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Sr. Systems Administrator Resume

Plano, TX

An accomplished Senior Systems Administrator offering 10 yrs. of experience in Information Systems a VMware Administrator offering 3 yrs of VMware technical infrastructure experience. Offering high caliber acute systems instincts and experienced backed judgment of workflow organization with working knowledge in both technical and administrative supervision. Ensure the stability, integrity, and efficient operation of a in-house information systems that support core organizational functions. Achieved by monitoring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all networked software and associated operating systems. Proven communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to help identify, communicate, and resolve issues in order to maximize the benefit of IT systems investments.


OPERATING SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003/2008 Servers, Enterprise Server, Advance Server, IIS and Terminal Server, Microsoft Cluster and Active Directory. NETWORKING PROTOCOLS: TCP/IP DNS, DHCP, WINS and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). HARDWARE: Dell, HP, IBM Eseries X400 and X345 servers, and IIS Servers 4.0/50/5.01 and 6.0., IBM and Compaq Controller cards, PCMCIA/Wireless network.
VMWARE:Virtual Center Infrastructure client, Vmotion, ESX servers, Virtual Machine and VMware Update Manager and Quest Virtual Desktop.



Sr. Systems Administrator 11/2006-To 12/10/09

Identify relevant technologies and implement solutions based upon subject-matter expertise and experience. Converting and cloning physical servers to Virtual machines. Establishes, plans, and administers the overall policies and goals for the information technology department. Analyzes the needs of departments and establishes priorities for feasibility studies, systems design and implementation to develop new and/ or modify the company’s information processing systems. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Save the company 80% of cost in leasing hardware, support and maintenance of servers by converting 250 of 300 physical servers to virtual machines.


Collaborate with IT management, peers and business partners to identify opportunities to leverage systems toward business projects, goals and commitments. Setup, configures, and supports internal and/or external networks. Develops and maintains all systems, applications, security, and network configurations. Troubleshoots network performance issues and creates and maintains a disaster recovery plan. Recommend upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment. Provide technical support and guidance to users. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field in the process of creating an ITIL infrastructure. Perform a variety of tasks and work under minimal supervision with a degree of creativity and latitude.
Managed Active Directory installation and deployment of enterprise-wide Group Policies OU, Groups, security accounts and GPO’s.


Install, maintain, enhance, secure and document all VMware (ESX and Virtual Machines) system environments. Created, built and installed Windows 2003 and 2008 on virtual and physical servers. Used Virtual Infrastructure Client to managed and monitor the VMware virtual servers and used WhatsupGold to manage and monitor the physical servers. Built desktop virtual environment using VMware ESX Host as the backend configuring XP virtual template and Quest Broker server as the frontend importing XP template to manage the virtual desktop environment. Experience in deploying IIS 6.0 and .Net framework to create IIS web server and put behind firewall installing SSLusing port 443 to secure company enterprise wide website.

Develop, implement, and maintain business continuity plans to include disaster recovery procedures creating virtual machines and converting physical servers to VM’s using SAN to store data and use enterprise backup Exec system. Managing PowerVault LTO 320 tape library changing and rotating tapes as needed to backup and restores files that reside on physical servers.

Maintain and configured FastT 700 Storage Area Network connecting disk storage to the SAN, creating LUN when disk space is needed and resolving failed disk on FastT700 storage units.

Built and maintain and provide advanced technical support for the VMWARE Host servers technical Infrastructure. Built ESX servers connected the local network cable to the blade port and installed HBA drivers that connected fiber from the servers to the SAN storage also connected fiber from the San storage to the switch. Configured, created, supported and maintained over several virtual machines that resides on several Host servers.

Installed and used VMware Virtual Center to maintaining systems. Monitor memory and disk space usage. Used Vmotion to monitor Virtual machines memory or CPU usage if to high move virtual machines to another host.

Trained in using Unity Administrator to add, delete subscribers. Verify clients are setup to receive voice mail and instruct client on telephone usage voice message, call forward, transfer and receive faxes through Rightfax notification via telephone message and printing fax using the RightFax Utility.

Maintain IP address table, setup IP reservations and give out IP addresses according to what port server or network printer are connected determines what IP address is needed.

Built Win3k print server and migrated the printers from Win2k server to the Win3k server. Setup printers on the print server test that the printer is printing successfully. Installed local network printer and connected printer to port, print out configuration page to get IP and MAC address to create IP reservation.

Perot Systems
Plano, TX.

Systems Engineer 10/2005-11/2006
Responsible for support, maintain, install and upgrade Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 OS, firmware and hardware for Tenet Health 150 Web, Sql Cluster and Application Center servers.
Installed SQL 2005 and created resources for failover between passive and active nodes. Installed ISCSI LUN on the SAN. Setup load balancing between servers by teaming NIC and also used Big IP perform Network Load Balance between servers. Created a Schedule Task to backup the system state and used TSM and Veritas to backup system state, files and directories. Familiar with DNS and route command to troubleshoot server issues.

Dallas, TX.

SLP-Systems Administrator 7/2004 – 5/2005
Upgrade over 100 servers to the latest revision of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and configure TSM servers to relay messages to Tivoli TEC.
Upgrade server’s enterprise wide to TSM client code, version 5.1.5. Worked with the application/data owners to verify that the correct data is being backed-up and no important data is being skipped. Categorize each client server to establish if on call staff is needed for 24x7 to identify and resolve errors. Trained 6 Backup Operators on TSM error code response and escalation procedures. Implemented pilot test of TSM to Tivoli Enterprise Console reporting and identify and resolve any issues that arise during the test period.
Conferred with vendor and clients to discuss implementation plans in an effort to ensure proper Win2k/3k server installation and IIS and network/application configuration. Acted as a focal point for software and hardware solutions. Performed cloning of several legacy servers, where the clone is a virtual disk that is an exact copy of the source physical disk. Reconfigured and migrated operating system enabling system to function on virtual hardware and created Virtual Machine using the system reconfigured virtual disk in a new virtual machine. Reducing the number of legacy server’s enterprise wide and saving the company millions of dollars.
Reduced planned and unplanned downtime using Veritas Volume Manager to export, import, mount and create disk groups. Consolidate management and reduce administrative overhead using VERITAS Global Cluster Manager Web-based management. Viewing and managing geographically distributed data and application availability of VERITAS Cluster Servers from a single location.

Dallas, TX.

System Engineer II 11/2000-6/2004
Responsible for supporting over 60 servers at 2 data centers and several remote sites in Texas in all areas of server patches, upgrade and implementations. Worked on TXU deregulation project.

Managed the conversion of 44 technology platforms to a single standard platform, eliminating redundancy, providing a 32% savings to the company, and achieving significant synergy.

Supervised the selection, acquisition, and installation of a new manufacturing system.
Served as conversion manager of one payroll system and data into another.

Plano, TX.

Information Technician Specialist 11/1996–6/2000
Responsible for operating system administration/maintenance and security on enterprise wide servers. Setup Exchange mailbox, SMTP relay servers, Web/Virtual web sites and FTP sites on IIS servers.

Setup user NT profiles that included logon scripts and home directories. Set permission on global/local groups and added users to these groups. Installed Outlook and setup user profiles, personal folders, and mailbox on the exchange server, allowing 100 corporate user to send email over the LAN/WAN and Intranet.
Help Desk Supervisor responsible for six people staff and trained staff on INFOMAN ticketing system. Managed staff schedule and reviews.



MCP+I, NT4.0, MCSE Win2K, Win3K and Win2008 - SMU - 1999
VCP 3.5 – 07/2009

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