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Software Engineer Resume



  • Experience in software development using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, C, C++, AutoIt, and Expect
  • Object Oriented Design, full SDLC, version control, debugging, troubleshooting, and maintenance of existing code
  • Create extensive software projects with InstallShield
  • Advanced automated software installation techniques achieved with Unix shell scripting, Expect, TCL, Windows scripting and Symantec Ghost
  • Pioneered the design of General Dynamics automated software installations and Security Module, a method to update global software deployments to the latest security level, patch deployment, enhancements, and upgrades
  • Skilled in learning new technologies under pressure
  • Interacted with clients to analyze the requirement, design, and application needs of projects
  • Involved in installation, configuration, and maintenance of proprietary and commercial software products within clients software baseline. Examples not limited to MySQL, Hercules, HP Openview, Panaview, Retina, Solaris, and Solarwinds
  • Training certifications in Windows networking, HP Openview, VMWare
  • Programming concepts, Business Communication, Customer Requirements Analysis, Software business Analysis and understanding technologies and their practical application translates to greater understanding of other\'s needs
  • Challenging projects using the latest technology
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills with the ability to work effectively with peers
  • Proficiency with all MS Office applications
  • Technical writings to include Software Transition Plans
  • Knowledge of hardware installation ranging from conversions, upgrades, and repairs of PCs


  • AutoIt, C, C++, Expect, Java, Machine and Assembly, Pascal, Shell Scripting, SQL, TCL TDK, Unix, Visual Basic, Visual C++


  • PC Architecture, repair, building, and maintenance.
  • Drive Imaging


  • ClearCase, Hercules, HP Openview, InstallShield, MAIT, Panaview, Retina, Solaris, Solarwinds, Symantec Ghost, VMWare, Widows 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, Server (all), 2003, XP, XP Pro


November 1998 - June 2011
Software Engineer WIN-T Increment 1
Confidential 2009 - 2011

  • Utilize all packaging techniques for WinT Inc1 Confidential tactical network
  • Oversee, upgrade, and advise on requirements for tenth and eleventh generation JNN products Implement requested upgrades and reported incompatibilities.
  • Confidential New Jersey software team for transition of all software packages including how to create, maintain, and sustain into the future

Software Lead Engineer
Confidential 2005 - 2009

  • Train and supervise staff in the creation of JNN software packages
  • Coordinate media creation, delivery, and testing for software staff
  • Conduct meetings for DTT (defect analyzing), schedules, and status
  • Create, support, maintain, and upgrade all media packages, field deliveries, and internal testing for nine tiers of multiple software baselines

Software Engineer TDN DTC Tactical Data Network Digital Technical Control
Confidential Marines 2004 - 2005

  • Develop second generation TDN platform upgrades, report and advise on COTS incompatibilities
  • Upgrade builds as baselines change; ensure proper CM release of all products to customer and field

Software Engineer BBN Baseband Node
Confidential 2002 - 2004

  • Automate BBN project platforms, integrate 15-20 COTS products for 7 BBN platforms
  • Develop and train staff in automation and imaging techniques
  • Ensure quarterly updates are automatically shipped
  • Assist manufacturing with proper software installation procedures.

Software Engineer
Confidential 2000 - 2002

  • Member of internal research project using Java in a multi-threading capacity to study the creation and deployment of autonomous software agents across platforms and networks.

Software Engineer TDN DTC Tactical Data Network Digital Technical Control
Confidential Marines November 1998 - 2000

  • Member of large scale C++ geographical mapping application
  • Create automated Unix software builds for Sun systems
  • Develop unique processes to meet contractual requirements
  • Manage hardware issues with Sun
  • Coordinate project Configuration Management needs

2007 - 2009

  • Computer Hardware, Microsoft Office, Guitar, Beginners Computer, Microsoft Windows, Excel


  • Bachelor of Science Computer Science
  • Associates Degree Computer Science

Additional Accomplishments

Phi Theta Kappa
Confidential Scholarship Award

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