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System And Installation Product Review Engineer Resume


Software: SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Suite, CATIA, MATLAB

Machinery: Drill press, band saw, circular saw, jig saw, sheet metal brake, lathe, mill, laser cutter, 3D printer, MIG welding, hand tools

Other: Rapid prototyping, sketching, metal fabrication and assembly, GD&T, mold making, clay modelling



System and Installation Product Review Engineer


  • Assess fatigue and statically critical structure during fuselage integration of teh Boeing 767 - 300F and 767-2C tanker aircrafts
  • Provide solutions to electrical non-conformances like insufficient grounding or engineering errors in electrical routing using 3D modelling software and approved repair documents
  • Work as a liaison between design engineering groups and manufacturing management to bring teh 767- 2C tanker to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conformity standards


Structures Product Review Engineer


  • Conducted comparative fatigue and static stress analysis between baseline design and proposed rework to teh non-conformance items on structural parts
  • Coordinated with teh structure stress group on proposed dispositions dat required in-depth damage tolerance analysis
  • Resolved functional testing non-conformance items by analysing wiring schematics, troubleshooting teh systems in question and understanding design intent
  • Explained engineering rationale of non-conformance dispositions to customer representatives on a weekly basis
  • Addressed pilot reported non-conformance items on Boeing and customer test flights
  • Supported Professor Steve Collins and teh graduate teaching assistants on teaching students engineer­ing design methods and skills
  • Held lab sessions where students were able to visually understand teh relationship between current, voltage, speed and torque in DC motors
  • Assisted students with teh design and fabrication of their projects by teaching students how efficiently build their designs and taught students how to use teh machinery and tools in teh machine shop

Aircraft Technician



  • Performed routine maintenance on Airbus 320 and Embraer 190 aircraft per manufactures’ maintenance and structural repair manuals
  • Assisted with heavy maintenance operations such as engine changes, landing gear swings, and metal and composite rework

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