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Application Packager Resume

West Allis, WI


  • Over 6 Years’ experience in System Administration/Implementation of Networks and Application Packaging on Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.51/4.0, and Windows XP Professional.
  • Good experience in packaging applications using WISE Package Studio 8.0/7.0/6.0/5.6/4.6, Install Shield Admin Studio 8.5/8.0/5.5, Soft Grid (App-V), SMS installer.
  • Expertise in Windows Installer Technology along with all versions of Windows Operating Systems.
  • Have good knowledge about Novell ZEN works, SMS, Marimba, SCCM 2007, and Altiris for Desktops.
  • Worked on various Application packages for Windows 9xs, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Experience in using/creating Transforms (MST), Patches (MSP) and Merge Modules etc for use with MSI’s
  • Experience in using Windows Installer SDK development tool Orca to work with MSI’s and debugging for package review/cleanup
  • Experience in using WiX for building Windows installation packages from XML source code.
  • Very Strong Knowledge of Windows Registry, File System, Services, ODBC Connections, COM objects, Devices, Security, Windows 2000 Active directory services and other facets of Windows OS .
  • Good understanding of Conflict resolution methods like Application Isolation, using Merge Modules and using Conflict Manager.
  • Good experience creating, testing, deploying and managing MSI installations.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • Extensively used Filemon, Regmon and InCntrl for troubleshooting.
  • Strong experience in Scripting. Extensively used VBScripts, Win Batch, Install Scripts and Wise Scripts when necessary

Technical skills

Packaging Tools:

Wise Package Studio 8.0/7.0/6.0/5.6/4.6, AdminStudio 8.5/8.0/5.5, SoftGrid, App-V,SMS Installer, Installshield V12, Installshield 2008, Citrix 4.0, VM Ware, File Mon, RegMon.

Front-End GUI:

Visual Basic 6.0, Power Builder 7.0, Crystal Reports, MS Reporting

Languages / Technology:

C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, VB, MS Visio, VB.Net, ASP.Net., VBScript,


SQL Server 2005/2000/7.0, MS Access 2000, DB2, Oracle 9i

Database Tools:

Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler

Management & Deployment Tools:

Altiris, SMS, SCCM 2007, Marimba, Active directory, Group policy, Orca

Imaging tools:

VMware 6.0, Symantec ghost 7.0, MS Virtual PC

Operating Systems:

Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7, Windows 2000, 2003 server


Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Professional Experience

Confidential,West Allis, WI. Nov 2011 to Present
Application Packager

  • Created Windows Installer packages (.MSI) using Adminstudio 10.0.
  • Edited the Transforms to Customize the MSIs using Install shield 12.0.
  • Worked on XP to Win 7 migration.
  • Modifying legacy in house applications for Win 7 Compatible.
  • Virtualization of the applications using VMware ThinApp 4.6
  • Used Patches and Upgrades appropriately
  • Deployment of the applications using SCCM 2007, troubleshooting the application deployment failures.
  • Created Virtual Packages using Microsoft App-V sequencer 4.6 and published them using SCCM 2007.
  • Used Admin Studio App-V launcher to test the virtual packaged on a Client Machine after installing App-v Client before Deploying through SCCM 2007 and update APP-V in environment as well.
  • Written Custom Actions using VBScript and Install Script as and when required to add additional functionality to the MSIs
  • Worked on application deployment using Windows Active Directory and implemented Group Policies
Worked on Silent Installs for certain applications to automate them for software distribution
  • Used all the available tools in AdminStudio effectively in developing the Windows Installer Packages
  • Tested the MSI packages developed by the team for standards and functionality
  • Used Virtual PC for imaging purposes.
  • Worked with Symantec Ghost to image/reimage the XP boxes.
  • Employed Microsoft SMS features to install and to remotely administer packaged Windows Installer applications
  • Worked with Windows registries and file systems, and also with ODBC Data Sources registries to connect to the database
  • Helped the team develop and employ new packaging standards for successful deployment

Environment: Adminstudio 10.0, Microsoft SCCM 2007, Windows XP/2003 Server, Windows 7, Ghost 6.0, Orca, In-Cntrl, Filemon, Regmon.

Confidential,Portsmouth NH Jan 2010 to Oct 2011
Application Packager


  • Creating packaging template to facilitate the process and best practices.
  • Worked on core applications like office, Adobe, IE.
  • Worked on strict time lines with packaging team and supervise the packaging process.
  • Used App V for sequencing, publishing, and streaming of application.
  • VMware vSphere, VMware View, VMware ThinApp, VMware Converter Enterprise, VMware VCB and VMware vCenter
  • Creating packages for Windows 7 using App V and testing them.
  • Used SCCM for distribution in pre-production environment.
  • Packaged applications using Wise Packaging Studio 8
  • Repackaging third party applications in to msi format to support company standards and distribution methods.
  • Complete life cycle support for application, including UAT testing assistance and Pre production testing and deployments.
  • Testing packages in different windows systems by using VMware and on separate lab machine for locked-down environment.
  • Client interaction and problem solving.
  • Followed all the best practices for packaging applications.
  • Environment: Wise Package Studio 8.0, App V, VMware 6.0, SCCM 2007, Windows XP, Windows7,ODBC, VB Script, Wise Script, InCntrl, Filemon and Regmon, ThinApp

  • Confidential,Menlo Park, CA May 2008 – Dec 2009
  • Application Packager


  • Worked on Various applications to build MSI packages, Transforms (MST), Merge Modules (MSM) and Patches (MSP) according to the package requirement using Install Shield AdminStudio 8.5.
  • Worked on converting the applications which were packaged using old SMS or Zen works into Windows installer packages.
  • Worked on Novell Console one.
  • Maintained severalCitrix serversfor packaging and testing.
  • Created Custom Actions that add additional functionality to an MSI using VB Scripts and Wise Scripts.
  • Given permissions to Folders and Registries using Discretionary Access Control List (DACL), which grants (or denies) access permissions to users and groups.
  • Also granted permissions using System Access Control List (SACL), which specifies the security events to be recorded in the Security log.
  • Used debugging tools such as Filemon and Regmon to investigate the permissions on files and registries in order for the application to function properly.
  • Worked with Windows registries and file system, worked with ODBC Data Sources registries to connect to a database.
  • Employed Microsoft SCCM features to install and to remotely administer packaged Windows Installer applications.
  • Domain and Local accounts, Cross domain authentications are managed by Active Directory.
  • Used Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to administer and to publish information in the directory for Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Worked and Packaged applications for Terminal Server.
  • Terminal Server handles the job of authenticating clients, as well as making the applications available remotely.
  • Packaged applications are published in SCCM, Managed by Group Policy and Deployed by SCCM.
  • Worked on the migration project from SMS to App-V as a part of Health Net’s outsourcing to Argentina.
  • Managed and Deployed wrapped up applications using Application Virtualization to improve their Change Management Process and support across their customer’s Environment.
  • Published and Distributed packages using advanced version of Soft Grid (APP-V) for both Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers.
  • Used Patches and Upgrades appropriately.
  • Provided third-level support and status reports during the application rollout process.
  • Involved in Internal Testing of the packaged applications for standards and functionality before actually submitting to the Testing Team.
  • Involved in documenting the standards and procedures employed for packaging and testing the packages
  • Environment : Install Shield AdminStudio 8.5, Soft Grid 4.2, APP-V, Windows 2003 & 2008 Servers, Windows XP/Vista, Windows7, VMware Workstation 5.5, SMS Installer 2.0, Citrix 4.0,Orca, Test Director, InCntrl, Filemon, Regmon, Group Policy, SCCM, Zen works, ODBC, VB Script, Wise Script, Active Directory and Group Policy

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ April 2006 to April 2008
Application Packager

  • Responsibilities:
  • Worked on Migrating Windows NT 4.0/9x packages into Windows XP .MSI (Windows Installer) packages.
  • Worked on Creating/Testing new Application Packages in MSI format.
  • Worked on Wise Package Studio 7.0 and Altiris Professional to repackage, build the application packages.
  • Used Marimba for distributing and deploying the application on to the Test Environment.
  • Installed, Updated and Repaired Application software and content to ensure successful Application releases using Marimba 6.0.3.
  • Automated the entire lifecycle of Desktops, Laptops and Client devices using BMC Marimba.
  • Maintained the database for the status of the packaging with MSI Packages.
  • Applied custom Template to packages that included Custom Actions for Application Isolation.
  • Created Custom Actions that add additional functionality to an MSI using VB Script and Wise Scripts.
  • Used VMware 6.0 Software for having clean base OS for packaging and testing.
  • Created wrapper scripts using Win batch Studio to attain different requirements like automatic update of the applications, shortcut creation and deletion and compile them using Win batch compiler to get the .exe files for easy deployment.
  • Created Batch files and exe files for manual installs and used wrappers for automated installs.
  • Tested the applications in XP/2000 machines and made sure that they work in both the environments.
  • Working on Various applications to build MSI packages and using transforms (MST), Merge Modules (MSM) and Patches (MSP) according to the package requirement. Also working on Silent Installs for certain application to automate them for software distribution.
  • Working with Wise Scripts and Calling C functions for the package building.
  • Interacting with Users/Application owners for Application Packaging/Distribution support for the implemented packages.

Environment: Windows NT 4.0/95/98/2000/XP, Marimba 6.0.3, Wise Package Studio 7.0, VMware 6.0, SMS, Altiris, MSI, C.

Confidential,Bangalore, India April 05 – Feb 0 6 System Administrator


  • Installation and configuration of Windows NT Servers and NT clients like Windows NT Workstation and Windows 95. All Windows NT Servers were setup in a Single Domain environment across Local Area Networks, which included one Primary Domain Controller (PDC), three Backup Domain Controllers (BDC) and others were installed as Application Servers.
  • Established the connectivity between various clients and NT Servers using protocols like NetBEUI, IPX/SPX and TCP/IP.
  • Created Network security, which included creating User Account, User Profiles, and Group Accounts, Account policy, Logon hours and Workstation restrictions for all users of the domain.
  • Created Network resources, which included assigning NTFS permissions and shared level permissions to all the users for specific network resources based on the user\'s needs.
  • Setup of Network Printers, which involved installation & configuration of printers and enable for printing across the network. Performed the installation of HP DeskJet Series and HP Laser printers.
  • Managed printer resources in terms of assigning permissions, setting printing pool and scheduling the print jobs.
  • Monitored Network Resources, by setting up the Audit Policy for all domain controllers for different users in the domain.
  • As a fault tolerance method I had setup software RAID on all his domain controllers, which is Disk Mirroring and Disk Striping with Parity. Created a fault tolerance boot diskette and an emergency repair disk as part of other fault tolerance procedures.
  • Backup of registry and application data and restore data in case of data corruption.
  • Administration of MS Mail Server, which included installation & configuration of MS Mail Server and Clients, establishing communication between Clients and Servers, scheduling the server dialup using the MS Mail MTA to other MS Mail Servers.
  • Installation and Configuration of the SMS for Software Packaging and Distribution / Application Transfer over WAN / Inventory Management / Software Metering.
  • My duty also was to provide Technical Input to all my team members in various aspects of maintaining and troubleshooting Microsoft based networks.
  • Prior to Windows NT release, he had to setup Workgroup based Networks, for sharing files across the network, using Windows for Workgroup. For internal mailing I had set up a Work Group Post Office.
  • Environment: Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0, MS Mail Server.

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