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Systems Support & Administration Resume

Boise, IdahO


IT experience: 9+Years

  • Executed various projects on UNIX system administration, database administration, web administration and management of the development environments, specifically on UNIX technologies. My experience with the Micron Technology, IM Flash Technologies, WellPoint, and Walgreens enabled me to gain expertise in this area and at the same time become familiar with large scale project management techniques, database management, systems maintenance, IT security implementations, networking and change management activities as utilized in a large multi location financial institution.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering

Technical Proficiency:

  • OS : Sun Solaris 9 & 10 with Zones, LINUX, HP-UX
  • Hardware : Sun Servers, Dell (2850, 2950) HP DL 385, 585, HP Blades.
  • Networking : TCP/IP, DNS, Firewalls, Load Balancers, NFS, NIS +, LDAP, IDS, Microsoft Exchange, SMB, and SENDMAIL
  • Languages : UNIX shell scripts, Perl scripting
  • Web Tools : Apache Web Server, IPLANET, Web logic, Web sphere, MQ Series, Oracle9iAS
  • VERITAS Products : VERITAS Volume Manager 4.1 & 5.1, VERITAS Cluster Server
  • Monitoring Tools : HP Open View, Patrol tools and VMware Virtual Center (File Systems & Hardware Usage Monitoring)
  • Trouble Ticketing System : BMC Remedy 7.1, HP Service Desk(For Incidents, Problems, Work Orders/Service Requests & Change Management Tickets )

Experience Summary:

  • Strong in UNIX Administration in different flavors (Solaris, Linux)
  • Installation/Up gradation of Solaris 9 & 10 on various hardware platforms. Live upgrade from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10.
  • Bringing server up state while server is down ( servers are T5120 E2900 , M4000, v440, v880, E6900, T2000)
  • Bringing server up state without SVM mirror disks.
  • SVM - (Solaris Volume Manager) Creating Meta devices and Implementing RAID levels. Soft partition volume creation SVM.
  • Apply the kernel patches on SVM
  • OBP firmware upgrade on different platform server (servers are T5120 E2900 , M4000, v440, v880, E6900, T2000)
  • Disk replacements on SVM and VXVM and LU
  • Configuring and managing NFS.
  • Configuring NIS, NIS+ for centralized network information and user database.
  • Controlling the System Logging services, and examining system Log Files of all system events.
  • Scheduling of automatic, repetitive Jobs using commands, and Shell Scripts with Crontab.
  • Configuring JUMPSTART servers for COMPLETE hands-free installation of workstations, with custom profiles, begin/finish scripts, custom package suites/clusters.
  • Configuring and administering Solaris Zones on Sun Solaris 10 operating system.
  • Adding new LUN to Solaris host from EMC Storage systems management.
  • Multi path enable configuration on Solaris9 and Solaris10.
  • IPMP configuration on Solaris.
  • Linux kick start installation
  • Configuring and managing NFS. Creation of LVM mounts points and increasing size (LVM - Logical Volume Manager)
  • Package administration.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting FTP related issues and account creation

Administration of NIS + and LDAP environment:

  • Nisplus trouble shoot knowledge
  • Adding client into nisplus.
  • LDAP trouble shoots knowledge.
  • LDAP server and client configuration

Storage migration:

  • Data migration Hitachi to Clarion
  • Empower power path up-gradation

VERITAS Volume Manager:

  • Installation and Configuration of VXVM 4.0 and 4.1.
  • Adding disks from Solaris to VXVM
  • Disk replacement under VXVM
  • Encapsulating a disk for use in VxVm, mirroring an encapsulated root disk. Creating Sub disks, Plexes, Logical volumes and Disk groups.
  • Implementing RAID levels (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 1+0, RAID 0+1).
  • Applying kernel patches to VXVM
  • Creating, Resizing, Restarting, Recovering, and Removing the Volumes.
  • Resizing the volumes and increasing file system.
  • VERITAS root mirroring Patch administration on VXVM OS disks

VERITAS Cluster:

  • Installing VERITAS Cluster
  • Knowledge in VERITAS cluster (Fail over and Parallel cluster)
  • Creating Service group and Resources.
  • Adding node into Cluster and Removing node from cluster
  • Configured NFS Service group in Cluster.
  • Bringing a resource/service group online and/or taking a resource/service group offline

1. Project : UNIX Systems Support & Administration
Company : Confidential
Technology : SUN Solaris 9 &10 - ZONES , Red Hat Linux, AIX, LDAP,NIS+, VxVM, VxCS, Send mail, DNS
Role : Sr. Systems Manager (UNIX Mid Range Operations)
Duration : Dec 2010 To Present
Location : Boise, Idaho

  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of Solaris, Red hat Linux/AIX Servers
  • Installation/Up gradation of Solaris 9 & 10 on various hardware platforms. Live upgrade from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10.
  • Worked on deployment of servers from the scratch and build using SUN JUMPSTART/WANBOOT Servers and complete installation processes that are allotted
  • Deploying applications onto SUN Solaris 10 Zones onproduction, QA environments
  • Creating new file systems, managing and checking data Consistency of file systems.
  • Involve in setting up Root disk mirroring using SUN Volume Manager
  • Support day-to-day disk replacements using both SVM and VERITAS Volume Manager Commands.
  • P2V Migrations were successfully accomplished.
  • Configured the Linux servers with DNS, VS FTP, NFS
  • Experienced in Volume management, Disk Management, software RAID solutions using VERITAS Volume manager. File system Tuning and growing using VERITAS File System (VxFS), coordinated with SAN Team for storage allocation and Disk Dynamic Multi path.
  • Performed basicLinuxadministration, Linux server installation and server implementation, LVM administration, performance tuning, kernel tuning, patch upgradation and support.
  • Assign group based Storage by getting LUNs from storage teams by properly granting desired file systems and mounting them on designated project specific volumes at VERITAS Volume Manager Level.
  • Maintaining theDNS, DHCPservers andNTPconfiguration
  • Developed Shell Scripts to automate the monitor process/jobs status.
  • Troubleshooting of various User level issues like auto mount, Authentication, Account issues.
  • Nisplus trouble shoots knowledge and adding client into nisplus.
  • LDAP trouble shoots knowledge and LDAP server and client configuration.
  • Was an active participant for the Migration of the hosts from NIS+ to LDAP.
  • Troubleshoot Cluster level node failures and resolve timely as a Primary SA for critical application servers.
  • Work with Storage Engineering teams on on-going storage needs for the attached Servers and assess the needs based on requests that are coming in from the business teams as a point of contact for storage pools
  • Active Part of the SAN switch Migration Team.
  • Involve in Fail-over and Fail-Backup of Servers during its transitions or for any datacenter moves or for any server consolidation process based setups.
  • Handled Connectivity Issues among various Servers and Switches and also responsible for installation of various hardware components on various servers.
  • Reconfiguring Consoles, NIC on the servers and worked with SAN migrations team to bring the EMC disks online.
  • Monitor Incidents, Problems and Change management tickets and perform resolutions timely by talking to the end-users
  • Use to provide a 24/7 support for all server availability and installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Work closely/physically with SUN/Dell/HP Blade Hardware on hands and feet's on support and resolve administration problems
  • Worked on Sun Storage arrays 3510 attached to V890's this was FAB critical MCS Cluster setup.
  • Handled disk replacements on Netapp filers and Hitachi AMS2500.
  • Handled Clarion, VMAX/DMX, EMC Symmetrix and other enterprise storage systems.
  • Documentation of all the setup procedures and System related Policies

2. Project : UNIX Administration
Company : Confidential
Technology : Sun Solaris, VERITAS Volume Manager, VERITAS Cluster, Apache, Tomcat Server Administration
Role : Sr. Systems Manager
Duration : Oct 2008 To Nov 2010
Location : Lehi, UTAH

  • Installation and configuration of AIX 52/5.2 (NIM) and Solaris 8 & 9
  • Lead projects which include pre-configured deployments of Unix Servers throughout the company to various groups along with customized software installs on various servers
  • Worked with a team of Unix Administrators on administering and managing servers
  • Managed and administered production P-Series, Sun Solaris, which includes disk management, user management, network management, performance management, error reporting and writing k-shell scripts for various development and quality assurance projects
  • Monitoring SUN error logs, troubleshooting SUN related problems, Performance monitoring
  • Install, customize, configure systems, and use the System Management Interface Tool for day-to-day System Administration
  • Worked with the Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure storage consolidation, data sharing, LAN-free and server-less backup across heterogeneous host server platforms
  • Measure, analyze, and tune AIX subsystems on IBM RISC System/6000 hardware for optimum performance
  • TCP/IP network configuration and administration using PPP, DHCP, electronic mail, Usenet news, static and dynamic routing, DNS, NFS, NIS, NIM ,LDAP
  • Establish and document procedures to insure data integrity including system fail-over and backup/recovery
  • Performance tuning and System workload management.
  • Implement several Internet security mechanisms to enable a higher level of system integrity for systems that connect directly to the Internet and/or communicate through it
  • Supporting Deployment of Several Applications on Dev, QA & Prod
  • Application Server administration, maintenance and integration, Installing and Configuring, Tuning and Troubleshooting SAS Application Server, On-call Production Support (24x7), monitoring and maintaining multiple Applications in different Environment
  • To perform system level disaster recovery planning, testing, auditing, risk analysis
  • Support user and performance test cycles. 24 x 7 pager support required for test cycle support
  • Supported environments across multiple geographies. Represented client at all executive and technical/development meetings both on-site and off
  • Provide architecture review for client's applications, documents and install processes
  • Documentation and internal training of said products for smooth transition of ownership
  • Provided security and assisted with implementation of Security Best Practices and Methodologies

3. Project : Unix - Datacenter Operations Support
Company : Confidential
Technology : Sun Solaris, Linux, Load balancers, IBM Websphere, Apache, MySql, IPTABLES, Shell & Perl Scripting
Role : Sr. Systems administrator
Duration : Feb 2006 To Aug 2008
Location : Lincolnshire,IL

  • Installation, config & maintenance of Solaris and Linux servers.
  • Implementation, configuration and administration of VERITAS file system on Solaris
  • Deploying applications onto Linux and Solaris Server
  • Installation and administration of Apache with Tomcat, IPLANET, LDAP, MySql on Unix servers
  • Configuration and implementation of IBM Websphere for various projects
  • Installation and administration of firewalls /Snort IDS on Linux servers
  • Configuration and administration of Radware load balancers
  • Developed Shell Scripts to automate the monitor process/jobs status
  • Migrated legacy database Scripts into single source using Shell and Perlscripting

4. Project : Support of Production Environments
Company : Confidential
Technology : Sun Solaris, Linux, Oracle, SQL Server
Role : Systems Support/Systems administrator
Duration : March 2004 To Dec 2005
Location : India

Responsibilities for the Production, Development, Test, QA Environments:

  • Configuring the databases parameters, reorganizing, creating, checking, extending tablespace, administer database security, create users, grant/revoke roles, privileges, extended databases storage capacity, manage data files, rollback segments, extents, segments, rebuilding indexes
  • Deploying database objects between developments, QA, production, backup database tables with data and structures for selected schemes, Partitioning huge tables, develop Unix scripts for active sessions
  • Supported as a SQL Server DBA for some of the applications running on them
  • Export-Import of databases from one schema to another schema
  • Server Performance of Database. Tuning of SGA viz. Shared Pool by Tuning of Library Cache, Dictionary Cache, and Buffer Cache, Tuning of OS by Reducing Paging/Swapping, Tuning of SGA and Tuning of memory allocation.
  • Tuning of I/O, which includes Separating of Data files and Redo log files on different locations, Striping of table data, and Separating of tables and indexes on different locations. Reducing Disk I/O Contention etc
  • Configuration and Administration of Solaris servers for testing and Production environments
  • Deployment of Flexcube Application and running different kind of Flexcube EOD operations for Productions Systems

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