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Systems Security Architect Resume

Winnetka, IllinoiS


  • Motivational business strategist consistently delivering knowledge-based advantages to capital productivity, budgeting, team building, performance, recruiting, and transformation.
  • Effective, genuine, and dependable systems integrator: delegating delivery models, enterprise process frameworks, emerging technology, and IT governance to stay competitive. Taking responsibility for technical, social, human resources, and change management expertise.
  • Remarkable communicator with exceptional customer service and quality assurance mentality; moves very quickly to improve problem solving, avoid pitfalls, and give confidence to the marketplace.
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology (EE) from Loyola University of Chicago, 1983
  • Certifications: IBM Systems Engineer.
  • Training: Harvard ManageMentor and Coaching; Management by Responsibility, Tivoli ITAM, ITIM, IDI.
  • Specialist Knowledge: Identity and Directory Management, Change Management, Risk Management, Data Normalcy, Data Center Consolidation, Emerging Technology, Service Innovation, Process Automation and Strategy Consulting, SiteMinder, ITIM/ITAM/IDI, WebSphere, ANT, AST, Scripting.
Systems Security Architect, Program Management. Confidential

Dates: July 31st, 2006 through August 12th, 2009
Invited to Participate

  • Provide clear risk management consulting, SOA automation and leadership in the architecture, engineering, development and operations of business and security systems design, and conduct business information studies to build efficient identity management workflows. Implement and Design change/source management platform using Java, Expect, CVS, ANT, AST, Python, Shell Scripting with a strong knowledge of build, release process management, improving product configuration, installation and system, unit testing.
  • Lead migration of core security application platforms from data center in Chicago to Aurora, IL.
  • Support full data lifecycle for enterprise applications from data distributions through workflow, activity and exception monitoring to personalization and portal access management.
  • Lead Quality Architecture Engineer; automating portal and application performance and endurance using Mercury LoadRunner toolset; developing and automating Control-M job monitoring; and integrating Perl/KSH/Windows scripting to application, system, and data management tasks. Actively test, program, and evaluate next generation technology.
  • Infrastructure SME of ITIM/ITAM, Tivoli Access and Identity Management. Lead systems integrator for all application platforms running Enterprise SSO (evaluation lead for version 8 upgrade and installation process), Federated integrated SSO, Sharepoint, HR, AD, and performance management.
  • Infrastructure SME for enterprise wide system LDAP platform and migration to DSEE version 6.3.1 (includes automating and support of all architecture, indexing, performance tuning, MMR setup, schema enhancements, quality control, monitoring, change control, and troubleshooting). Overall SME to plan, install, configure, migrate from 5.2.6 and integrate with DNS, Firewalls, Load Balancers (BigIP), Tivoli Access Manager, WebSphere, AD, mainframe, and over 175 applications, many on VMware.
  • Domain engineering, deployment, and maintenance level 4 support services for Vignette Portal, IBM's Tivoli Identity Management (v6.0 and v6.1), IDI (Identity Directory Integrator), IDS, DB2, Oracle, Active Directory, WebSphere, and MQSeries. Integrate services, identity, password policies and roles; maintain provisioning and join directives; maintain reconciliations; coordinate workflow elements and lifecycle management. Provide java and javascript integration expertise.
Identity Management Systems Security Integrator. Confidential

Dates: January 16th, 2006 through July 24th, 2006
Invited to Participate

  • SME to engineer, plan, and build multi-master replication Sun One LDAP platform and integration with corporate enterprise application base. Performance tune, monitor, and integrate with all enterprise applications, including AD synchronization.
  • Ensure profitability at the targeted gross margin established by pricing negotiations with client, developed customized ITIL procedures to insure continuity and integration with present and future data/application operations service management requirements. Provide service-level management by acting as an industry Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Healthcare Services and instilling client confidence in IdM, SiteMinder, LDAP, WebLogic, Java, PeopleSoft, AD, Exchange, and Provisioning knowledge.
  • Re-Architect and drive deployment of CA eTrust/Netegrity IdentityMinder (v6.0.x), and CA/Netegrity eProvision (v4.0.x) and CA/Netegrity SiteMinder in enterprise platforms over a large geographically dispersed environment. Supporting more than 100k users with a variety of Oracle, SQL, PeopleSoft and SAP R/3 workflows. Additionally, programmed and supported workflows for Clarify, Exchange, AD, and Asset Management.
Security Consultant. Confidential

Dates: November 7th, 2005 through January 3rd, 2006
Invited to Participate

  • Provide service-level management for enterprise security infrastructure; following corporate business processes to maintain service-level agreements.
  • Interim management of web development security. Lead Engineer for all SiteMinder security-application integration with LDAP, Java applications, people data, and all authorization/SSO requirements.
  • Provide guidance and training for all web application development security requirements and implementations.
Enterprise Security and Disaster Recovery Architect. Confidential

Dates: April 6th, 2005 through October 1st, 2005
Invited to Participate

  • Design a comprehensive Business Resumption Plan for the Extranet with a parallel data center. Then designed globally load balanced data centers. Worked with network engineering to integrate Cisco routers, catalyst switches, and GSS hosting devices with correct zoning, IP, hostname, and DNS migration steps to GSS.
  • Evaluate and consult on SiteMinder/IIS/MIIS/IDM/Sun One LDAP configuration, high-availability, automation, and restoration.
  • Interview and learn the current Business Process Management (BPM) protocol and extranet structure for more than 25,000 financial members. Provide detailed prerequisite setup requirements to Intel, Unix, Storage, Database, Program, Network and Windows Engineering Teams. Include required code blocks and what should be deleted; machinename and queue conventions; EP_USER account rights; web services (ASP and ASPX) requirements; bandwidth, replication/synchronization needs, backup, availability timetable, domain and registry settings; and distributed COM properties.
Special Project Manager. Confidential

Dates: September 27th, 2004 through August 19th, 2005
Invited to Participate

  • Design, purchase, and build/program complex integrated publishing solutions for content management systems that transform primary source, and editorially enhanced content for new product delivery platform using Unix and Intel Servers.
  • Provide content-centric intelligence engineering services to Tax, Legal, Health, and Accounting-publishing organizations' [un]structured content. Integrate core software infrastructure for divisions with strategic enterprise information integration (EII) requirements, such as creating value in semantic applications: discovery of previously unknown relationships, topic maps, topic associations, inferencing, complex data analysis, configuration, performance and network management.
Business Continuity Program Manager Architect. Confidential

Dates: September 26th, 2003 through August 31st, 2004
Invited to Participate

  • Sr. Enterprise Business Analyst-IT Leader-Program Manager responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing the global computing portal infrastructure, operations, and Chicago data center move to North Carolina; including data warehouse and ODS, .NET Framework and web servers, SSO security systems, Portal/Intranet-Web Servers, Reporting Systems, Analytical, Finance, and Retail systems.
  • Manage relationships as liaison with executive IT, development, operations, support teams and stakeholders throughout the business continuity lifecycle.
  • Overall project audit, budget, and resource management; achieved a savings of more than 25% off of original projections by moving timelines, collaborating resources, and resolving technical issues quickly. Reported directly to Executive Steering Committee, overseeing more than 25 department heads. Approved all purchasing, leasing, renting, and other acquisitions necessary to meet the needs of the project in accordance with established corporate policies, within a P & L of 25M.