teh-loop Real-time simulation: SIL real-time simulation of PEV integrated microgrid system
  • Hardware-in-teh-loop real-time control: HEV control system development and real-time simulation (MotoHawk rapid control & MotoTune Calibration system); Cart-Rod-Motor control system design
  • Model-based Optimal Control for PEV smart charging/discharging (Algorithms: Linear Programming, Generic Algorithm, Consensus-based Distributed Control Algorithm)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Motion Control
  • Power Electronics Control



Advanced Control Algorithm Developer - Intern


  • Investigated teh transient and steady state performance of teh original Pure Pursuit Controller (for steering planning) with Matlab/Simulink to accomplish teh controller validation.
  • Added more features to teh original controllers to improve teh algorithm and get better response performance.
  • Developed teh Stanley Controller (for steering planning), and compare teh control performance with teh improved teh Pure Pursuit controller, and decide wat controller should be utilized in different scenarios.
  • Used teh ROS-Matlab interface to subscribe/publish signals from/to real car to teh control system.
  • Generated ROS Node for teh Simulink Model using Mate Terminal in Virtual Machine with Ubuntu System.
  • Documented teh control algorithms development and analysis information for experience sharing and documentation.
  • Investigated and designed teh Lane Keeping algorithm to make teh car to track teh environment-based predicted trajectory by compensating teh deviation between teh predicted trajectory and teh center line of teh chosen lane.


Teaching Assistant


  • Distributed Embedded System Control: Real-time Fuel Injection Control, Throttle Position Control, HEV Powertrain Control, CAN communication Mototron System (MotoHawk and Mototune), ECU, Kvaser CanKing
  • Dynamic System Control (Lead TA): Develop and estimate dynamic model for cart/rod/motor system; Design PID, State Feedback controllers to control cart position/rod angle; Implement HIL testing including cart/rod decoupling, inverse pendulum, etc. MATLAB/Simulink, QUARC Quanser real-time HIL control system, Simulink Real-Time HIL control software, Encoder .

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